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In our home we are trying our best to make healthy choices for our family – especially when it comes to the products we use to clean our home and ourselves! As the skin is the largest organ in (on?) your body it makes sense to think twice about what you put onto it esp as so much is absorbed through the skin into your body!

The past few months we have done away with soaps, cleansers and creams that contain “baddies” and opted for natural, organic and healthy products which means we are heading for “hippiedom” in some peoples books but for us that just means making a few changes in the way we shop. Now, we are more likely to be found buying our monthly toiletries at the local farmers’ market rather than the supermarket aisle.

A few weeks back I was introduced to Devote Soap. A beautifully packaged product with the most amazing array of scents to choose from! These bespoke, handmade, artisan soaps are made with only the finest blends of Olive Oil, Palm Oil & Coconut Oil to ensure a soothing and enriching cleansing bar.

bowl of soaps


Some of the soap bars are infused with Essential Oils while others are gently scented with blends of natural additives such as Organic Honey, Rooibos, Cinnamon, Ground Coffee and dried botanicals including Lavender Flowers, Rose Petals and more! What’s more is that all of the soap bars contain unrefined Shea Butter and French Clay! Devote is also naturally South African and contains no artificial ingredients or animal by-products.

I managed to get my hands on some of these stunning soaps and snapped a few pics to share with you. I subsequently arranged them all in a pretty bowl in our bathroom as they are just so lovely to look at. The bathroom now smells like a mini-spa!! This new atmosphere also encouraged me to clean up the windowsill and clear away all the bottles and other paraphenalia from around the bath just to make sure these lovelies had centre stage! I’m so glad I did – the transformation that one bowl of pretty soaps has made to our bathroom is amazing.


The essence of Devote is to give entirely of oneself to a dream, cause or vow. Dreams are precious and become life long journeys to treasure. Our ranges are the fruits of dreams hoped for, they paint pictures and tell stories. Fragrances, textures and colours evoke memories of special moments and cherished places.

homemade soap

artisan soap

natural soap



Jacquie is the lady behind Devote – she is also a talented graphic designer and has used her skills to package the soaps beautifully making Devote Soaps the perfect gift! I will certainly be stocking my present cupboard shortly with a selection of soaps to gift to class teachers, extra-mural teachers, house guests, hostesses and to use as stocking fillers!

devote soap

To place an order of Devote Soap for yourself, to send to a friend or to enquire about stocking Devote in your shop please contact Jacquie at

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