Why we all need to #ChooseBeautiful everyday!

Last Friday I attended a lovely event hosted by Dove at the Cellars Hohenort Hotel in Constantia. You would be right in assuming it was a luxurious morning spent indulging in a delicious brunch alongside a bunch of beautiful women…. BUT what made this morning unique was the important message that we were there to hear, process and discuss!

The latest campaign from Dove, #ChooseBeautiful, is based around encouraging women to choose beautiful everyday!

Firstly we watched this moving mini-movie which challenged the perceptions we each have of ourselves.

Dove set up signs above side-by-side doors in five cities around the world. In each city, one door read “Beautiful” and the other “Average”. A camera crew then observed the way women reacted to the marked doors – and which one they ultimately walked through. The results are a powerful commentary on how many women perceive their own beauty. Watch it below and I’m sure you’ll discover why…

Did you love it? I certainly did! What a powerful truth to uncover – the power of discovering our beauty potential every single day and how that will impact on the rest of our lives!

Then to take things one step further we then spent some time unpacking our own “beauty stories” with life coach, Paula Facci. These are the stories we have been told or told ourselves over the years. And they usually aren’t very nice! These messages are the ones that go through our subconcious each time we look in the mirror, get undressed with the lights on or got to the beach. Often we don’t even know where they have come from. It might be from our upbringing, our tumultuous teenage years or society’s expectations of what “real” beauty is. The challenge is to change them, to skip over the scratched part of the CD and look for the next beautiful song….

And that is exactly what we did. Each woman was given a board and a permanent marker and told to write down their story. The first one they could think of. There are probably hundreds to choose from, but revealing just one felt like a huge task! Finally I put my pen to paper and revealed my shameful secret….

And here is mine for all to see…..Eeeeeek!!!

dove choose beautiful average story

After going round the group hearing each woman’s secret shame, and they were as varied as the woman at the table. From pale skin, to large bums, big noses, to the battle scars of pregnancy, almost every body image issue was revealed.

And the amazing thing was that by looking at each of the woman present you would NEVER HAVE GUESSED. Yes, each of the hangups mentioned were so well hidden that none of would have pinpointed what the others were most ashamed of! The irony is that we’re all too busy obsessing about our own flaws to notice anyone else’s!!

Finally we all sat down once more and this time we flipped our boards over. At the top was the #ChooseBeautiful slogan and we were challenged to rewrite our old beauty story. To choose a new beauty story that we would choose to believe going forward! This was mine…

dove choose beautiful new story

If you want to take part in this same exercise I encourage you to follow these steps:

1. Self awareness – identify your default beauty story or stories based on your conditioning.
2. Question negativity – don’t believe everything you think and let go of harmful thoughts.
3. Override with positive – choose to replace those damaging beauty stories with new, positive stories that celebrate your unique beauty.
4. Repeat, repeat, repeat – do this daily or until you no longer default to your negative beauty story but believe your new story!

The power of choice is that our choices direct our lives and determine who we become. Beauty is a choice, and the power of this choice is in your hands. Wouldn’t you rather make this positive, uplifting choice about yourself every day??

Make the right choice today, tomorrow and every day…. #ChooseBeautiful

What do you think? Do you have a harmful beauty story that is stuck on repeat in your head and needs to be replaced? After my own vulnerability I’d love to hear yours…

Share it in the comments below, along with your NEW beauty story and how you will #ChooseBeautiful from now on of course!

P.s. And if you identify with my beauty story and it’s the same sort of beauty story you hear in your head, that a mother’s body isn’t beautiful, you might like to watch this little video too. You’re welcome!

Follow the #ChooseBeautiful conversation with Dove South Africa on their Facebook Page, on Twitter or by following the hashtag itself!

Images: Dove & Kathryn Rossiter

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Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. HI Kathryn
    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m not a blogger and yours is the only blog page I subscribe to. I was bulimic when I was younger, right up until I fell pregnant actually, and still maintain rigid control over what I eat to this day. I hated being pregnant but love my two beautiful boys I have today. My body shape has changed in that, because I’m older, things are not as firm as they used to be despite maintaining a weekly workout routine. I feel gaunt and flabby but being thin is my way of feeling accepted. I know where this comes from but it is difficult to change a mind-set that insists on being cast in stone! On the upside, I am relatively fit, am fairly healthy, have a good job, an amazing husband and two gorgeous teenage boys. My family is what keeps me healthy and eating correctly because I know they need me and love me so I am slowly learning to accept the fact that my body will never be what it once was, that my husband still finds me attractive and wants to grow old with me.

    1. Hi Lara. Thanks so much for sharing your story. Almost all of us are dealing with messages from way back in our past that seem to haunt us everyday. It’s so hard to break them and create new ones that are rooted in our current truth…. that we are perfect, loved and accepted just as we are by our family, kids, friends and God… whatever shape we are. Why are we always trying to be different? To please other people? To feel better about ourselves? It’s time to stop and #ChooseBeautiful everyday 😉 I hope you will decide to do that every morning. Starting tomorrow!

      1. Thank you Kathryn, you are right, it is difficult to break an old mould but a challenge worth doing. And this morning I did choose Beautiful. I’m wearing heals today! Always makes me feel better about myself and gives me more confidence. Thank you again.

        1. How awesome!! Well done Lara. It’s making those small choices everyday that helps us ultimately become a more confident self!

  2. Good evening. My name is Nokuthula. I really love your campaign. I have entered Mrs SA pageant and I have been chosen as a semi-finalist. I know sum might say I don’t have the right body to be of this pageant but for me that is not the case. I am a married mother of 3. A size 38 and I love my curves. The reason I have entered this competition is because I want to empower all kinds of woman in SA. Let them understand that loving yourself first is the key. Stop listening to what other people are saying about them. Beauty starts from within. “When you start loving yourself; everyone else will follow”. #Mrssa semi-finalist #Nokuthula Tanda #choosebeautiful #PlusSize

  3. Hi i havd an NGO called Big Sister project and id like to do a similar initiative with the them. How can i get involved is there anyway you can help me?

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