I have recently partnered with True North Childrens’ Charity in Cape Town (Vrygrond and Overcome). They assist 5 creches in these neglected areas of Cape Town. We accept clothes, donated items and cash donations. It was an idea that came to me when I was sorting out all my kids clothes which they no longer fit into (which happens sooooo quickly!) and realised that I am surrounded by thousands in need even just a few km’s from my home in Cape Town.

As a mom I have often wanted to get more involved and volunteer or assist the underprivileged in some way, but having kids of my own with a baby at home, a part time job and no full time nanny it is very difficult to find time to do this. So after thinking about it I thought it would be a good idea to start a charity where I could collect and distribute used baby and children’s clothes to various children’s homes around Cape Town which is when I found Little 2 Much and decided to partner with them and encourage them in the amazing work they are doing.

So how can you get involved?

If you have children you probably have clothes which they no longer fit into, like or wear, please consider donating these to our charity (there is not much money to be made from selling used children’s clothes!) Also please pass the details of this charity drive on to those you know with children. Please wash the items and send them to us or drop them off at one of our collection points in Cape Town. For details on where to send or drop the items please contact me via email on the Contact page.

Please note: we accept gently worn, freshly laundered boys and girls clothes for ages 0 months – 12 years. Please don’t send us clothes that are torn or ripped or unusable. Obviously new clothes would be great too if I can get organised enough to approach shops and factories with surplus!

Thanks so much! The children of Cape Town will be so grateful and you’ll be saving the environment too.

Childrens' Charity in Cape Town

For more info visit the website belonging to True North or read about my recent visit to Vrygrond.

Maybe you can consider sponsoring one item or donating money towards an ongoing contribution throughout the year or even ask a friend or family member involved in a corporate who might want to consider this organization and community as their charitable cause for the year!

Some of the other needs are:
Cleaning materials
School uniforms for those going to Grade 1 next year including school bags, raincoat
Basic stationery
Cash donations towards full time assistant at True North and school fees