Don’t Let Allergies Ruin The Moment (plus WIN an Instax camera!)

I should have used my Nexa Powder Nasal Spray this morning!

As I am sitting here with a drippy nose, a handful of tissues and red eyes, I am again reminded just how much allergies can strike at the most inopportune times and ruin the moment!

From sports matches to work meetings, family gatherings to speaking engagements, our allergies hold no regard for our timetable or calendar!

A few weeks ago our family had planned a wonderful weekend away together. Family members were arriving from far flung places and we had our car packed and ready to roll when out of nowhere my nose started running and the sneezing began! What cruel timing. I spent the next hour and a half in the car trying to manage my allergic rhinitis and then the weekend with a box of tissues by my side! This was really inconvenient and totally hindered my ability to connect, chat and enjoy the time together. It was totally frustrating for me as we had been so looking forward to spending quality family time together.

Tracking back a little further and thinking about how allergies and specifically allergic rhinitis have impacted my family, I recall my son enthusiastically preparing for a soccer match against a rival club. He had laid out his kit, found his socks and boots and even went to bed early. In the morning, however, he woke with a streaming nose. It was such a disappointment that he was unable to play to the best of his ability. He lasted until half time and then asked to come off the field, as he mumbled in a frustrated tone, “Mom, what is wrong with my nose?”.

Sometimes allergies really make us feel like helpless victims. Have you ever been held hostage by a nose that will not settle?

My daughter has always enjoyed ballet and she takes ballet once a week. Towards the end of the year they do one ‘watching day’ when parents and special people can come along and enjoy seeing all the fun that these little ballerinas get up to. You guessed it – she was hit with an allergic attack two days before this special day! By the time the display morning came around my poor little one wore her pretty pink leotard, accessorized with a very red nose caused by blowing it non-stop for the previous few days. She was feeling so miserable that she didn’t want to go but after much persuasion we left the house and she participated half-heartedly in the performance. This was certainly not what we had hoped this special time together would be!

My husband and I have both always had jobs which require public speaking. I can confirm that speaking to a group of people when your nose is giving you an issue is almost impossible. This is honestly the thing I dislike most about allergies and colds. Imagine standing up in front of a room full of people and then your nose starts to trickle and tickle! The only option is to stop and blow it in front of everyone. Rather embarrassing as all eyes watch your every move! So for all those people with noses like ours and who have roles of speaking publically I really think that this product is going to be a life changer in preparing those talks, speeches and presentations! 

Seeing my family suffer from this condition has made me so frustrated and over the years I have often wondered about how we can prevent these attacks. I have often searched for a ‘fail safe’ solution.

I recently became aware of the Nexa Powder Allergy Spray and decided to trial it as a family. This handy spray is non-drowsy, clinically proven and reduces the need for medications. Now that is ticking all my boxes!

Nexa is a powder spray that is clinically proven to provide assistance and relief to sufferers of mild to moderate allergic rhinitis. Nexa contains hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), a natural cellulose powder that reduces the need for rescue medication for symptoms caused by hay fever, pollen, dust mites and flu viruses. Nexa works preventatively to stop allergic reactions before these symptoms start. Yes please! I would dearly love to have more ‘control’ over our allergies that so often lead to us missing out on those important life moments as a family.

Perhaps you, like me are intrigued about how this ‘wonder-spray’ actually works. I read up a little further and found out that it is actually a powder and that once it is inserted into the nasal cavity it turns into a gel and then lines the passages causing a shield to prevent allergens and other nasty ‘bugs’ being absorbed through your nose. Isn’t that clever!

Another fact that I found interesting is that you can also use this spray once symptoms have begun – because to be honest not all of us are always ahead of the game! They state that after 30 minutes one can begin to feel a sense of relief. This is certainly something we will be adding into our medical travel kit. I can just imagine the difference this will make to our family weekends away!

The Nexa TravelShield™ also looks like a really great item to add to your packing list for those quick work trips where minimal time and maximum efficiency is essential! Don’t let your nose ruin your trip! Everyone know just how many nasty bugs fights can harbor! Don’t forget to pack your new bug-beating best friend!

Nexa AllerShield™ and Nexa AllerShield™ Junior formulas are non-addictive, can be used by children aged 18 months and up, pregnant women and breastfeeding moms- yes please! Nexa TravelShield™ and Nexa FluShield™ are similar formulations, but with added peppermint and garlic, and suitable for children 3 years and up, as well as pregnant & breastfeeding moms – what a great range! See the pack inserts for further information.

I was totally stumped during my third pregnancy. I suffered right through the high allergy season, September, and honestly it was debilitating. Taking medication is not encouraged during pregnancy and so, in many cases, moms suffer with their symptoms. I am certain this product will bring much relief to many expectant moms allowing them to enjoy their pregnancy journey rather than living through the frustration of being pregnant and unable to treat annoying allergy symptoms.

As part of our trial I decided to use it as directed with our family for a week, with encouraging results… not one of us had any sign of allergy nose! Honestly, if this is an indicator of what our lives could be like, then I am a fan already.

I really love that this spray allows us to take charge of our allergies as it is by and largely a preventative. Busy parents need all the help we can get and I so appreciated that this spray can help eliminate one of those unforeseen hurdles – allergic rhinitis – in this crazy, amazing journey.

I really hope that this product brings solutions into your family and that, like ours, you can enjoy far less sniffing, far less tissue wasting, far less irritated and sore noses! Now don’t mind me while I go grab my spray and get this silly nose sorted!


Nexa products are already available in more than 50 countries worldwide as Nasaleze™ and can be used in addition to medicines as part of a combination therapy strategy in the fight against airborne allergens. In South Africa, Nexa is available in four variants: Nexa AllerShield™, Nexa AllerShield Junior™, Nexa TravelShield™ and NexaFluShield™. So I am sure you will find the perfect match for your household!

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Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Nexa Powder Spray. Opinions and experiences are the writers own.


Reference: Nexa Shield, Manufactured by: Nasaleze Ltd; Unit 3; Woodside house; Ballafletcher Business Park, Douglas; Isle of Man, IM4 4QE, UK. Distributor: Abex Pharmaceutica (Pty) Ltd; Rubenstein Ridge Suite C, 617 Rubenstein Drive; Moreleta Park, 0181; South Africa. Marketed by: Pharma Dynamics (Pty) Ltd; P O Box 30958, Tokai, Cape Town, 7966. For further information, kindly refer to the instructions for use. CUSTOMER CARE LINE 0860 PHARMA (742 762)/ 021 707 7000; Fax. 021 701 5898. Email 1. Emberlain JC and Lewis RA, A double blind, placebo-controlled trial of inert cellulose powder for the relief of symptoms of hay fever in adults. Current Medical Research and Opinion 2006;22(2):275-285.


Emma Reid

Emma is a mom of three. She is an educationalist and holds a Bachelor Degree in English, Media & Writing and Film. She is also a qualified Primary School Teacher. She has a keen interest in curriculum and content development especially for child related fields. With many years of teaching children, and advising parents, she is passionate about childhood development and education - of kids and parents. Her hobbies include photography, reading, travel and spending time in the outdoors with her family and relaxing either in or near the surf!

  1. Very good friends of ours were out from London as they were getting married in the midlands. My husband travels a lot for business so we don’t get much time to spend together. His parents had agreed to look after our 2 children for us which was huge as it’s the first time we’ve left Joburg without them. And it was the first time my husband and I had ever left our kids with their grandparents. As we started driving, it was like someone switched the tap on, my nose ran and ran and ran. By the time we arrived and met everyone for dinner my voice was croaky, my nose red and very sore. I felt terrible as I coughed, had a sore throat and a nose that didn’t stop running. Shame the make up artist did her best to hide the redness the next day as I was a bridesmaid But it was clearly very noticeable #DONTRUINTHEMOMENT

  2. Ever since I moved to the Cape I suffer badly from allergies. Last month I cancelled a night out with my girls as I had a sinus infection! Being a mom and wife you really get that night out! Was feeling very sorry for myself!

  3. I was invited out to dinner with friends and their home was covered in an abundance of flowers – my nose started to run, my eyes swelled up and my voice was inaudible. I became so bad that I had to be taken to the nearest all hours pharmacy for an injection and medication. What a storm in a teacup! I never discovered exactly which flower I was allergic to but from then on I never took any chances!

  4. I was just out of school with no working experience and had to drop out of college due to financial constraints. Applying for everything under entry level from sales to assistant administration to promotions. Times were hard and I had to start somewhere to get experience and income. Finally I had a call inviting me to an interview, I was excited, grateful and nervous since it will be my first interview. I did a lot of research and preparation and I was ready for my interview. It was about to be spring and the pollen in the air was getting thicker by day and heavier in my nose. The night before my interview I had a lot of allergy medication to avoid sneezing during the interview. The day of the interview, my tongue was swollen and I sneezed my way through the interview. The interviewer was not impressed and as much as I prepared my nose and tongue cost me the job. #DontRuinTheMoment

  5. My husband and I like to put our baby girl of 6 months to bed together every night. She loves her cuddles and seeing both parents as she drifts off to sleep. BUT…now with the season change…my husband has a serious nasal drip, sneezing and coughing problem!!! So much so, that he can’t take part in our bedtime routine. Every time she starts drifting off to sleep…he coughs…or sneezes…or sniffs…and then she is wide awake! Hopefully Nexa Powder Nasal Spray can help us!!! #DontRuinTheMoment

  6. #DontRuinTheMoment
    I started getting allergies a few months ago and I was putting on my makeup to go to a wedding. It was such a terrible experience because I couldn’t put on my eyeliner or mascara. My eyes were also itchy, eyes were watering and sneezing a lot. I didn’t end up going to the wedding.

  7. #DontRuinTheMoment
    My daughter who is 6 years suffer from Allergies from 3 years old it comes and go sneezing alot and then she is red and she is doing drama classes and she love drama classes and last week her allergies started again but this time with a rash on her face red red red all over her face and on body went to the doctor we thought ir was measels then the doctor said its a allergy and she haf to attend the drama concert the friday we was thinking that she not going to attend because of her face but my baby said she will still attend her concert my baby love drama and on that day it was not so red but tha didnt put my baby off she injoyed it.

  8. My allergies have become so bad over these last 3 years. My nose is always runny, I cannot stop sneezing and have watery eyes. I am constantly having to blow my nose and always seem to wipe off or smudge my makeup. #DontRuinTheMoment

  9. Last year my daughter begged her granny to bring her 6-month old miniature poodle to be the second guest of honour at her 7th birthday party (the theme was even puppies!). Where was this spray when we needed it?! My hubby stroked the little furball and later spent the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU” song with a streaming nose and looking like he’d been punched in the eye… #DONTRUINTHEMOMENT

  10. Well I won a trip to the Seychelles and had to fly to jhb to catch our flight to the island…when
    We landed on mahe and I stepped off the plane I smiled and said to my boyfriend welcome to Durban because it was so hot and sticky and the next thing I knew I was sneezing continuously itchy nasal passage ears itch eyes itchy and swollen and I said uh oh…I was having a full on allergy attack!! On what was supposed to be a romantic getaway…imagine making the kissy face when your nose is red and runny ears are itchy eyes are so puffy you look like you went 10 rounds with rocky…and you can’t breath! And you sound like a deep sea diver from the 17 hundreds all muffled!!!… i took to swimming in the pool after 10 at night so if anyone saw me they would just think I was a bog monster 😔#DontRuinTheMoment

  11. On my daughters first day at school mummy was present because she was down with horrible allergies,watery eyes,burning nose and a heavy heart. I missed out on an important day because allergies robbed me off an important milestone. #DontRuinTheMoment

  12. When my daughter was born I had the worst case of allergies. I was constantly sneezing. Needless to say none of the mom and baby pics happened. It was just baby (many ruined pics due to the sneezies too 😂!)

  13. #DontRuinTheMoment It was my daughter’s very first prize giving at School, a huge momentous occassion, i had such bad allergies there was no way i could attend her very special evening and i was completely gutted 🙁 , my eyes were so swollen it looked as if someone had punched me and my nose was SO red i looked like Rudolph

  14. I went to a long awaited dance with my friends. The dance had just started when my chest started getting tight. I left it and thought it’s not that bad. Then I started getting stomach cramps. Soon after my eyes began itching and my nose started running. I had to leave immediately because the lumps were starting to come up. As soon as I got home I went straight to the loo as I had a very runny tummy. Still dont know what caused it ????

  15. Well most embarrassing moment with allergies was when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I suffer badly with my sinuses when it comes to dust and pollen.. So.. One day we were on our way (thankfully) home from a check up and you know a woman’s bladder isn’t the same when pregnant so although it wasn’t urgent at the time, I did need to go use the bathroom. I was doing fine up until my husband opened his window to talk to someone and of course it was a windy spring day lol so the sneezing started… Let’s just say I didn’t need to go tinkle after that.. 10 sneezes in a row and so uncontrollable that I could not help it 😅 #DontRuinThMoment

  16. Hi Katherine

    As I’ve posted before, my daughter suffers from many allergies. She also struggles with hayfever, with an incredibly annoying itchy nasal passage, and she uses a nasal spray every day, twice a day, to make life a little more comfortable.

    Two days ago I made her favourite, macaroni and cheese. She came home from school stuffy, red nose and constantly sneezing. I dished some for her and as she went to sit down, with her bowl of mac ń cheese in front of her, she sneezed so hard, lol, it wasn’t mac n cheese anymore! I dished a second bowl, by now, she is annoyed, irritated and hungry. Walling back to the table, still sniffing and sneezing, she sneezed again, and the poor girl dropped her bowl. She chose to eat a yoghurt instead, easy peasy.

    Today, for the first time in almost 33 years of being on earth, my birthday is on Monday 23 September, I am suffering from “shnoozles” as we call it. I can’t even enjoy a cup of tea without spilling, due to sneezing. I now can image what she goes through on a daily basis.

    Hope we get to win this so that we can capture the beautiful moments in between all the “shnoozles”.

    Gizelle Adonis

  17. Had I known about Nexa Shield before I most certainly would not have been late for my wedding #DontRuinTheMoment

  18. So my #DontRuinTheMoment moment was just this weekend past… So I met this new guy in May after being single for a while and his so awesome and all that nice things. So, after a few months of dating he invites me over to spend the weekend at his house. FIRST TIME im doing this since forever ago so I prep nicely by shaving my ENTIRE body and doing all the things us girls do to prep for these BEG moments. So there I was, on Friday evening, ready to go to my new guys place but before that i need to go support my daughter at her netball tournament where they have just cut the grass………. So I get there and I can feel my nose starting to itch as well as my throat. I start sneezing and sneezing and making those gross sounds with my throat. I eventually make my way to “new guys” placa and I get there looking like death warmed up, eyes all puffy and red, nose now raw after having to blow it 7000 times in the last hour and snotty tissues in my pockets. This carried on until Saturday morning… EMBARRASING!

  19. Ot was our 10 year annie last month and my wife arranged a picnic day for us but thanks to my sinuses being all blocked up and stuffy i could not enjoy the day out with her. Needless to say my wife was very deflated as she could see that i was struggling with my sinuses.

  20. My #DontRuinTheMoment was 2 weeks ago! I have severe allergies at the moment and we went to a wedding in the Bosveld. All us ladies got together for a pretty group photo – and one of the men “ahem BOYS”, makes a comment, thank god you will be able to photo shop Carla’s red nose out of this! AAAAAAAH!

  21. #DontRuinTheMoment was last year December we had a braai out with friends and huby we ate and I’ve never had allergies but that night ate lots of pork woke up to a swollen face it was hectic had to go back home it just spoiled my entire holiday


  23. I had very bad sinus infection and hay fever due to change of season in October 2018.
    I was 18 weeks pregnant and had to have a sinus operation. I had just found out I was having a baby girl and I felt so awful. The dr even said to me why is it when he gives me good news I look upset and I said to him that every time he gives me good news I’m sick

  24. It was my brother’s wedding 2 year’s ago, I was asked to be the maid of honor, I have a huge allergy control problem… Everything were just fine until we when to rose garden for our photo session… There I actually sneezed while the camera man took pictures.. He actually had to take several shots of one pose just to get the perfect one, and becuase of the sneezing my make had smugh they had to reapply my make up every half an hour. #DontRuinThMoment

  25. A camping that was romantic turned into an emergency rescue as I started sneezing non stop and my whole exposed body parts started itching and my eyes were swollen,that was doomed day for me and I thought I am bewitched but then Dr diagnosed me with pollen allergy so I don’t even know I had it as this instance was my first reaction which woserned because I covered my nose & mouth with mohair hadn’t I went with it to Dr wouldn’t have known that I was also allergic to morhair soi learned the bad way #DontRuinTheMoment

  26. Allergies, parr if my daily routine!
    Try to manage it somedays with nasal spray other days with tissues.

  27. At my graduation I couldn’t stop sneezing, nose went red eyes was red even my makeup was coming out, because of wiping my nose and watery eyes, my photos showed dark underlines under my eyes pink nose and red eyes like I was taking drugs or alcohol ruined my images at my graduation #DontRuinTheMoment

  28. It was my daughter’s dance show at the Lyric theatre and allergies ruined it for me… my eyes were so red and puffy that one lot of dances looked at me with disgust because they thought I was on drugs lol and the other lot asking me if everything ok at home because I looked like I had been crying. I was so self concious of my eyes and sniffly nose that I hid in the dressing room and missed my poppet’s dance item. I felt awful and my poppet was upset. Allergies ruined a beautiful day for us. #DontRuinTheMoment

  29. How did my allergies ruin my special moment. My first date I had a sneezing attack of about 10 sneezes in a row. Now didnt that just seem dramatic. But wait. That was followed by puffy eyes and a red nose. Super attractive.


  30. When i met my girlfriend for the first time it was at the end of spring and my nose kept dribbling! I think she may have thought i snorted drugs! But when i explained my allergy she recommended Nexa nasal spray. I had never heard of it and i thought she was just joking, but when i found it and used it my sniffles were solved!

  31. After being single for a long time I was set up on blind date. I looked perfect all glamorous but disaster struck as I used my sisters fragrance that had strong floral notes. And I have a allergy to pollen and grass . I ended up sneezing uncontrollably, my eyes where all teary and the sniffles just worsened. So embarrassing at dinner as I looked and felt miserable. The date didn’t go well for obvious reasons….and yes I’m still single and a mommy who has a daughter with allergies too . Like mother like daughter 🙂

  32. #DontRuinTheMoment I was taking my kids to school and then there was Stones on the road,I slipped and the white sand and stone gave me really bad allergies which I had to be hospitalized as it was severe my face bulged up and my eyes looked swollen enough as though I was badly beaten

  33. #DontRuinTheMoment I suffered a severe allergies on a flight to Germany , it was dreadful that my nose began to bleed . How I wished I had Nexa Shield to save my 10 hour flight .

  34. #DontRuinTheMoment I have seasonal allergies.Every turn of a season I have great difficulties with sneezing, runny nose and eyes

  35. Allergies ruin my special moment when I was holiday with my family and I was suffering with hay fever, sneezing and this is such a vacay pooper, #dontruinthemoment Nexa is a powder spray that is clinically proven to provide assistance and relief to sufferers of mild to moderate allergic rhinitis. Nexa contains hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), a natural cellulose powder that reduces the need for rescue medication for symptoms caused by hay fever, pollen, dust mites and flu viruses.#Theperfectallergyreliver

  36. whole family suffers with severe chronic rhenitus. And its some how happens that its triggered by nerves and emotions and when we together and one of our noses start it becomes here we are at the alter on my wedding day trying to say our vows when my nose started worrying sneeze turned to five followed by the noises..which triggered my son..then my cousin and before qe knew it we where like an orchestra all making noise with our noses in between continous was soo embarrasing brcasue we got married far from home and we all forgot to carry allergy meds.

  37. My allergies come up in soring or change if weather’s. My eyes get puffy n red and i sneeze like its the new thing

  38. My #DontRuinTheMoment was many years ago, when my husband and I were still newly dating, he booked the most romantic, fancy Valentine’s Day dinner, with a set menu. My nose was streaming and my eyes red and watery. I kept having to excuse myself to go to the bathroom to blow my nose. I was so disappointed and felt terrible, I barely ate and couldn’t enjoy my food and he had gone to so much trouble to make it amazing for us. Luckily I had an understanding date.

    There is nothing worse than hayfever and here in Cape Town the pollen is bad, both my kids have been sneezing lately, and my eldest has had a runny nose all day. This stuff sounds fantastic

  39. I suffered particularly badly with hay fever and incessant sneezing as a teen…. when meeting friends out on a Friday night was your whole world. I remember trying every remedy to get myself sorted before evening hit and then coming to the disheartened realisation that there was no ways I could go out looking or feeling this way. It can really steal and damper some special moments.

    I remember being given this ‘funky’ metal toilet roll holder and mounting above my bed so I could just pull some tissue down and blow my nose without moving 😂 haha. Someone knew me well.

    I still have a sneeze that rivals most… but would have loved to know what worked back then!

  40. Growing up I had zero allergies or sinus issues. I was a happy child that had a back garden with so many trees, plants and flowers that I loved so much. Nothing was better than getting home from Pre school or Junior School and playing outside. Soon as I turned 18 and moved cities for the first time it started. My nose would start running uncontrollably without flu or illness. Sneezing at random over and over again. That was almost 8 years ago and its become a permanent part of my life. I dread the winter (my birthday season!) and spring (my favourite season). I can’t have flowers in the house. I cant even have a plant that may have flowers in. Carpets, dust.. Its a schlepp. And yes.. Photos can’t just get bombed by people, allergies bomb too (LOL). I’ve had teary eyes, Ive had to make people wait when taking a photo so I could blow my nose. I’ve sneezed during photos and ruined too many 😂😂😂 I’ve never heard of Nexa before. Thank you Becoming You for informing me. Definitely something I want to try! #DontRuinTheMoment

  41. Allergies have ruined great moments for me in the past. The worse was when i had just started my new job and had to go to work with a red leaky nose and sneezing every 2 minutes thrice in a row. I felt this wasn’t a good impression. Luckily my day ended fast and little did i realize the next day was on repeat. Allergies and i don’t go hand in hand but im glad there is an amazing line of products out there that are safe and effective.

  42. #dontruinthemoment Allergies suck. Meeting allergic to dust, pollen, animals, and almost everything else is tough. I remember it was picture day at work and I woke up with super red eyes that could barely open. Needless to say I had to take the picture with sunglasses. On that same day I won the company raffle and was to go on an adventure trail the next weekend. So I thought, ok great… That will surely make up for today. And I live the outdoors m a week later and the symptoms flare up again. Sad to say I had to forfeit the trip as well.

  43. Allergies suck! At my wife’s 30th birthday party I couldn’t help properly or enjoy the outdoor lekker kuier and braai. Was so disappointed because she was looking so forward to it for months. Shame but my little girl has it worse always sniffing. She almost missed her concert last month because of it but my brave little 4 year old was like no mommy&daddy- I know all my moves and words – I must go. It’s difficult at times but we manage it.

  44. I was attending soccer tournament and then I started having sinus and my noise was itching and had running noise. I had to leave the stadium because I couldn’t handle the sinus

  45. Trying to watch a movie with friends and at the very best part of the movie……the sneezing starts. Continues sneezes directly after each other eyes tearing nose dripping. What an embarrassing moment.
    Becoming you

  46. I’ve sadly missed out on too many fun nights out due to a sinus headache from allergies. If Nexa helps me I can finally go out, seize the moment and use my rad new Instax camera to capture it all!

  47. #DontRuinTheMoment – Allergies is like a family thing in my home, my hubby , daughter and I have it. During my daughters pre school graduation, my allergies decided to visit and ruin staring at me, with that get out of here look, kids giggling. It was uncontrable, I had to go out side, boom into the garden, and the sneezing continued, so loud so much so that the guard closed the doors…#DontRuinTheMoment


  49. Gahhhhhhh. My hubby has the WORST allergies. In fact, so much so that when we moved overseas for 4 years, his colleague and office neighbour missed the sound of his constant post nasal drip cough. He was recently officiating a wedding in Stellenbosch (as well as best-manning) and GAH the post nasal drip blues. Bleaaaaaaa. Can you imagine your minister coughing and choking throughout your wedding – no thank you! I’d do anything for it to stop – woudl love to give this a try on my begrudging hubby. xxx

  50. My allergy can be very bad sometimes,everything itches simitaniously ears,nose,ears,face,then i just pop a Allergex or use Flomist nassl spray then im my old self again cause it can really be a put off sometimes.

  51. It was our 20th wedding anniversary and mu hubby planned a lovely dinner with our family & friends. It was a surprise but as my allergies flared up my eyes started to water and redden, my head felt heavy and I could not get out of bed. I also broke out in a rash on my legs and arms. It was horrible, my family & friends decided to come to me and bring take away but I did not feel up to it. So I took allergy meds and went to sleep while everyone ate and left early. #DontRuinTheMoment

  52. #DontRuinTheMoment
    I have always sufferef with allergies from a little girl and did take preventatives and things to help me but nothing was as effect as Nexa which works 100% This one time allergies ruined a very special moment for me was on the day I had to give a speech on behalf of my best friend on her wedding day. After being around flowers and her cat I just turned into a sneezing time bomb! My nose was red as a tomato and my eyes red as apples. I still said to myself that I can deliver this speech, I had to because she’s my best friend. As confident as I was, it just turned out a total disaster as I approached the stage and started to speak, the sneezes came one after the other and I was so embarrassed that I had to ask to be excused! But my friend understood and today we laugh out loud about my drama on her wedding day. A speech of Sneeze.

  53. Picture the setting. Rolling hills with vineyards, a magnificent lake, surrounded by snow capped mountains … and a large open freshly cut grass patch where the bride and groom were standing. As the groom (my brother) starts a heart wrenching speech which made most people well up … I well up too … not from emotion but from a sneezing attack that just wouldn’t stop! At least when I got up to say a few words after the groom I looked as if I was so touched by his speech (although I missed most of what he was saying from all the sneezing) #dontruinthemoment

  54. I’m always cracking jokes and making my friends laugh. This time I was on fire and the crowd was becoming bigger and bigger around me. I’m telling them some story when suddenly my eyes start watering like waterfalls not only that my nose started running like I was a kindergarten kid 😢 now I can laugh but it was embarrassing 😂😂 #DontRuinTheMoment

  55. #DontRuinTheMoment
    Me and my decided to have a family shoot at a nearby gardens when the flowers were in full bloom, so in the lovely Spring time.
    My allergies didn’t waste any time acting up once we got to the location, saddest part is that all my pics, my eyes were puffy and my nose was red.

    I’m on maternity leave. After a long journey we finally have our rainbow. My pigeon pair, a 9 year old and a 3 month old. I’ve been waiting for this moment for years, so much so that I’m taking an extra month maternity leave that’s unpaid, to have some last alone time after the school holiday and to say my long goodbye to the baby girl I’ve prayed for. Needless to say I’m tired. I’ve been sick with allergies which in turn causes post nasal drip, sneezing and itxhy ears FROM 30 WEEKS! Yes! 30 weeks. I was booked off work a week before my maternity leave because I had a sinus infection, and whoopiieeeeee. No meds while pregnant. Panado and saline were my best friends. And now, 16 weeks postpartum, I’m still struggling. I give my husband sleepless nights. Baby sleeps through but I’m coughing my husband up because my dang ears itch which causes a chain reaction in my throat, till 1am! I AM BEAT! Allergies are ruining the most special 6 months of my life. Yes i say 6 because I’m sure It’ll continue the last month. I’m gonna see if i can find some nexa because God knows how many meds and nasal sprays I’ve tried!

  57. It wasn’t my allergies but my husbands that ruined a moment for us! We were young and frivolous, enjoying a spontaneous picnic in the garden, when things got a little “heated”. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before his nose started, and rather than let his sniffing interfere, and not having the time to keep blowing it, he got two tampons and shoved them in his nostrils. Unfortunately this backfired big time as the tampons swelled and got stuck!! You can imagine how the romantic mood died just at the sight of two tampons up his nose, but the hysterical laughing as he desperately tried to pull them out had me collapsed on the floor (him, not so much!) #dontruinthemoment

  58. #DontRuinTheMoment allergies cause my eyes to tear so often people think im crying…. So on the day i got married everyone thought i was crying the whole day…

  59. So my hubby and I was planning a romantic evening cause we haven’t been intermit for months due to medical issues. So the day we all excited warming up each other making sure we ready and super excited. The evening hits we put the kids to bed and while we getting the kids settled and in bed. My sinus starts going crazy I’m sneezing and have a sinus headache it’s got so bad I couldn’t open my eyes I felt so bad I just had to take meds and sleep it off so no big night for us after all the preparing and excitement

  60. #DontRuinTheMoment allergies eave me sick nd I always have to stay away from work because it gets so bad I end up with asthma. The occasion was my son’s school play… I was sitting in a silent crowd all watching the show and I started sneezing constinuously, had to blow my nose cos it go so stuffy.. Disturbed the entire concert and got looks from very unimpressed parents…. I’m not a sodt sneezer lol.. I can bring the roof down.. Did get to enjoy my baby’s first performance either.

  61. I am soooo glad that it is not only me that have been embarrassed by my allergies! My friend invited me to her parents farm for a huge party to introduce her new cleaning range. As soon as I set foot on that farm and breathed the fresh air (and dust) my allergies started. I wanted to tell her with my teary eyes about it, but she was already busy introducing the products and handing bottles of cleaning products to people to smell and test on home made stains and dirt. To make everything worse, I started sneezing uncontrollably. So Everyone thought I was allergic to her products. I had to leave, but I still tried to explain through a runny nose and teary eyes that it was the dust and not her products. I never got invited by her to another party 🙁

  62. I woke up the morning of the wedding, in Elgin, with puffy itchy eyes and a nose that didn’t stop streaming. Not ideal when you are a bridesmaid for your very special friends wedding. It totally ruined the photos (the ones I was in!) – red, watery, puffy eyes and ruined my make up and it was awful! I was exhausted by the time the reception came around – I just wanted to close my eyes and go to bed! I was also breastfeeding at the time so couldn’t take any anti-histamines. Nexa would’ve been great!

  63. #DontRuinTheMoment
    Going on a training session at work for 2 whole days sneezing and crying all the way it was most annoying…for me and everyone else

  64. We were attending our daughter’s first singing event when she wad 4 years old, the set up was themed around Spring. Therefore, there were different kinds of flower creations for the decor all the way from the entrance and around the venue towards the stage.
    We settled in, and my hubby was sneezing his nose off and began to swell up after rubbing his face non stop. All this happened within few minutes, he decided to step outside. Right then leaving with the camera we were to use to record her session on stage. When I noticed that he left with the camera, I went looking for him by the car, but he was nowhere to be seen. I went searching, even asking the security guard to check by the male toilets, but no luck.
    I couldnt record on my phone as I had died following a long day in the car with a car charger that didnt want to function anymore. Thus, I couldnt call him either. I sadly went back inside the venue, sat and when she was on stage, I cried my heart out realising a beautiful moment I couldnt record for us, our families and also for her to keep as a memory. It broke my heart in pieces, since that day, I keep atleast 2 charging cords, fully charged powerbank as backup to my phone battery possible dying. We found him later, having been taken taken by one of the even coordinators to assist him after they saw him turning colour outside. He was looking like someone beat his face wben we saw his face, his eyes were all swollen and sucked in.

  65. Hubby and myself were blessed on our wedding day by my employer at one of her Guest Houses with a night away as we could not afford a honeymoon. I had such bad allergies that I spent our honeymoon sneezing and wheezing and my best friend was a box of tissues. I felt so sick with these allergies that we did not get to enjoy this special time. It was the worst ever and totally ruined a beautiful time for us on our special day. #DontRuinTheMoment

  66. #DontRuinTheMoment Hubby and myself were blessed on our wedding day by my employer at one of her Guest Houses with a night away as we could not afford a honeymoon. I had such bad allergies that I spent our honeymoon sneezing and wheezing and my best friend was a box of tissues. I felt so sick with these allergies that we did not get to enjoy this special time. It was the worst ever and totally ruined a beautiful time for us on our special day. #DontRuinTheMoment

  67. I was never one to suffer with allergies but over the last 6 years of working in my current job I have allergies which leave me with watery eyes and a runny and blocked nose.As an educator this is not ideal.After several trips to the doctor for treating me for a common cold that woule not go so eventually a allergy test was done and it seems that the envirinment I work in affects my allergies and like my doctor joked I need to live in a bubble.So am defo to keen to try out this ! #DontRuinTheMoment

  68. #DontRuinTheMoment We were all set to jet set to Mauritius, when my husbands allergies started acting up, and he got a cold as a result, he was sick all through the vacation, and I caught his cold, and was also sick for the last 2 days of the vacation, what a drag it was, I wish I had know about the awesomeness of Nexa Powder Allergy Spray, as it would have saved my long awaited vacation. We could even enjoy the awesome ocean.

  69. #DontRuinTheMoment I got the chance of a life time to go watch the grand prix in Malaysia a few years back. once we were there, we went out to order food, as we were starving. I explained very slowly and clearly no fish.. as I am allergic, they understood and proceeded to make my and bring me my meal. after one bite.. of the rice, i said to my partner, this tastes fishy and my mouth was all tingly. they assured me that there was no fish.. long story short, i got rushed to hospital, and it turned out they used oyster sauce..
    luckily Everyone reacted swiftly and I got to enjoy the Grand Prix. after that i only ate from KFC and Mac D cause I was too scared to eat anywhere else.

  70. #DontRuinTheMoment

    Totally relatable! I’ve actially just switched to @nexa_shield and couldn’t be happier! It’s helped me having to explain my allergies daily. How exhausting. I remember getting a terrible rash allergy for 8 months and feeling so utterly low. Not wanting to be in ANY kind of photo, costume, go on dates etc. it was so crippling as I was at an age where I was just starting to feel so comfortable in my body and we all know how long it can take to get there! I remember friends being sympathetic but also not knowing how it hurt me deep down when they would point out how bad my allergy was on certain days. Like thanks, as if I didn’t already know. It took ages to get my body back and now I am day with all the confidence in the world that it’s under control and I don’t take a single allergy free day for granted! Take the photos, wear the dress, say yes to that date gurl!!!

  71. I’ve had masacar running down my face from my eyes watering and from me sneezing so much from an allergy attack!
    But using my Nexa Powder Nasal Spray has really saved me the embarrassment of these embarrassing moments.
    Now I am my bright and sparkly self in all my selfies 😁

  72. I’ think the worst has been talking to a friend over our study books whilst at university and sneezing with droplets flying onto her book. I wanted to die. Or the earth to open and. Swallow me. How eeuw! An allergy spray would have saved the day! #DontRuinTheMoment

  73. I was with my love and didn’t have much time to spend with him a few weeks ago and we were snuggling and being all romantic when the top of my nose started itching, I started sneezing and my eyes were burning – continuously! Was not happy but hopefully next time I’ll have Nexa on hand so that I #DontRuinTheMoment !

  74. I was a bridesmaid for my sisters wedding. I started having a sneeze attack the day before and a runny nose followed. I was horrified having to walk down the aisle with everyone watching and still wipe my nose continuosly. After alot of running to the ladies to blow my nose and sort out my make up. I got through the day. If i had Nexa Powder Allergy Spray back then, it would have saved me alot of embarrassment and gave me huge relief. #DontRuinTheMoment

  75. Allergy ..every single morning when I start my lesson in class…a fitting sneeze…15 in a row…then more sneezes from the dusty chalk..left with red puffy eyes and of course a runny nose…every single time

  76. #DontRuinTheMoment
    We had a family gathering and omg hubby and mine allergy started up and everyone was like “what hapened can we do something” to help and so it was so iratating but then one of my close friend gave me Nexa powder and that helped. Thanks otherwise I don’t know what we should have done.

  77. #DontRuinTheMoment
    My allergies acted up at a family birthday party…I had to take all the photo’s for the 18th birthday…but eventually had to leave as I could not see out if my eyes as they were swollen and I was sneezing all the time!

  78. My allergies have ruined my 40th birthday on 11 September ,my eyes was so red itching and swollen so much and I’ve been sneezing whole day that I could even take much photos . So the evening I went
    to garage shop as I waited in the line to pay for my stuff the lady asked me if I have problems with my allergies and took out of her hand bag Nexa Powder Nasal Spray and said I should try it but I was very impressed it help me allot

  79. I’ve suffered from allergies since High school. I had the Vampire Look at most parties and special events. It was terrible and hard to live in the moment when one keeps sneezing and wiping ur nose. The worst was when I was working. I am a hairstylist and in one particular day I was having the worst hayfever attack. It was Spring nd clients were coming for the Spring Party Hairdos. While busy with my client, I kept having to excuse myself to go sneeze or blow my nose. Her hair took forever to get done! At one point I was too late to excuse myself and I sneezed into her hair!! OMW! I WAS SUPER EMBARRASSED! She was kind and polite and understanding. Her hair turned out great although it took forever 🤩

  80. I remember as a child being on a great family holiday in Uvongo. We had just got to the beach when !bam! I had a massive allergy attack and came out in welts all over my body. Beach day over!! I was bundled into the car and rushed to the local chemist and lets just say, it really ruined my day☹️. It’s great to know that there are solutions to allergies now so that you #DontRuinTheMoment 🤩🤩🤩

  81. #DontRuinTheMoment
    The first time I met my boyfriend’s family and he forgot to mention that his Mom has cats 😱 ( but I never told him I’m allergic to them 🤦) As soon as I walked in I started sneezing and everything went downhill from there. It just got worse when I started to have trouble breathing and had to be rushed to the emergency room. Sad to say, his family wasn’t very impressed because I never saw them again and shortly after that he & I broke up 🤷

  82. #DontRuinTheMoment
    So on my 1st date with my now hubby I started sneezing uncontrollably because his cologne was too strong. It got so bad that I actually wet myself 😭 My eyes & nose were red and watery, my face felt puffy and I was so embarrassed that I peed my pants. Hubby got up,said he’d be right back and left. He returned about 20 minutes later with a Mr Price packet and told me go change 🤗. He also handed me a pharmacy bag that had Nexa spray. I changed, used the spray and had instant relief. When I got back to the restaurant I noticed he had changed his shirt,he also wiped of any lingering scent off himself 💞 Although Nexa saved the day my moment was definitely ruined ☹️

  83. When my allergies start I basically cannot focus on anything. So my worse moments are definitely those that flare up when I am at work – ruins my concentration and productivity. #DontRuinTheMoment

  84. #DontRuinTheMoment I had a fabulous long leave planned … Fast Forward to the 1st day of leave a doctor visit to discover has a serious nasal drip which exarcebated his already congested chest caused by the high pollen in the Western Cape . A packet of meds & antibiotics later to heal his little body . Mom’s leave was ruined atleast we squeezed in a visit to the aquarium & tons of movie time 😍😍😍 . Let’s just say December Holiday is goin to be EPIC

  85. I was at church, we had no choir master and I wanted to conduct the youth choir and I couldn’t becuase I kept on sneezing 🤧, my nose were so running afterwards (I were so full of snotties), from all the blowing, my nose were red and sore, and I couldn’t breathe properly through it and my head felt like a huge heavy block placed on my shoulder. #dontruinthemoment

  86. #dontruinmymoment I was Maid if Honour at a wedding and due to sinuses I could not enjoy the party as I was so blocked up and miserable

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