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I never thought of myself as a homeschooler – until I became one last week!

Our daughter’s school is taking a more relaxed approach and have provided a few worksheets for the core subjects that need to be completed in 1 hour of work a day. I know some parents are nervous and think this is too little but to be honest I’m quite grateful because myself and my husband are both still working full time from home and I really don’t have the time to step in as a teacher.

Also I feel that my kids are learning so much for this current season – more than school would have taught them! They are learning about resilience, and family, and being less materialistic, and learning to be alone, and quiet time, and managing emotions etc etc. Too much to list here!

So we tackle each day with a few worksheets, but my daughter is one of those kids who actually loves learning (I’m grateful!) Her brother is in high school and his days are a lot busier with online learning, as I mentioned we are both working, so she finds herself a bit lost – and I’m only allowing screens after the official school day. So from 3pm!

Enter these fantastic books that arrived on my desk just before lockdown…

Roald Dahl’s Creative Writing series

One of the most beloved children’s authors of all time has to be Roald Dahl. His particular blend of quirky humour, delightful characters and imaginative worlds has been bringing delight to children for years.

He was certainly one of my own favourites as a child and I love that my kids have enjoyed the same stories all over again.

Now Penguin Random House have developed an exciting range of interactive workbooks based around the Roald Dahl characters all designed to help kids to develop their own creative writing.

Roald Dahl’s Creative Writing books are filled with fun activities, top tips, ideas boxes and writing tasks to help kids to develop language and vocabulary skills, giving them the tools they need to write their own imaginative story.

The various books will help them to learn how to develop a plot, set a scene, appeal to the senses, write detailed descriptions, create characters and use spellbinding speech.

The purpose of the books is to spark creativity, build confidence and inspire young writer  and the books contain super fun activities to help kids improve their language and vocabulary skills as well as develop the tools they need to write their own stories.

My daughter has been enjoying the four books in the series so far…

Roald Dahl’s Creative Writing with Fantastic Mr Fox: How to Write a Marvellous Plot

Plan brilliant beginnings, magnificent middles and excellent endings!

Structure the perfect plot with Fantastic Mr Fox and learn how to use action scenes, perspective and tense to write an exciting story.

Roald Dahl’s Creative Writing with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: How to Write Tremendous Characters

Invent terrific heroes and revolting villains to star in your story with the World’s NUMBER ONE Storyteller!

Pick up your pen and join Charlie and Mr Wonka to learn how to write the MOST MAGNIFICENT characters including heroes and villains with their own interests, behaviours and backstories

Roald Dahl’s Creative Writing with The BFG: How to Write Splendid Settings

Bring your story alive in a whoppsy setting! Explore adjectives, imagery, similes and more with the BFG.

Learn how to set a scene, appeal to the senses and write detailed descriptions of your setting.

Roald Dahl’s Creative Writing with Matilda: How to Write Spellbinding Speech

Create wonderful dialogue to give your characters a voice! Write conversations and reported speech with Matilda.

Learn how to write authentic dialogue, experiment with silence and reveal what a character is thinking.

There are also two additional titles:

Roald Dahl’s Creative Writing with James and the Giant Peach

Roald Dahl’s Creative Writing with The Twits


Each book contains 32 interactive pages and retails for R110.

The recommended age is 9 – 12.

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  1. Omg! I think I’ll have to get these for my sons when they’re older! I’m a creative writer and would have loved filling these out as a kid! What an awesome review!

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