Behind the Scenes Beauty: Dermapen {video}

One of the most talked about skin care treatments in recent years is the Dermapen treatment – although many people are too terrified to try it when they find out that there are “needles” involved. I must admit that in the past I was someone who would avoid needles at all cost… but I recently had the opportunity to try Dermapen out for myself at Rondebosch Aesthetics and decided to get my brave on in the interest of my readers – you!

The reality is that we are all getting older and, as we age, signs of aging and environmental damage add up to wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and changes in texture that creep across our face. This is why any skin care treatment that may help to reduce these signs of aging is always very popular, none more so than Dermapen.

So, let’s first find out more about what Dermapen is and what it does…

What is Dermapen?

The Dermapen is a motorized instrument that uses a disposable needle tip to create small “wounds” in your skin at the site of acne scars, wrinkles or sun damage. It sounds painful but it really isn’t. Superficial treatment levels are tolerable with nothing more than some topical numbing gel. After having a Dermapen treatment, your body responds by producing new collagen and skin cells at the site of the “injury”. This means the even old acne scars begin healing immediately. The changes that follow a Dermapen treatment are often dramatic and quick, as your skin naturally heals itself every 45 days.

How deep does Dermapen go?

The level of penetration really depends on the results you’re looking for. Light penetration with the Dermapen opens the skin long enough for specific treatment serums to effectively absorb. If you’re hoping to reverse the signs of sun damage and light scarring, mid penetration can have a positive impact on skin texture and tone. To heal acne scars and stretch marks, the Dermapen must penetrate at a deeper level.

What are the benefits of Dermapen?

  • Healing old acne scars
  • Reduced superficial wrinkles on the face and lips
  • Improvement in overall skin tone and texture
  • Minimised appearance of skin pores
  • Increased product absorption
  • Improved skin texture on the neck
  • Textural improvements to the chest
  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks

How long is a Dermapen treatment?

The procedure is normally completed within 20 minutes for the entire face and neck and up to 60 minutes for the body depending on the size of the problem area.

What should I expect during a Dermapen treatment?

One hour before the treatment a local numbing agent is applied to the area, making the procedure with the cosmetic Dermapen almost painless. The needle only penetrates through the epidermis and does not remove it thus the skin’s natural protective barrier remains intact. The pierced epidermis rapidly heals in a matter of hours. After the procedure, the treated skin has the appearance of moderate sunburn which improves over the next 24 to 48 hours. Breathable make up can be worn immediately after the treatment. The treatment is very effective and also very safe with very few side effects.

How much downtime is there after a Dermapen treatment?

There is minimal downtime after this treatment as you may experience facial redness for 12-48 hours after the procedure. Most people are able to return to normal daily activities immediately after the treatment.


For more about Dermapen and to see a real time Dermapen treatment, watch the video below…

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