Better Safe Than Sorry: The Importance of First Aid Kits

Many people today own many things to keep them safe. Alarms, safes, extra door locks, and anti theft systems are all common safety items in peoples homes. However one very important safety item that is often missing in peoples homes is a good first aid kit. While it may seem silly and unnecessary to some people, a medical kit should be a mandatory safety item kept in not only your home, but also in all of your vehicles. Here’s why…

Cuts and Other Minor Wounds Need to Be Treated Promptly
if a cut or abrasion looks small, it still needs to be cleaned quickly. If cuts are cleaned improperly, or not cleaned at all, the cut person can contract a serious infection that can severely damage their health. To prevent this make sure to have some alcohol cleansing wipes on hand in your kit to take care of any cuts or abrasions. Doing so will thoroughly clean the wound and help to erase any worry.

First Aid Kits Can Help You To Stay Calm in Minor Emergencies

It is easy to panic during a minor emergency, especially if you are not prepared. To avoid this, make sure you have a kit on hand wherever you go. Having the proper medical equipment to treat bee stings, falls and tumbles, cuts and bruises, allergic reactions and burns can really help to ease your mind. Knowing you won’t have to run around in a panic trying to find what you need can really put your mind at ease, and stay calm throughout the entire situation.

A First Aid Kit Can Help People With Medical Conditions Stay Prepared

For people with existing medical conditions, having a medical kit on hand becomes even more important. For example, people with diabetes should keep their insulin and testing supplies on hand in their kit. This way, if their blood sugar levels start to reach unsafe levels they can fix them before they get worse. Another example is someone who needs to take regular medication, such as someone with seizures or a heart condition. While on the run or on holiday they should store extra medication in their kit to prevent forgetting them, which can be very life threatening.

As you can see, having a medical kit can be just as important as any other safety item you own. You should always have one available, not just one stored in your bathroom cupboard, make sure you have on in each vehicle also. Having a kit will help you to treats wounds promptly, help keep you calm, and will help keep people with existing medical conditions prepared.

While it may have seemed silly before, hopefully you have now realized how important having a home medical kit can be. In extreme cases, a kit can even help save a life. Go to the shop and purchase a first aid kit today, or make your own containing everything you would need for a minor medical emergency. Here are the main items to include:

Antidiarrheal medication
Calamine lotion
Syrup of ipecac
Alcohol wipes
Ice bag or chemical ice packs
Cotton swabs
Hot water bottle or chemical hot packs
Sterile cotton balls
Sterile eye patches
Sterile gauze pads
Stretchable gauze roll
Water proof tape
Paracetamol or other pain killers
Sugar or glucose solution
Disposable latex gloves
Face mask for CPR
Bulb syringes
Adhesive tape

This article was written on behalf of The First Aid Zone, a leading online retailer of medical supplies and first aid kits.

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