Win a R500 hamper of baby products from Checkers

Checkers are currently running an amazing promotion on baby products and to celebrate they have given me a R500 gift hamper to give away to one lucky reader filled with a bounty of baby goodies!

Included in the #CheckersBaby hamper is the following: wet wipes, vaseline, teething toys and gel, bum cream, baby shampoo, baby powder, creams, teething gels, toys, a sippy cup, snacks and organic baby tea as well as a beautiful baby blanket. See the boy and girl hampers below…





Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

    1. I cannot live without pampers and Elizabeth baby shampoo. I have 3 babies I look after and that’s my request 2 there mommy’s

  1. The baby product I can’t live without is Wet Wipes, so many uses for it, I never leave home without it 🙂

  2. I could not live without wet wipes, I would surely go insane without them. I don’t how mothers survived without them *smh*

  3. The baby product I can’t live without is…wipes (fragrance free, loving the Woolies brand at the moment, they’re gentle enough for the face as well).

  4. I had my first baby (and only) 7 years ago and loved Bepanthen! Sometimes I still turn to it as a lip balm when my lips are really sore. I am now 13 weeks pregnant and would love to start our new baby collection by winning this awesome giveaway from Becoming You and Checkers

    1. Have also followed you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (Living Hillcrest), tweeted and was already following Becoming You via Bloglovin. Holding thumbs!!

  5. The baby product I can’t live without is…Baby Powder……for my whole family…..from mum to baby!

  6. The baby product I cannot live without – at the moment… chamomile calming teething powder from my local health shop. Aiden is popping out tooth number 8 and this product works wonders! Will look up the name when he wakes up, don’t remember right now…

  7. Most, most definitely wetwipes! BEST invention in the world!! Most versatile and a life saver!

  8. The baby product I cannot live without is…’Huggies’ Pure Baby Wipes (for my son, who is almost 3…and for my 5 month old baby girl!)x

  9. The baby products I cant live with out is Johnson and Johnson baby products teething toys well most of the things that mentioned is a every day thing for in my baby girls life ##checkersbabypromotion

  10. Wet wipes… They are so handy for every occasion. I am sure the little kiddies of hope house would love some extra packs of these!

  11. The baby product I can’t live without is Wet Wipes 🙂 Tweeted & shared on my fb wow would really be a dream come true to win this lovely hamper 🙂

  12. hmm, I can not live without soothers! My little one becomes really niggly without his soother but will gladly put himself to sleep if he has one. My nappy bag is incomplete without Elizabeth Anne’s aqueous cream, bum cream and Huggies disposable nappies!

  13. I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant with our first child. I don’t think we will be able to live without wet wipes and diapers.

  14. I would have to go with the item that I can never seem to buy enough of and that would be wet wipes from bum to spills it helps for everything even for that runny nose I cannot imagine life without wet wipes I even have a pack in my handbag just in case

  15. Baby jelly/vaseline. Lather my little ones bum in with every nappy change. Creates a barrier preventing nappy rash and makes cleaning a dirty bum so much easier 😉

  16. The Product I cannot live without has to be Bum Cream – great for those red bums and it can be a multi purpose cream for mosquito bites or insect bites, or a rash on baby/toddler it has multiple uses – LOVE IT!!

  17. Definitely bepanthen. This product is the best when it comes to nasty nappy rashes they all go through. It’s so versatile and works with in a day or too. And wipes! I have two toddlers so I use them for everything x

  18. he baby product I can’t live without is…Pampers nappies.. have tweeted as well @rehanaseedat

  19. The baby product I can’t live without is bepanthen.use it daily on my baby after every nappy change and when I had sore cracked nipples.It helped me lots I succeeded in breastfeeding all because bepanthen came to my rescue.

  20. Liked and shared on Facebook. Following on twitter and instagram and on bloglovin.crossing fingers

  21. Can’t liv without Johnson & Johnson baby products and with another baby on the way, this is a wonderfull opportunity:) sharing on twitter & fb

    1. Cannot live without J &J powder ,aqueous cream , vaseline & wipes still a must hav in the house 4 my boys 🙂

  22. The baby product I can’t live without is Johnson’s Baby Powder as it keeps the skin dry
    by preventing skin irritations, helps to calm my baby and prevents nappy rash/

  23. The baby product I can’t live without would defenitely be Wet Wipes!! (And ofcoarse,Papers 5 star diapers!) 😉

  24. The baby product I cannot live without is Purity and Elizabeth Annes Cornstarch powder 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!

  25. I cannot do without Johnson and Johnson baby powder and lotion 🙂 love it when my little just came out of a bath

  26. The baby product I can’t go without… Is the baby shampoo, my lil boy love playing in the sand… And kinda have lotsa hair.

  27. The baby product I can’t live without is… Pampers wipes! use them to disinfect stuff as well as for wiping my son’s face and hands and when changing he’s nappy 🙂

  28. Bepanthen! Use it for everything – so handy for mom and baby. And wetwipes ~ keep a pack of them everywhere.

  29. I’m a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fan. Subscribed to the blog. Tweeted and shared the competition – fingers crossed xxx

  30. I can’t live without wet wipes. They are great for everything from nappy changes to cleaning hands and faces.

  31. The baby product I can’t live without has to be Bepanthen!!! I wouldn’t be able to breast feed my little one without the magical healing powers of Bepanthen for my poor cracked nips, it’s also such a win for bums too!!!!

  32. I can’t live without Baby Oil – it is not only useful for baby, but also for toddlers and schoolchildren – I use it a bath oil,for baby’s soft skin, to remove dirt from little hands and faces, to prevent red winter skin on children’s faces!

  33. The baby products I can’t live without is Johnson’s baby skin care wipes! It’s gonna be the best product to have around my house when I have a grand baby visiting or coming to stay, which is going to be pretty soon as my daughter is preggie with her second baby!

  34. the one product I can’t go without is wetwipes. I always keep one in my sons nappy bag plus one in the cubbyhole of my car. I have a 10 year old and a 7 month old baby. Our whole family uses them on a daily basis

  35. Definitely cannot live without wet-wipes or the Elizabeth Anne Baby Shampoo – can’t beat that ‘baby’ smell 🙂

  36. I need all my baby products. there is not really one I cant live with out all of them are to essential

  37. I will not be able to live without nappies and wet wipes for the first while, but as soon as those teeth start cutting my baby boy and I both won’t be able to live without good old TeeJel. We want a happy baby!

  38. I can’t live without pampers wet wipes I have a pack in every single diaper bag, my handbag and in the car and bepanthen bum cream definite life savers! !

    1. Great competition, with awesome baby products for prizes. Even at my age i still use baby products, i love them

  39. Wow Kath, you have a LOT of followers, how great!
    Definitely can’t go without wetwipes, Pampers disposable nappies & Elizabeth Anne shampoo

  40. It’s been so long since having a baby in the house so right now anything will be a good start! Definitely wet wipes, nappies and the sweet-smelling Elizabeth Anns pick soap -I love it!

  41. I cant live without the purity organic tea and everyday essentials for taking care of a growing baby powder jelly shampoo nappies wipes and love from family

  42. The baby product which we could NOT live without is definitely wet wipes! By far. As I’m sure you know, these teeny little people have a real talent for getting themselves super messy! Whether it be diaper contents, wall “art”, sticky fingers.. The list goes on! I make sure that there are always extra wipes in the kitchen, car and in my handbag =)

    I follow/like on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin and tweeted as @Ellelicious_

  43. The baby product I can’t live without is…Purity Special baby shampoo (makes my baby smell so nice), wet wipes and Purity tea for my baby.

  44. I can’t live without bum cream, it protects my baby’s bottom from rashes and clears rashes that are there with the help of airing my baby’s bottom.

  45. i definitely cannot do without baby diapers and wipes…most hygenic method used in modern use daily for health risk reasons for babies…

  46. I cannot and will not live without Bepanthen….expensive but worth every penny.

  47. I am a mommy to be and I believe I won’t survive without disposable nappies (Pampers) and wet wipes (Johnsons) and milk bottles.

  48. Depends each child is diffrent – I have twins soon 3 years old – The boy Vaseline.The girl cream and bubbels and i am 7 months pregnant – so a new baby – wipes nappies most of all i can live without my kids

  49. I can’t live with out the top to toe wash. My little girl loves it and I hope our next little jelly-bean will too!

  50. My name us michelle. It told me that if I tick on what free sample baby kit I would like I would have to fill in my delivery details to receive it . But every time I click on it nothing opens only thing th as t happens is the kit opens with all the samples that’s in the baby bath and lotion set. Im trying to help my friend as she’s struggling I dnt get much money so I’m trying to sign up this baby group to start things off to get the free kit. Pls can someone help me

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