Who reads Becoming you?

Recently I ran a Reader Survey – the first ever for Becoming you – in order to gain a bit more information about who my readers are, what they like reading on Becoming you and how I can improve or change things on the site.

I was overwhelmed that over 600 readers responded to my request for their input! Going through the results and feedback has been amazing and I’m still going to be delving deeper into their suggestions for months to come, but in the meantime I thought a few demographics might be of interest to readers, advertisers, brands and PR people alike!

So, who reads Becoming you? What is interesting is that this survey pointed out that a vast majority of my readers are what’s known as Millennial Moms.

Millennial Mothers are a growing and impactful force. With an enormous amount of purchase power and influence, these moms are a combination of progress and tradition – reflecting their being raised by Boomer parents in a digitally immersive world. For brand marketers, the ever-increasing amount of ‘big data’ on this audience segment – colored by emerging key trends in social media, changes in the family makeup and value shifts – can be overwhelming.

Millennial Mothers are explicitly demonstrating their interests online constantly; the data simply needs to be aggregated and organized in a way that can be acted upon. The key for advertisers will be to reach and engage with them how they want to be reached, where they want to reached, when they want to be reached, at scale. No matter the vertical within which your brand sits, the Millennial Mother will likely be your key customer – that is, if she isn’t already.

To find out more about Millennial Moms you might like to read this very interesting White Paper on the Subject of Millennial Moms recently published in the US.

Here are a few stats from the Becoming you Reader Survey…




The last statistic is particularly exciting for me as it says that over 74% of my readers are popping by to read Becoming you every week! I’m thrilled

If you found these stats to be of interest and would like to know more about how you can reach this target audience via Becoming you please do drop me an email to request my Media Kit!