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So the long awaited Little Miss Beckham has arrived. Congratulations to David and Victoria on the birth of their baby daughter, Harper Seven! Yes that is her name… unusual but with brothers called Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz she was never going to be called Elizabeth?

On the same topic, Natalie Portman has recently revealed the name of her baby son. He is Alef Portman-Millepied. The name honours Natalie’s Jewish heritage.

This is one of my favourite topics – baby names. Since I was a kid, my sister and I would compile lists of names of our future children. So far I have been fortunate enough to name 2 little people – a son and a daughter! Lucky me…..

How did you choose your children’s names? I narrowed down my decision to be something with a lovely meaning, preferably biblical that could be shorten to something cute as well as carry well into adulthood. Obviously I had a very long list and was looking forward to months of discussion but my husband who has no patience for that sort of thing cut that short after our first trip to the gynae when we discovered we were having a daughter. He choose the first and second name on the way home in the car! Truth be told, although I do love her name, I felt rather short changed that I didn’t get to discuss it more and I’m rather disappointed at the idea of never having the chance to choose another name… baby no 3???

Speaking of second names – what are you thoughts? Do you have a second name, do you use it, it is embarrassing – most are! My family have all got second names (and my dad a third name too) so I choose to have a second name for each of my kids – and this I wanted to honour a family member – preferably a granny or grandpa. Luckily for me I found a name for each child that is common to both sides of our family! So how did you choose? Or if you are still in the planning stages – be them in a few weeks or years – what are your main considerations? Wacky, original, way-out, unique, traditional, family name, biblical, easy to say and spell, the meaning, a special place or person?

Here is a list of celebrity baby names…. most are rather unique and some are downright cruel! It’s no wonder Zowie Bowie changed his name to Duncan Jones….

Amy Adams & Darren Le Gallo (actress / actor) – Aviana Olea (daughter)
Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman (singer / personality) – Max Liron (son)
Gillian Anderson & Clyde Klotz (actress / art director) – Piper Maru (daughter)
Arthur Ashe & Jeanne Moutoussamy Ashe (tennis player) – Camera (daughter)
Erykah Badu & Andre Benjamin (musician / musician) – Seven Sirius (son)
Erykah Badu & Tracy Curry (musician / musician) – Puma (daughter)
David Bowie & Angela Bowie (musician / model) – Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones (son)
Toni Braxton & Keri Lewis (musician / musician) – Denim Cole (son) and Diezel Ky (son)
Christie Brinkley & Peter Cook (model / architect) – Sailor Lee (daughter) and Jack Paris (son) and Alexa Ray (daughter)
Pierce Brosnan & Keely Shaye Smith (actor / model) – Dylan Thomas (son) and Sean William (son) and Christopher (son) and Charlotte (daughter) and Paris Beckett (son)
Nicholas Cage & Alice Kim (actor) – Kal-el Copolla (son). Kal-el is Superman’s birth name!
Cher & Sonny Bono (musician / musician and policitian) – Chastity (daughter) who now officially goes by the name Chaz Bono as a transgendered person.
Cher & Greg Allman (musician / musician) – Elijah Blue (son)
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes (actor / actress) – Suri (daughter)
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner (actor, direction / actress) – Violet Anne and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth (daughters)
Matt Damon & Luciana Barroso (actor) – Alexia, Isabella, Gia Zavala and Stella Zavala (daughters)
Melissa Etheridge & Julie Cypher (musician / director) – Beckett (son) and Bailey Jean (daughter)
Courteney Cox Arquette & David Arquette (actress / actor) – Coco Riley (daughter). Reportedly, Coco is short for Courteney Cox.
Celine Dion & Rene Angelil (singer / manager) – Rene-Charles (son) and Eddy and Nelson (twin sons). Nelson and Eddy, are named in honor of Nelson Mandela and Eddy Marnay, respectively.
Bob Geldof & Paula Yates (musician / TV host) – Fifi Trixibelle (daughter) and Peaches Honeyblossom (daughter) and Little Pixie (daughter)
Richard Gere & Carey Lowell (actor / actress) – Homer James Jigme (son)
Teri Hatcher & Jon Tenney (actress / actor) – Emerson Rose (daughter)
Rachel Griffiths & Andrew Taylor (actress) – Banjo Patrick (son)
Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson (actress / musician) – Ryder Russell (son). Kate has just given birth to a second son with Matt Bellamy this past weekend. Can’t wait to hear the name!
Helen Hunt & Matthew Carnahan (actress / writer and producer) – Makena’lei Gordon (daughter)
Michael Hutchence & Paula Yates (musician / TV host) – Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (daughter)
Penn Jillette & Emily Jillette (comedian and magician) – Moxie CrimeFighter (daughter) Seriously?
Milla Jovovich & Paul W. S. Anderson (actress / director) – Ever Gabo (daughter)
Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick (reality TV star) – Mason (son)
Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats (singer / musician) – Egypt (son)
Simon LeBon & Yasmin Parvaneh (musician / model) – Amber Rose Tamara (daughter) and Saffron Sahara (daughter) and Tallulah Pine (daughter)
Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony (singer / singer) – Max Marco (twin son) and Emme Jenna (twin daughter)
Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves (actor / actress) – Vida (daughter) and Levi (son)
John Cougar Mellencamp & Vicky Granucci (musician) – Teddy Jo (daughter) and Justice (daughter)
John Cougar Mellencamp & Elaine Irwin (musician) – Hud (son) and Spec Wildhorse (son)
Jamie Oliver & Jools Oliver (chef / model) – Poppy Honey Rosie (daughter) and Daisy Boo Pamela (daughter) and Petal Blossom Rainbow (daughter) and Buddy Bear Maurice (son)
Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin (actress / musician) – Apple (daughter) and Moses (son)
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie (actor / actress) – Zahara Marley (daughter) and Maddox Chivan Thornton (son) and Shiloh Nouvel (daughter) and Pax Thien (son) and Vivienne and Knox (twin daughter and son)
Ving Rhames & Deborah Reed (actor) – Reignbeau (daughter) and Freedom (son)
Nicole Richie & Joel Madden (TV personality / vocalist) – Harlow Winter Kate (daughter) and Sparrow James Midnight (son)
Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon (actress / actor) – Sosie Ruth (daughter) and Travis Sedg (son)
Shannyn Sossamon & Dallas Clayton (actress) – Audio Science (son) WIERD!
Sylvester Stallone & Sasha Czack (actor / actress) – Sage Moonblood (daughter) and Seargeoh (son)
Sylvester Stallone & Jennifer Flavin (actor) – Sophia Rose (daughter) and Sistine Rose (daughter) and Scarlet Rose (daughter)
Emma Thompson & Greg Wise (actress / actor) – Gaia Romilly (daughter)
John Travolta & Kelly Preston (actor / actress) – Jett (son), Ella Bleu (daughter) and Benjamin (son)
Vince Vaughn & Kyla Weber (actor / actress) – Locklyn Kyla (daughter)
Isaiah Washington & Jenisa Marie Washington (Actor) – Isaiah Akin (son) and Thyme (son) and Iman (daughter)
Robert Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) & Laura Giarritta (musician) – Dusti Raine (daughter) and Keelee Breeze (daughter)
Bruce Willis & Demi Moore (actor / actress) – Rumer Glenn (daughter) and Scout Larue (daughter) and Tallulah Belle (daughter)
Frank Zappa & Gail Zappa (musician) – Dweezil (son) and Ahmet Emuukha Rodan (son) and Moon Unit (daughter) and Diva Muffin (daughter)
Jessica Alba & Cash Warren (actress) – Honor Marie (daughter)
Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee Jones (actress / musician) – Brandon Thomas (son) and Dylan Jagger (son)
Nicole Appleton & Liam Gallagher (Singer) – Gene (son)
Lance Armstrong (Athlete) – Olivia Marie (daughter) and Maxwell Edward (son) and Luke David (son) and Isabella Rose (daughter) and Grace Elizabeth (daughter)
Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry (actress / model) – Nahla Ariela
Kim Basinger & Alec Baldwin (actress / actor) – Ireland Eliesse (daughter)
Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffiths (actor / actress) – Stella del Carmen (daughter)
Warren Beatty & Annette Benning (actor / actress) – Benjamin (son) and Kathlyn Elizabeth (daughter) and Isabel Ira Ashley (daughter) and Ella Corinne (daughter)
Jon Bon Jovi (musician & actor) – Jesse James Louis (son) and Stephanie Rose (daughter) and Jacob Hurley (daughter) and Romeo Jon (son)
Bono & Ali Hewson ( musician) – Jordan (son) and Memphis Eve (daughter) and Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q (son) and John Abraham (son)
Melanie Brown (Singer) – Phoenix Chi (daughter) and Angel Iris (daughter)
Sandra Bullock (actress) – Louis Bardo (son)
Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady (model / athlete) – Benjamin (son)
Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom (model / actor) – Flynn
Sean “P. Diddy” Combs (musician & actor) – Justin (son) and Christian Casey (son) and D’Lila Star (daughter) and Jessie James
Kate Moss & Jefferson Hack (model / publisher) – Lila Grace
Cindy Crawford & Randy Gerber (model / model) – Presley Walker (son) and Kaya Jordan (daughter)
Sheryl Crow (musician) – Levi James (son) and Wyatt Steven (son)
Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman (actor / actress) – Connor Antony (son) and Isabella Jane (daughter)
Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban (actress / musician) – Sunday Rose (daughter) and Faith Margaret (daughter)
Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis (actor / musician) – Lily Rose Melody (daughter) and John Christopher (son)
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones (actor / actress) – Dylan Michael (son) and Carys Zeta (daughter)
Clint Eastwood (actor) – Kyle (son) and Kimber and Alison and Francesca
Morgan and Scott and Kathryn
Jenna Elfman (actress) – Story Elias (son)
Eminem (musician) – Hailie Jade (daughter)
Tina Fey (actress, comedian, writer) – Alice Zenobia (daughter)
Calista Flockhart & Harrison Ford (actress) – Liam (son)
Harrison Ford (actor) – Benjamin, Willard, Malcolm (sons) and Georgia (daughter)
Jodie Foster (actress) – Charles Bernard and Kit (sons)
Michael J. Fox (actor) – Sam, Aquinnah, Schuyler, Esme
Mel Gibson (actor) – Edward, Christian, William, Louis, Milo, Tommy (sons) and Hannah, Lucia (daughters)
Alyson Hanigan (actress) – Satyana Marie (daughter)
Mariska Hargitay (actress) – August Miklos Friedrich
Neil Patrick Harris (actor) – Harper Grace (daughter) and Gideon Scott (son)
Ethan Hawke & Uma Thurman (actor / actress) – Maya Ray (daughter) and Levon Roan (son)
Ethan Hawke (actor) – Clementine Jane (daughter)
Jennifer Hudson (singer, actress) – David (son)
Elton John & David Furnish (musician) – Zachary (son)
Faith Hill & Tim McGraw (singer, actress / musician) – Grace Katherine, Maggie Elizabeth and Audrey Caroline (daughters)
Madonna (singer, actress) – Lourdes Maria (daughter), Rocco (son), David Banda (son) and Mercy (daughter)
Stella McCartney (fashion designer) – Reiley Dilys Stella, Miller, Beckett and Bailey
Ewan McGregor (actor) – Clara Mathilde and Esther Rose (daughters)
Bridget Moynahan & Tom Brady (actress / athlete) – John Edward Thomas (son)
Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe (actress / actor) – Ava Elizabeth (daughter) and Deacon Reese (son)
Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith (actor, musician / actress) – Jaden Christopher Syre (son) and Willow Camille Reign (daughter)
Meg Ryan (actress) – Jack Henry (son) and Daisy True (daughter)
Claudia Schiffer & Matthew Vaughn (model / director) – Cosima Violet (daughter), Caspar (son) and Clementine (daughter)
Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz (singer, actress / musician) – Bronx Mowgli (son)
Britney Spears & Kevin Federline (singer / musician) – Jaden James and Sean Preston (sons)
Rod Stewart (musician) – Aiden (son), Alistair (son), Sarah (daughter), Kimberly (daughter), Sean (son), Ruby (daughter), Liam McAlister (son), Renee (daughter)
Kate Winslet (actress) – Mia (daughter) and Joe Alfie (son)
Elle Macpherson & Arpad Busson (model / businessman) – Aurelius Cy (son) and Arpad Flynn Alexander (son)
Sting (musician) – Joseph (son), Fuschia (daughter), Mickey (son), Jake (son), Coco (daughter), Giacomo (son)
Geri Haliwell (singer) – Bluebell Madonna (daughter)
Paul McCartney & Heather Mills (musician / activist) – Beatrice Milly (daughter)
Julia Roberts & Danny Moder (actress / cameraman) – Phinneaus Walter (twin son), Hazel Patricia (twin daughter) and Henry Daniel (son)
Heidi Klum & Seal (model / singer) – Leni (daughter), Johan (son), Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel (son) and Lou (daughter)
Cate Blanchett & Andrew Upton (actress / playwright) – Roman, Dashiell and Ignatius Martin (sons)
Sadie Frost & Jude Law (actress / actor) – Finlay (son), Rafferty (son), Rudi (son), Iris (daughter)
Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale (singer / musician) – Kingston James McGregor and Zuma Nesta Rock (sons)
Barack & Michelle Obama – Natasha “Sasha” and Malia Ann (daughters)
Michelle Williams & Heath Ledger (actress / late actor) – Matilda (daughter)
Salma Hayek & Francois-Henri Pinault (actress / businessman) – Valentina Paloma (daughter)
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon (singer) – Moroccan Scott Cannon (twin son) and Monroe Cannon (twin daughter)
Michael Jackson (musician) – Prince Michael I (son), Paris (daughter) and Prince Michael II (son) also known as “Blanket”!

Seems like one of the hottest baby names among celebs these days is Henry!

Maybe a few celebs should read this article on Simplicity in Naming Children!

So which celeb baby name was your favourite? And least favourite??

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  1. Only celeb’s babies can survive these strange and complicated names, they would never work in the real world. Imagined how you’d be teased at school with a name like Sunday, Camera, Dweezil and Daisy Boo.

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