Beauty Review: Eau Thermale Avène Solaire Anti-Ageing SPF 50

Although it’s heading into winter, sunscreen should still remain one of your top priorities. So with that being said, up next is a sunscreen review for you from Beauty Babe, Bronwyn.

Eau Thermale Avène

Now this is a product house that goes back many many years with a really interesting beginning to it all. In 1736 the soothing, anti-irritating properties of the Avène Thermal Spring water were discovered after Marquis de Rocozel’s horse, which was suffering from stubborn pruritis, was healed after swimming in and drinking from the Orb River. It was a few year after that, in 1743, that the first hydrotherapy establishment was built at the exact site where the spring surfaces to help treat patients suffering with atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and burns. Since then Avène’s vocation has not changed and the hydrotherapy Centre is entirely dedicated to dermatology. The brand was officially “born” in 1990 with a full line of skincare products, with the Avène Thermal Spring water at the epicentre of them all.

Review of Eau Thermale Avène Solaire Anti-Ageing SPF 50

Eau Thermale Avène Solaire Anti-Ageing SPF 50 is aimed at the more mature client, as one of its great features is its anti-ageing properties.

One of its key active ingredients is Ascofilline™ which helps to replenish the skin’s collagen, its molecules are derived from sulfated fucans (moisturising agents) found in brown algae. It also contains their unique Sunsitive complex to protect the skin and promote collagen regeneration. So not just any old sunscreen then!

And, not only is it for anti-ageing, but it also has many other attractive qualities. It has a very high sun protection factor without the added chemicals normally needed to stabilise high factor SPF’s, it is water resistant, it gives broad spectrum UV-A and UV-B protection, it can be used on highly sensitive skins, it is non-comedogenic, it contains Avene’s anti-oxidant complex (pre-tocopheryl and Thialidine)

This sunscreen has also been developed with the idea of minimising the impact on the marine eco system. This for me was pretty amazing to learn as I hadn’t realised Avène was so dedicated to this cause! How cool! And because I am a bit of a nerd like this, this is how they have done it… they have only added 4 sun filters and they have enhanced the formula to improve biodegradability, there are no water soluble filters in the product which are more easily assimilated by marine organisms AND its silicone free! Impressive!

This SPF comes in a great little 50ml pump action bottle. I like that it is small enough to fit into your handbag to make reapplication more accessible throughout the day. I did struggle a bit with an air lock in the beginning, but after a decent amount of pumping, the product came out nicely. There is no smell with this SPF, it is light and sinks into the sink beautifully without leaving any white residue on the skin.

A quick “top tip” for SPF application

Ensure you have allowed your moisturiser to fully absorb before applying your SPF, pat it in rather than rubbing, allow this to fully absorb before make-up application and make sure to always reapply during the day if you are going to be exposed continuously to UV radiation.

Don’t forget, we only get one chance with our skin and the sun is its biggest enemy-protect yourself as much as you can. The sun damage done up to the age of 18 is only visible from our late 40’s/ early 50’s so early protection is best!


Retail price: R329

Stockists: Clicks and Dischem stores

Bronwyn du Plessis

Bronwyn is a Somatologist and has been working in skincare for 14 years. She started her own business as soon as she had finished her studies and has loved every minute of it! Bronwyn also has 2 boys, aged 8 and 5, who keep her on her toes when she is not working. Bronwyn says she was fortunate enough to build a salon at her home in Meadowridge 4 years ago and it was the best thing she could ever have done. Bronwyn is passionate about skincare and advanced skin treatments (like microneedling and peeling) and is so grateful to have found a job which she loves doing every day! She uses Environ and Dermafix in her salon and these 2 brands have taught her so much over the years. She does a range of treatments including mani’s, pedi’s, waxing, massage, tinting, advanced facial treatments and more! She loves working in an industry that changes so much so often as it allows her to keep learning every day!

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