Unique Dining and Wining in Cape Town – Come Wine With Us Review

Today I’m sharing my space with Janine who recently discovered the Come Wine With Us brand on Facebook


After a few months of pouring over the amazing pictures of great food, delicious wines and merry people having a good time at the Come With With Us events, I knew I simply had to get involved…


Here are just a few reasons why I think they are the foodie answer we have all been looking for and why I suggest you book an event with Come Wine With Us:


Innovate paring evenings

Come Wine With Us specializes in creating innovating pairing evenings where great food meets amazing wine head on in fabulous settings accompanied by live music and sometimes even art or other fun and funky displays.

Rotating between Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg their events also offer something a little bit left of centre from the ordinary pairing combinations.

My first event with them involved seemingly-bottomless bubbly, interesting art combinations and warthog ragout at Wild Fig while a recent soiree into town on First Thursdays brought forth cute tapas creations and more red wine than one could possibly consume at Fork.


Wine, wine and more wine

So often at those fancy food and wine events, or even some of the Cape Winelands’ tasting venues, you are presented with no more than a sip of wine as your ‘pairing’. You nose the wine, swirl it around in your glass, prolonging the process of bringing it to your lips because you know that it will be gone in just one small gulp. This is not the case at the Come Wine With Us events. The champagne welcome drink flows into 3 or 4 as your glass is topped up again and again and no sooner do you find yourself with a row of wines to get through, struggling to remember which one was supposed to go with which course. Just be sure to book an Uber home as you don’t want to drive after one of these evenings!


Affordable quality

The most recent event I attended offered a unique three course meal consisting of a range of tapas delights, a different wine with every meal and of course that ‘welcome drink’ in the beginning. This is typically the format for Come Wine With Us, although the tapas style was one of a kind.

I really appreciated the bang I got for my buck. R395 is all I spent and you could have rolled me home at the end of the night – I was that full of good food and up to my eyeballs with wine! One could easily spend just as much on a night out and not enjoy something even close to the unique experience on offer here.



Meet like minded people

If you love good food and wine, then you generally appreciate others who share your passions. The Come Wine With Us events seat you and your party at bigger tables where you can mingle with others, getting chatting and make new friends!

I enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of AirBnb, meeting a feisty woman with a flair for construction and teaching one of my fellow dinners how to use Instagram! To her sheer delight she even went on to win a bottle of wine at the end of the evening for the best social media post. You’ll sit down at strangers and leave as friends, until you meet again at the next event!


Words: Janine Avery

Images: Come Wine With Us

Janine Avery

Janine Avery is the brains behind 5 Star Stories, a digital marketing company offering bespoke content and social media services to the luxury and travel trade. Raised by a menagerie of artists, creatives, scientists, researchers, biologists and botanists she Janine is a lover of all things travel from basic tenting to lazing in luxury lodges. She also loves to dabble in digital marketing, spread messages on social media, and take audiences on a journey through her travel stories.

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