Behind the Scenes Beauty: Hair removal with an Epilator

A few weeks back I started a series called Behind the Scenes Beauty where I share some insights into what goes on behind-the-scenes with certain beauty treatments and experiences…

Today I’m sharing more about my first time using an epilator for hair removal!

I was invited to review the Panasonic ES-EU10 Epilator by Beauty Bulletin. This is the world’s first foam epilator, a nifty little device that can be used ‘wet and dry’ – so in the shower or bath as well as in your bedroom for quick touch-ups.


What is an epilator?

An epilator is an electric device for hair removal. Most epilators feature many small metal plates housed in a plastic casing, when switched on the metal plates revolve really fast and come together tightly and move apart in a tweezing motion. These tiny tweezers grab individual hairs to remove them from the root, leaving behind smooth hair-less skin for almost 2 weeks.


Epilators get their name from the verb ‘to epilate’, which means to remove hair from the skin.


Benefits of using an epilator

  • An epilator can leave you hairless for up to 2-6 weeks, as the hair is pulled completely out by the root and can take weeks to grow back meaning getting rid of unwanted body hair can take place more infrequently than with shaving for instance.
  • Hair grows back softer and not ‘prickly’ and, after repeated epilation over time, the hair on your body will become thinner which will make hair removal even easier and less time consuming.
  • Buying an epilator is a once off expense that can save you money in the long run (eg. you won’t be needing to buy razors or go for waxes) and most epilators are guaranteed to work for at least two years and many last between 3-7 years (or longer) meaning that you save a lot of money over a long period of time. Plus as long as you buy a good model from a reputable brand and look after your epilator, you will probably only ever need to buy one.
  • The process is a lot like waxing but without getting sticky wax on your skin or all over the bathroom!
  • You can remove unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home without needing to make repeat visits to your local salon to get waxed or lasered, which can both be very expensive.
  • An epilator can be used anywhere and is easy to travel with.
  • This particular device can also be transformed into an electric shaver with a different attachment.


Negatives of using an epilator

  • Epilation is painful due to the fact that each individual hair is being pulled out at the roots. (There are ways to lessen the pain and many women have reported that the pain gets more bearable after a few sessions!)
  • You may need to use the epilator over the same patch of skin a few times to ensure you remove all the hairs in that area efficiently.
  • Epilating can take quite a long time initially (40 mins or longer to do both legs), but once the hair is finer and you need to epilate less frequently this time will be reduced.
  • Red dots or a slight rash might occur after using an epilator because of the pulling of the hairs…. it’s best not to use an epilator right before going out, rather opt to use it just before you go to bed!
  • Ingrown hairs can occur so it’s advisable to exfoliate the skin often when using this type of hair removal.
  • Some epilators can be quite noisy.


My experience of using an epilator

So I’ve tried all the other forms of hair removal in my beauty history: shaving, lasering, waxing, threading and I can safely say that NONE of them are pain free (well, maybe shaving if you don’t knick yourself!) Unfortunately epilating is not pain free either. In fact the first time I applied it to my skin all manner of swear words came spilling forth. It is an intense form of torture. BUT I pushed through the pain and tried again… a few days later and with a bit of “Dutch courage” on my side. Again it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park! But it definitely got better and easier to bear, especially after I got a few tips from my readers (some of which I have shared below)
For more about my experience (including a live demo!) watch the video below….


Top 10 Tips for using an epilator

  1. Keep the skin taught while using an epilator as this prevents the skin from snagging in the tweezers and prevents any unnecessary pain.
  2. Rub the skin and hair in the opposite direction to which the hair grows. This will help the hair to stand upright leaving them in easy reach of the epilator.
  3. Move the epilator in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  4. Have a hot bath or shower before epilating as this allows the skin to heat up and soften and the pores to open up so that the hairs aren’t as tight in the follicle. Try using a waterproof or ‘wet’ epilator (such as the one I used) while the skin is immersed in water to experience less pain.
  5. Prior to using an epilator for the first time many woman have a wax in an attempt to reduce the returning hair’s size and strength.
  6. Don’t let the hair get too long. An ideal length for hair that is to be removed is 5mm as this allows the epilator to grip the hair in order to remove it.
  7. Take painkillers before epilating
  8. Keep an icepack handy to apply to the area after epilating
  9. The more you epilate, the less pain you will experience.
  10. Have a stiff drink and turn the music up (some advice from one of my readers which I think deserves a mention here!)


What I loved: Well I haven’t yet been using it for very long (only 1 week), but I think the convenience of having hair-free legs for a couple of weeks would be quite a win.

What I loathed: The pain, oh the pain!

Cost: From today for limited time only, the Panasonic ES-EU10 Epilator is available for R499 (regular price R599). The top of the range ES-EU20 for just R699 (regular price R799).

Would I do it again: I’ll be pushing through the pain on this one for a while longer to see if the promises of it getting easier are true. The promise of a #SmoothSummer with #PanasonicBeauty is too tempting to pass up without putting in a good effort…. As they say “no pain, no gain”!

But don’t just take my word for it, click to read real reviews by 20 Panasonic Epilator users on Beauty Bulletin

Have you you used an epilator before?

Did you love it or hate it? I’d love to hear your experiences so please tell me in the comments below!


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Images: Kathryn Rossiter



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  1. I have been using an epilator for about 10-15 years now. I absolutely love it. However, I have always got mine from Australia, a little baby called Emjoi, and it has been one of my best little gadgets ever! Mine is starting to pack in though and I have been wondering (stressing) about what i would do as I wasn’t aware of having the same kind of thing here. I pay quite a price for my emjoi but it is totally worth it! Sooo…I will definitely be looking into this one. A well timed post for me 😉 A question…can you do your bikini line with it?

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