Comments are a huge part of blogging and I am not unlike every other blogger out there who loves to receive comments (virtual hugs) on my blog. They truly do make my day – most of the time!

After doing some reading over at a few other blogs I noticed that some bloggers make a point of stating their stance on comments, just to put it out there and make things transparent for their readers and manage expectations!

Every blogger does things differently when it come to comments, some reply to each and every comment on the blog post, others reply via email, some don’t even allow comments – each to their own. There are no rules. But here are my thoughts:

I love receiving comments and I like it even better when there are a few comments about the same post and my readers start to interact so I prefer to reply to comments on the actual blog post. Now I realize a lot of readers don’t always remember where they leave comments and where to go back to but this is my preferred method so if you are really interested in my reply please do tick the option to follow comments or make a note to come back.

I try to reply to all genuine comments that seem to require a personal response within 24 hours but I am only human and often this is not possible due to my “real” life commitments. Believe it or not I don’t spend every waking moment in front of my computer (mom!).

I would love to build up a community on this blog page so if you see a comment which you agree with or could answer with your own thoughts then please do share and discuss! I hope that over time this site will grow to become a place of encouragement and inspiration for women and for you to start to engage with each as real friends would.

That being said as a blogger I am often far more vulnerable than most people in the world… sharing intimate details of my life day in and day out. Many times that leads people to believe that they have the right to be downright rude and nasty in my comments section… Let me remind you that this is my blog and I’ll do whatever I like. My blog, my rules. What that means is that I won’t take meanness! I don’t have to listen to you ranting on about me or who you think I am or not. Unless you are part of my inner circle (friends, family) I don’t really need your opinion so please just save us both the time and angst and don’t bother commenting. Any shitty comments I receive just get trashed anyway because I’ve spent over 5 years building my brand and have plenty of people who love it and maybe one or two who don’t so I don’t feel I need to give those people the time of day…. I won’t publish comments that are abusive, bullying, bigoted or hateful. I won’t publish comments that silence women. I won’t publish comments that attack other people or that attack me. I moderate because it’s my blog and I CAN!

Blogging is TOUGH, parenting is tougher, the last thing I need is someone abusing me. I’ve created this online space to be a positive place. I don’t want to have to deal with trolls.

And if you don’t like the fact that sometimes I get paid to write about certain things or get sent things for free then don’t read my blog. or magazines. or watch TV. or newspapers or pretty much leave the house with your eyes open again… As I’ve mentioned my blog takes a lot of time. Time = money. For years I made not one cent. For years. I still have to work part time to make actual real money. But if I can make some money from my blog occasionally then, yes, I’m going to. Because my blog actually COSTS me money to run. Hosting fees, ADSL, petrol to events, vaccinations for travel, photography equipment etc etc. I’m not going to justify why I (sometimes) get paid to write or create content on this website. Again, it’s my blog and I can do what I want to. If you don’t like it, don’t stay.

To the overwhelming majority of people who comment here and are awesome – thank you so much for being awesome! Thank you for reading. I so, so appreciate it.

If you are interested in a more personal response or have a private matter to discuss please feel free to get hold of me via the Contact page and I will respond as soon as possible. Bear in mind though that I do receive quite a number of emails daily and as I get busier (yay!) I won’t be able to personally reply as quickly… I hope you will understand.

Obviously Becoming you is my personal place on the Internet and as such I reserve the right to delete any comments that I find offensive or hateful towards myself or my readers.