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I am passionate about teaching women the importance of wearing the right underwear and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought it might be a topic worth discussing! The right size and fit of your bra is so important, not only physically, but mentally too! Once I had a proper fitting (and went up a couple of cups) I realized what I had been missing by wearing the wrong size – my confidence!!

I feel it’s essential that every women get regular bra “check-ups” exactly as they would get their breasts checked. I am especially passionate about this when it comes to new moms. Just as your jean’s size changes from puberty to post-baby (sad face) this is also the case when it comes to your breasts ESPECIALLY after pregnancy and breast-feeding. You can’t expect to fit back into the same size bra’s you wore prior to your pregnancy. In most cases this won’t be the case and you’re very lucky if it is! With that in mind I thought you might find a few tips for buying a bra, that Triumph and Diligo recently sent me, useful and I knew I needed to share them with you!

Step 1: Have a Regular Check Up
You need to check your size at least every 6 months, or more regularly if you’re undergoing hormonal changes (like pregnancy and menopause) or have lost or gained weight. Replace bras as soon as they lose elasticity, or if you’ve had a bra long enough for it to start fading.

Step 2: Know Your Vital Statistics
You’re more likely to get the right fit if an expert bra consultant professionally fits you but if you have to go solo, make sure you follow this formula…
To determine your underbust size, measure around your rib cage, directly under your bust.
Measure around the fullest part of your bust (wear a comfortable, non-padded everyday bra when you do this).
The approximate difference between your bust and chest measurement should determine your cup size, for example:
A cup = 2.5cm
B cup = 5cm
C cup = 7.5cm
D cup = 10cm
DD cup = 12.5cm

Step 3: Feel it Out
You know you’re wearing the right bra when you look and feel fabulous. Ask yourself if you’re conscious of your bra and can feel it pushing, pulling or squeezing all day, and if the answer is yes, you’re definitely wearing the wrong size. A well fitting bra should not only be supportive – it must be comfortable and flattering under your clothing too. Always lean forward slightly and let your breasts fall into the bra cups, and fasten the back of the bra on the middle hook/s. Your straps should run vertically down the front and back, and never ride up, and the centre point of your bra (the ‘bridge’ between the cups) should fit flat against your chest without gaping, with the underwire completely circling under each breast. Each breast should fit comfortably into each cup, without spilling out on the sides, and the straps and underband (the part of the bra that runs across your diaphragm) should feel snug against your skin without digging into it. If there are wrinkles in the cup, try a smaller cup size, and if you’re bulging out the cup, you need a larger cup size. Your bra should reduce the amount of ‘jiggle and bounce’ you have when you go bra-less, and you should be able to breathe deeply without feeling constricted by the garment.

Step 4: Health Matters
Apart from looking and feeling iffy, wearing the wrong bra can be bad for your health and well-being:
An ill-fitting bra can cause breast and back pain.
The wrong bra can chafe and irritate your skin.
A too tight bra can restrict your rib cage and place stress on your vertebrae, resulting in neck and back pain.
A bra that’s too small can compress the bust and constrict the flow of the lymphatic system that drains waste and toxins from the body through the armpit lymph nodes.
A bra that fits just right does a lot more than keep your ‘girls’ under control.

The perfect bra…

  • Lifts and supports the bust
  • Improves the shape of the bust
  • Takes you up or down a size, depending on your preference
  • Reduces sagging
  • Creates cleavage
  • Restricts bounce
  • Make you feel more feminine, attractive and confident
  • Improves the way your clothes fit and feel
  • Provides just the right amount of coverage under clingy or sheer tops and dresses

Step 5: Bra Glossary
PUSH UP BRA Fixed or removable padded inserts boost the size and definition of the bust, improving the appearance of the bust-line under clothing by creating a smooth, natural full and rounded shape.
PLUNGE BRA Wide set straps and a low-cut neckline expose the décolleté and reveals more cleavage.
MOULDED CUPS Seamless heat moulded cups create a natural-looking smooth, rounded shape under clothing.
UNDERWIRE A flattering style for most shapes and sizes, underwire bras lift, support and separate the breasts for a firm, natural look.

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source: Diligo & Triumph

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  1. Ahhh Thanks for this!!!

    There is nothing more scary for me that seeing women who where bras that don’t fit propertly…….the worse for me are the ones that creep up at the back….

    Having had large breasts since primary school I go regulary for my bra size check and it’s free at most clothing stores..


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