Dinner at Dalliance Restaurant, V&A Waterfront

Date nights don’t feature as often as they should in our house.

Scheduling in Date Nights when you have kids (who also have a social life) is pretty tricky. OK it’s slightly easier than the baby stage when you physically have to be there to feed your child. But it doesn’t seem to get easier. Well, at least not yet. We’re 10 years in to this parenting gig and we still don’t seem to be able to get it right.

Don’t get me wrong, the intention is there. “Date Night” appears as a recurring appointment in BOTH our calendars every second Friday. BUT somehow we just don’t seem to get it right. As much as the appointment should be a hard and fast, never to be moved one. It’s always forgotten, or shifted, or cancelled, or rearranged due to someone else’s complicated Friday night arrangements.

Except when I get invited to review a beautiful restaurant in the Waterfront on a mid-week evening…. Then we make a plan!

The babysitter was booked a week in advance, the kids supper was pre-bought, I even put on a full face of makeup (not just lipgloss and mascara!)

Our destination was Dalliance.

Located in the V&A Waterfront (in the high end luxury strip!), we arrived just as the sun was sinking behind the Atlantic Ocean.

Seagulls swooped over our heads and the world was at play in every humming corner of the Waterfront (well, the ones without kids!) WOW who knew that the Waterfront was so busy on a Wednesday evening. This is where it’s at parents of the suburbs!

I lapped up the carefree atmosphere of people on a permanent holiday…

A balmy summer’s evening with a warm, gentle breeze meant most bare-legged visitors to the Waterfront were sitting back enjoying a cold drink pre the arrival of their sophisticated meal – cooked by someone else and served beautifully!

I was thrilled to be joining them!

Our table was tucked away in a secluded corner with a view of the ocean… and the sunset for good measure! A glass of bubbles was the first order of business.

The restaurant is beautiful with an industrial edge to the decor. I loved the gorgeous copper counter in particular!

While I snapped a few photos I left my husband in charge of ordering our wine… the wine menu is varied and well priced and the waiter was well versed in recommending the best choices to pair with each meal.

For starters I opted for the Calamari with peppers, pineapple and viniagrette while my husband chose the Portuguese inspired Trinchado – Braised Beef, Chilli, Garlic & a Small Portuguese Roll.

Date Night rule No 1 in our house is that each person has to order a different meal from the other… to allow for sampling of course. Unfortunately this can lead to meal envy and for mains my husband scored best… He opted for the Lamb Curry which he raved about. I chose the Sushi Platter. I’m always partial to Sushi and hadn’t had any for a while hence my choice. But I think I should have gone for the Butter Chicken Curry as the serving seemed more generous. That being said my Sushi was fresh and delicious – albeit a smaller serving than I was hoping for.

I made up for it with dessert however… Brad chose the Iced Nougat served with Exotic Fruit and Mango Sorbet. It was incredible. I oped for the Marshamallow… not realising that the serving was enough for 4. Not even kidding. A whole bowl of toasted marshmallows with chocolate and peanut butter was placed before me. It was incredible… for the first few mouthfuls and then it was incredibly rich! I loved it, but I had to know when enough was enough. If only we had known, we would have shared it instead.

Our evening at Dalliance was delicious… and it was lots of fun for us to enjoy an adult evening out on the town.

A great date night venue for those needing to get out of the ‘burbs for a bit 😉


Contact Details

Shop 7216A, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

Tel: +27 (0) 21 418 1037
Email: info@dalliancerestaurant.co.za

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday: 8am to 11pm

Click here t see the full Dalliance Menu


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Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn Rossiter

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