The Constantia Gift Fair is on this weekend!

Christmas is around the corner… how quickly did that come around again?? I love this time of the year, due in part to the fact that “Gifts” is one of my primary love languages (ask me to explain if you’re not sure what that means!) Yes, I love gifts. I’m not ashamed to admit that they make me feel very happy, loved and cherished. But not only do I love receiving gifts I also LOVE giving gifts. Finding the PERFECT gift for someone makes me so happy and it’s a challenge I relish – I only wish I had an unlimited budget for this!

So the abundance of Gift Fairs that crop up at this time of year are my bit of heaven – such joy to be found in browsing and discovering beautiful things – especially when I managed to tick a few names off my very long Christmas list. To start with I have 8 nieces and nephews, my own 2 kids and then 15 other adults in my immediate family – my own and my in-laws. Plus don’t forget the teachers, ballet, swimming, etc etc It quickly becomes a full time job this present shopping business!

Fortunately the Constantia Gift Fair happens in my area and I always look forward to going along. I popped in yesterday to take some pics (always an inspiring space to do so!) and to see if I could start my Christmas shopping a lit bit earlier this year.

It is an inspiring and creative space; a space to shop for oneself and others, a space to linger a while and enjoy scrumptious food and wine, a space for children to play….

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Here are a few of the beautiful crafts, clothes and children’s goodies you can find at the always lovely Constantia Gift Fair…..

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constantia gift fair 6
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constantia gift fair 8
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constantia gift fair 14
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constantia gift fair 5
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There are fabulous garden and home accessories, stunning fashion items, and gorgeous gifts.

constantia gift fair 13 123 (800x533)
constantia gift fair 15 127 (800x533) 128 (800x533)
constantia gift fair 9 139 (800x533)
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constantia gift fair 12 145 (800x533)
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constantia gift fair 10
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constantia gift fair 19
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Constantia gift fair 20
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And I’m pleased to report back that I managed to walk away with a few pressies bought! YAY for being organized!


Operating Hours and Dates (Wed & Thurs are over of course!)

7th– November (Fri)                       : 9am to 8pm

8th -9th November (Sat & Sun)    : 9am to 5pm


For directions on how to get to the Constantia Gift Fair view this map.
Images: Kathryn Rossiter
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  1. I have to disagree with your synopsis, Kathryn/BYB.
    I was there yesterday and found the place over-subscribed, vastly-overpriced and the parking really poorly organised. Reminders of the annual Constantia Food & Wine which is just a simple money-making scheme – pack as many people in as possible and fag the experience.
    The weekend is going to be chaos. Avoid at all costs.

    1. Oh dear Genevieve – sorry to hear about your experience. I had quite a good time but then again it was Thursday morning so the weekend might be more hectic! When it comes to prices I try to hunt out the bargains personally as I’m on a bit of a budget at the moment, and I was pleased with the ones I found!

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