Tech Talk: A new app to keep track of your kids medical history!

Is there anything more upsetting for a mom than a sick child? Nothing makes me feel more helpless as a mom than having a sick child on my hands… a sick baby is even more frightening so I must admit I’m very relieved to be past the stage when they can’t TELL you what’s wrong! It is SO much better having older kids who can TELL YOU they have a sore tummy or head instead of you having to guess!

Just last night we had an unhappy little girl on our hands and she had both parents pacing up and down, waiting for the worst to strike (vomiting is my absolute WORST!) Fortunately with some experience behind us we now know what medicine seems to work (something for pain and something for cramps!) and we made it through the night unscathed, but it hasn’t always been so straightforward…. I recall many, many nights stumbling around in the dark trying to locate the medication, work out the dosage, finding the syringe to drip feed it in and then realizing that we had to wait a few more hours before another dose could be given! With all the things moms have to remember someone is bound to forget these sorts of things, and it’s not the type of thing you can afford to mess up on!


Fortunately I recently came across a great new app from Calpol called Mom’s Helping Hand that is aiming to make moms (and dads) lives easier with regards to their kids medical needs.

calpol-mom-s-helping-hand-74ce02-h900The FREE Calpol app is really so useful, I kinda wish it had been around 8 years ago! The wonders of technology and all that!

What it offers is a place for parents to keep all the medical information about each child in one place! After downloading the app to your phone or tablet you can create individual profiles for each child by inputting their details and managing their medical history more easily.

It has really useful tools such as the ability to log all your dosages each time you administer medication so you can track when last you gave a dose and home many ml’s it was! Not only is this helpful for moms who have so many things to remember, not to mention a huge sleep deficit, but it’s also great should dad, granny or nanny be taking over the care of the baby or child and need to know what is happening with their medication!

Another super helpful tool is the Temperature Tracker that allows you to monitor what their temperature has been doing over a period of time. This can be really essential info when you (eventually) get an appointment with your doctor or paed! The temperature and time are mapped on a graph and display a normal temperature in green, a raised temperature in orange and one that requires immediate medical intervention in red! I know. Isn’t that SO helpful?

Other features of the app include a Symptom Checker, Immunization Guide, and Emergency Room Locator. Why not download the app to your phone or tablet from one of the links below and check it out!




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