Disney re-releases 2 animated classics on DVD & Blu-ray

In the next two months Disney will be re-releasing two of the most treasured animated classics from the Disney Vault so a new generation of kids can enjoy them on DVD & Blu-ray!

12 August sees the return of my absolute favourite to the screen. This was one of the first animated movies I bought (well before we had kids) and I LOVE the soundtrack – can you guess what it is?? None other than The Jungle Book. I’m super excited to hear this news as my beloved DVD was cracked in two about 5 years ago by toddler who thought he could put DVD’s on for himself! Since that day I have hung onto the DVD box waiting for the day when I will once again be able to enjoy “The Bare Necessities” and finally it is around the corner! Now Disney’s song-filled celebration comes vibrantly to life, with a new digital restoration and high definition picture. I can’t wait to introduce my kids to this thrilling adventure along with the wonderful characters of Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, Shere Khan, Kaa and, of course, King Louis! The DVD will have bonus features such as and alternate ending, info about the Lost Character – Rocky The Rhino and Disneypedia: Junglemania!

Then 9 September sees the re-release of another favourite: The Little Mermaid, also with new Picture and Sound Restoration. Can you believe that as far as I can remember I have not actually seen this movie. I know the story of course having starred as a “clam” in my primary school play of the story! πŸ˜‰ I know – name in lights!! ANyway I’m really looking forward to sharing some snuggles with my daughter while we share in Ariel’s adventure of a lifetime along with her friends – the adorable fish Flounder and crazy crab Sebastian!

I’m so pleased to have 5 of each title on DVD to giveaway to you today! To enter:

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2. Leave a comment on this blog post to tell me which title you would like to win. This competition will end on Friday 2 August.

Which of these Disney animated titles are you looking forward to re-watching and/ or introducing your kids to for the first time?


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Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. Such great classics! I would love to win a copy of The Little Mermaid.

    It brings back such a lovely and VERY funny memory when my daughter still thought I might be Ariel because my hair was (freshly) colored as red as red can be. The day after I had it colored, I washed my hair and some of the red came off on my light green towel. She looked at the towel and looked at me and asked if I am dying because I am not living in the ocean anymore … Still makes me laugh! x

  2. The Jungle Book, the later Jungle book ( remakes ) are just not as kid friendly and nicely done as this version. My 3 little ones will definitely enjoy it πŸ™‚

  3. Have always LOVED The Little Mermaid! And my 6-yr old daughter loves it so much too! Would be a great addition to our Disney DVD collection!

  4. I’d love to win the little mermaid! It brings back such happy childhood memories – It was the first movie my parents took us to see at the drive in (yes! The drive in! remember those?) and we loved it so much, my dad bought it for us on video at the airport on the way home from a family holiday, snuck it in our suitcase so we’d find it when we unpacked πŸ™‚ We watched it so many times the tape got all stretched, but we kept watching it anyway!

  5. I have a son who love “the Jungle book” & a daughter that loves “the lil mermaid”…….. So either of the movies would be a gr8 win. πŸ™‚

  6. I would love to win The Little Mermaid, I have been looking for this for years. I used to have a VHS copy that went obsolete and I was heartbroken when I couldn’t watch it anymore.

  7. I just LOVE both of them.
    I have been looking for The Jungle Book for myself and my granddaughter who is soon to be 3 years old as she is just crazy about animals too.

  8. I would love to see the Little Mermaid again and to own this DVD. My little 18 months old daughter is mad about fishies so this will be a good investment for her!

  9. I would love The Jungle Book for the boys.I think its a classic that every child should watch and would enjoy:)

  10. The Jungle Book please! I have read the book so many times to my boys – they would LOVE to watch the movie!

  11. The Jungle Book for sure!! My daughter just loves the songs from the movie! But either would be lovely!

  12. I would so love the Little Mermaid for my 3 beautiful granddaughters they have never seen it and I remember growing up listening to the original version but the new movie is so stunningly done what a lovely surprise for them

  13. Definitely The Jungle Book! My kiddies have never seen it before & I absolutely Love it! Adore the soundtrack!
    Disney is absolutely amazing & I think I love watching Disney Movies just as must as they do!

  14. The Little Mermaid. My turned just turned 7 and had The Little Mermaid as her theme. We love Disney movies!

  15. The Jungle Book – it was the first movie I ever went to see at the cinema, aged 5. I was so, so excited waiting to go in, getting some popcorn and then finally being seated right in the front! Would love to be able to show this beautiful movie to the little ones in my life.

  16. Ooooh…I would love to introduce my step children to “The Jungle Book.

    It is my all time favorite Disney movie, and it formed a basis of my love for animals and all living creatures. I would love to pass on that love and respect for all creatures to my step children πŸ™‚

  17. One day walking from school , because of my love for books, I picked up a rugged old disney copy of The Jungle Book from the dusty streets of Tembisa. The kids that were playing there must have left it . I read it on my way home, didn’t even realize I got home. Full of adventure and excitement, I read it everyday. And because my mother couldn’t afford to buy me books, it was so precious and the story is still brings a lot of memories.

    Now I have the chance to show my kids what I’ve always told them about the baby who was raised by the jungle called Mowgli. It would mean a lot to win this one!

  18. Both πŸ˜‰
    Little Mermaid cos thats my favorite movie and Jungle book my hubbies favorite…borh a must fir my 10month old

  19. Do i Have to choose ……

    Must be The Jungle Book then – loved this as a child and want to share the joy with my kiddies πŸ™‚

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  20. Oooh…I love both titles! But I especially would love the Little Mermaid as my 14 year old neice has just given my 2year old daughter her old Ariel doll. She would just love to watch this movie I’m sure of it! The Ariel doll is definatley one of her favourite toys to play with at the moment!

  21. My kids love animals….so they would love Mowglis adventures.

    Jungle Book for sure!! so heart warming!

  22. After seeing my niece’s face when she saw a My Little Pony book for the first time the other day, I can’t IMAGINE how excited she’d be to see The Little Mermaid. Brings back memories of how much I loved it as a child!

  23. I would just Love to win one of The Jungle Book DVD’s for my little guys!! Its their Birthday in September so this would make the perfect gift for them!!

  24. I would love to win The Jungle Book.. I have a 3 year old and a 2 year old and they will thoroughly enjoy this.

    1. Having said that, The little mermaid is just as adorable. So I would be absolutely grateful to win either one of the movies πŸ™‚

  25. We have Jungle Book in our home collection and would adore to have the Little Mermaid!

  26. Little Mermaid! My 3 year old loves singing and the Little Mermaid will be right up her alley with all the wonderful songs she can sing along with!

  27. My son loves the Little Mermaid already, so I would like to win the Jungle Book and introduce him to this well loved classic.

  28. I have a boy and a girl who loves anything Disney. My little girl would love Little Mermaid and my son will love Jungle Book

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