Daily Dish Vegetarian Box Review

The daily struggle is real….

What should I make for supper?

If you’re anything like me you HATE this question. Seriously do we have to think about this mundane task every. single. day? The answer, sadly, is yes… and even more so if you have a brood of hangry people declaring their hunger every 5 seconds! You don’t? Lucky you!!

Anyway, in a bid to save my sanity, Daily Dish recently stepped in and sent me a week’s worth of meals (4) – recipes and ingredients included!

Our recent family meal times have been swaying more towards the vegetarian options (some rather frightening Netflix documentaries might have played a part here…)

But this is all very new to us ! Our usual method of choosing what to make for supper was based around the meat we had in the freezer (chicken or mince, mince or chicken?) so it was with great excitement for some variety I ordered the Veggie Box from Daily Dish.

And then it arrived bright and early on Monday morning. All packaged together in a clever, insulated cooler (cardboard) box.

Daily Dish

On opening the box I discovered ALL the ingredients I would need for the week. No need to stop past the shops for anything (only 1 or 2 pantry items were required such as olive oil, butter and salt & pepper!)

The only thing I needed to do was to unpack the cold ingredients into the fridge… and then step back and feel very virtuous at the abundance of greens thanks to our Veggie box order.

Daily Dish Veggie Box

Daily Dish Veggie Box

Literally EVERYTHING I needed was neatly labelled and pre-measured ready to use when the time came… No shops, no trollies, no whining kids, no snack attacks, no queues, no “out of stock” signs, no planning meals, no measuring! It sounded too good to be true!

The proof would be in the actual cooking (you know I’m not the best at this bit!)…

Daily Dish

First up was Easy Cheesy Flatbread. We made this in just a few minutes just prior to racing out the house to an evening meeting. It was quick and simple and very easy cheesy! My kids loved this and it was a great addition to our non-meat meal menu going forward. And what a genius idea to use wraps as flatbread/ pizza bases!! Obvs there was cheese-a-plenty so this isn’t an option for vegans but for us beginner vegetarians we’re still all about the cheese!

Easy Cheesy Flatbread

Easy Cheesy Flatbread Daily Dish

The next night was Winter Risotto – a notoriously difficult and patience-testing dish. Could I cope?

The simple answer was YES – provided I left enough time to stir and stir and stir and didn’t get distracted by my phone!! I really think the reduced stress of not having to plan what to make or prep the ingredients left me with reserves a-plenty to see this one through without burning the food or the pot. And it was DELISH. The ideal wintery meal that made a family of hungry tummies very pleased indeed. My kids were raving about this meal and definitely felt they’d hit the jackpot with Daily Dish providing their mom with some new supper suggestions!

Winter Risotto

Roasted Almonds

Daily Dish


Winter Risotto Daily Dish

Wednesday night is usually a bit hectic in our home as we host a weekly small group who arrive at 7:30 so we have to have eaten and got the kids into bed by then!

A bonus about Daily Dish is that you can switch one or two of the meals around to suit your cooking time on a particular day as each recipe indicates how long the meal should take to prepare. We opted to have the Green Shashuka this night as it took only 30mins. An incredibly healthy mix of baby spinach, eggs, feta and spicy sumac this was another hit (although the spice was a bit hot for our youngest!) Served with Pita breads this was a winner that we’ll most certainly be trying again. Fortunately Daily Dish send you really sturdy recipe cards that you can in fact keep for future cooking endeavours (should you feel up to the schelp of shopping, of course!)

Daily Dish

Green Shakshuka

Sadly all good things must come to an end and so it was with our Daily Dish meals… Our last meal was called Sriracha Tofu and I can definitely say that Daily Dish introduced us to a whole lot of new meal ideas and taste sensations… this was to be my very first taste of tofu!

A fresh take on stir-fry, this was an easy dish to prepare and it was filled with healthy ingredients. Again my daughter (7) found it a bit on the spicy side, to be honest so did I, but it was really great to be introduced to something new and next time we’ll know to go easy on the sriracha spice.

Sriracha Tofu

So, what was my verdict? For busy families or professional people Daily Dish is an amazing way to ensure you have fresh ingredients on hand every night of the week to prepare interesting, tasty dishes. If you love the cooking but hate the schelp (or just don’t have the time) this this is for you!

They have 6 box options to choose from and the menu changes every week so you certainly won’t get bored!

I would love to order Daily Dish every week myself but as a family of four the cost does add up and as I’m a work-from-home mom I wouldn’t usually be able to justify the cost when I actually do have the time to go food shopping (even tho I hate it!) For a normal box for a family of 4 you will pay R1170/ week (R73 per serving) and for a Veggie Box you will pay R990 (62 per serving) To be honest I haven’t really done the numbers, but maybe if you’re avoiding all the surplus spend at the tills you might find you are actually spending the same in the end? Worth investigating!


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    1. Please leave me alone. I’ve added in both positive and negative aspects of the product in my review. What more do you want from me???

  1. I recently tried uCook as well and while agree with convenience of not shopping and having all ingredients on hand but I also couldn’t justify the price. It made me realise that I do have a bit of time somewhere to meal plan and make shopping lists, I just need to be more disciplined about it

  2. I’d love to try this out! Shopping and cooking for 2 is such a schlep, but I’m sure this would be a breeze! What are the portion sizes like? My only concern is all of that packaging… Eek! Thanks for the review!

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