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Capetonian dog and cat owners have been reminded to make sure their pets are registered with their local municipality by July this year, or risk having them impounded. The by-law received further attention from the City following an incident where a three-year-old boy was mauled to death by a pack of strays in Philippi last year.

The City’s Animal By-Law states the following:

Dog Registration and Licensing:

(1) The owner of a property where one or more dogs are kept must register the dog or dogs with the Council.

(2) Dog registration must take place within four months of the dog’s birth or within 30 days of acquiring a dog on property within Council’s jurisdictional boundaries.

(3) The Council may levy a dog license fee in respect of a property where one or more dogs are kept.

(4) The amount of the dog license fee may be determined in terms of a resolution of Council. A reduced dog license fee may apply for sterilized dogs.

Spokesperson, Neil Arendse, said all registered dogs would be fitted with ID collars. Dogs without these collars, as per the by-law, will be impounded as per the normal routine of the city. Animals owners as of middle of this year need to register their animals in accordance with the animal by-law of 2010, which will also have the owners ensure that the dogs have their collars on. He continued that it was up to dog owners to take more responsibility for their pets.

According to the City’s Animal Control Unit, more than 1 200 stray dogs have been rounded up in the past seven months alone.

Owners are encouraged to visit their local municipal office in order to pay the license fee. For more information visit this link.

And a special mention to all my lovely readers who contributed to this post by sending through their favourite pics of their furry friends! There were so many sweet little faces appearing in my inbox and they really made my day. I’m so glad to be able to share a few here! Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm for my idea. You are all certainly very proud pet parents!!

Source: CityofCapeTown, EWN

Many thanks to all my readers who submitted photo’s of their pets – it was such a fun day receiving all their sweet faces in my inbox and I found it tough to select just a few for this post – to see all the other pics please pop over to my Readers Photos album on Facebook!

Images: 1 & 3 Dexter & Hercules – Christine Searle, 2. Ella & Jack – Anna Atkinson

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  1. My neighbour has a dog . Her property is not adequately fenced to ensure the dog is contained on her property .
    Now neighbour demands that I must erect a fence on my side of my property so that her dog will not jump over from her property onto my property and attack my children .

    Is it my responsibility to erect a fence?

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