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As a lifestyle blogger who dabbles in beauty I get sent plenty of products to trial and test… more than one girl can get through!! This time last year I started sharing my space with a few of the best up-and-coming beauty blogging babes – my Beauty Babes – and the concept has done soooo well. I’m so grateful to Rayne, Cara, Kirsten who’ve been regularly supplying me with extra beauty reviews as well as RoxanneMoeneeba and Keshnie who occasionally contributed too!

I hope you guys have enjoyed the variety of content and the extra info on what’s out there beauty-wise. I certainly have enjoyed adding their voices to my space!

Today I’m handing over to Rayne from Make it Rayne for a new style of Beauty Babes post – the first ‘Currently Testing’ style of blog post where she’ll be sharing which of the products I’ve sent her way she’s been testing recently… ENJOY!

There have been loads of amazing incredible beauty releases lately – and just SO MANY new products – so I thought we could try out a new style of post today. A few short little snippet reviews of some of the new goodies I’ve been Currently Testing…



ColourStay Stay Active Foundation from Revlon

You guys, you guys.. YOU GUYS. I will go out on a limb and say that this ColourStay Stay Active Foundation from Revlon probably falls into my top 5 foundations of all time. It is SO great! I think it helps a lot that this very pale shade, with a slightly yellow undertone, is spot on the perfect shade for me. But the overall longevity of the product on my face, the way it did not oxidise at all, the seamless application, it is a winning formula for me. I will, however, admit that I was slightly shocked at the price tag of R325. I stand by my statement of it being fab, one of the best I have used in a long time, but R325 is a bit steep considering I have always loved Revlon for their high quality and affordability.


Pure Radiance Glowrizer from CATRICE

I loooove the design of this Pure Radiance Glowrizer from CATRICE! How cute are the blush pink balletjies suspended within the bottle? I found the product itself to be a bit of a hit and miss though. The hit was that it added glow to my face for sure, my entire face was glowy for the day (almost too glowy and erring on the side of shiny, but that could be due to my application technique?). The miss was that, apart from the glow, it didn’t do much else. I did not notice my foundation staying power being lengthened or that my face was especially primed when using this. The price point is around R100.


Super Stay Makeup Extending Primer from Maybelline

This Maybelline primer, while I did not see it make a huge difference to the longevity of my foundation, feels incredible on your face. It has the feeling of a light moisturiser and leaves your face feeling a bit more hydrated. It also has a great velvety matte sort of finish which is exactly up my alley. I may not be seeing such a great difference with this primer just because I do use a really great foundation routine which does not usually slip off by the end of the day. However, I have seen some real love for this primer online from other bloggers and magazines! At R135 it is one of the more affordable primers and as far as primers go, Maybelline does do them well!


Ageless Elixir Miracle Foundation from Max Factor

This Ageless Elixir Miracle Foundation from Max Factor is another foundation to add to the “works nicely” pile. Because it is a “nice” foundation. I adore it’s lightweight feel and consistency, but I did feel like it needed more coverage for a foundation. It is marketed as a foundation AND serum, which slightly confuses me. Does this mean that serum need not be applied in your skincare routine? Is that maybe why the consistency is so lightweight? It also has the wrong undertone for my skin tone, which would contribute to the negatives being so obvious. I think in Summer, when I have more of a “healthy” looking skin, this will be an even better product. So for now, I will be holding onto it to reuse in a couple of weeks. It is priced at R254,95 and there are eleven shades on offer – which I find impressive!


Smooth Miracle Primer from Max Factor

I must admit that I was using this Smooth Miracle Primer from Max Factor in conjunction with the above mentioned Revlon foundation and that could be why the foundation looked so stunning. It applies beautifully over the skin and I am adamant that I see an immediate effect. I apply it over my entire face (naughty, I know), but a little goes a long way and I feel like you could definitely get a good few months use out of this one tube. At R239,95 it is in the middle of low and high end as far as pricing goes.


Thank you for joining me for my first ever Currently Testing post! I would love to hear what you thought and if you would enjoy these kind of posts in the future – both across my blog and the posts that I post on Becoming You?


Rayne xx

Rayne Alexander

Rayne is a beauty blogger who loves to share her favourite finds. She is passionate about makeup and loves trying new lipsticks, powders, eyeshadows, blushes, gel liners, mascaras.

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