Renovation Diary: Choosing Window Dressings

Today sees another installment in my Renovation Diary series…


After our renovations were finally complete (to a point ie: the end of our budget) we had to make a few final decisions…

One of which was what to use to cover our windows!

For a few weeks we lived with no window dressings which wasn’t ideal!!

My husband was completely adamant that he didn’t want to have any curtains in our home again which was making the decision rather complicated. I mean what do you use to cover your windows aside from curtains, right??

main bedroom before
BEFORE: Main Bedroom with black rails, white curtains, dust!!!

We had reached a decision stalemate – something I assume is pretty common to renovating couples?! Neither of us was willing to budge on our standpoint. Him: refusing to put up our curtain rails and curtains from storage. Me: Insisting that we needed something to cover the windows and curtains made the most sense.

A month or two passed, curtainless, and then one morning I woke up with a renovating epiphany (do those exist??) What about blinds!?

We had had thin metal venetian blinds in our “previous” home (the one prior to renovations) but hadn’t managed to save any of these for our new home as all the window sizes had changed! NB: No one tells you about these hidden extras that creep in post-renovation…

I’d seen some home with more stylish, slightly wider Wooden Venetian Blinds in white and realised that maybe this was the look we were going for (unknowingly!)

Our new space was far more simple – white walls with raised ceilings and cement floors  – think Scandinavian Beach House 😉

I had known for a while that curtains may not work but I wasn’t sure what would??

Enter Taylor Blinds

Suddenly I knew what would work to create more privacy, block out the light and dark and add a little layer to our windows to eliminate the cold creeping in via the glass!

And so we set about installing wooden venetian blinds from Taylor Blinds in Blanco (an off white) throughout most of the rooms in our house.

Lounge blinds
Lounge with blinds tilted down

To save some money at this final point in our renovation we skipped the bathrooms as the windows are frosted and we never used the blinds in our previous bathrooms and we also skipped some of the less frequently used rooms such as the study and the family room… until a few months later when we finally caught up to ourselves and installed these too!

Family Room blinds
Family Room with blinds open

Now every room in our home has beautiful Blanco blinds that we tilt to control the light coming into the room and how much privacy or view we want to enjoy. They can be pulled right up to maximize the sunshine or lift closed to block out the street lights. Either way they are really working for us and totally suit our new pared back Scandi-style!

Main Bedroom blinds
AFTER: Main Bedroom with blinds pulled up!

I had worried that no curtains would be a problem through the colder winter months, but surprisingly that hasn’t been a major concern at all. Yes, we don’t have the “cosy” feel that curtains add but we also don’t have the DUST! A major consideration for our allergy & eczema prone family. Blinds make a massive difference (just take a peek at the top of your curtain rails. You’ll be seriously shocked!!) And to make things feel more cosy I’ve just added a few extra blankets, throws, cushions and candles for extra “hygge”.

If you’re not yet convinced that this is the best way forward when it comes to covering your windows then here are a few more reasons why…

Patio blinds
Patio showing blinds from the outside


The Benefits of Blinds (over curtains!)

  • Blinds have ordered lines and streamlined simplicity so if you’re looking for this more simple aesthetic then they are a great classic option that won’t date like curtain fabric does!
  • Blinds are super functional – you can choose to tilt them to allow as much or as little light as you need meaning you can control the temperature of the room better – more sun in winter to make things warmer, less in summer to cool it down!
  • They are lightweight and easy to pull up, allowing you to enjoy the view our of your window at any time.
  • Wooden Venetian blinds have a short stacking height when bulled right up.
  • You can select a colour that suits your decor. We went with Blanco which is an off-white but they have subsequently come out with a much whiter white which I wish I had known about!! C’est la vie!
  • Taylor Blinds wood has a special UV protective coating.
  • Blinds are measure to your window space so you can have them made up at any size dimension . We did this for the tiny square window in our guest loo. We weren’t initially going to install a blind in here but decided to for our guests extra privacy and for continuity across all the windows at the front of the house when looking at them from the outside.
  • Venetian Wood blinds from Taylor are made from wood sourced from renewable plantations in the Far East. They also offer a wood substitute Venetian blind – the Styro-Wood (avail in 50mm) and made from a polystyrene resin base, it is an ideal choice for bathrooms or damp areas.


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