Beauty Review: XeraCalm from Eau Thermale Avene

For the past month my kids have been trialling the NEW XeraCalm A.D range from Eau Thermale Avene to help soothe and calm their eczema riddled skin.

For years they have struggled with super dry skin that flares up in patches. It’s been a long, hard road for us all – them because they have to live with dry, itchy skin every day of their lives, and me because I have felt so helpless in seeing my kids suffer.

This month, thanks to the deadline of having to report back in this blog post, we’ve all become very disciplined about following a proper skincare routine (although it hasn’t always been easy to motivate a 12 year old boy to apply body lotion every day!!!)

For the past few weeks our new evening ritual has been to use the XeraCalm Cleansing Oil in their bath or shower and then to spend a few minutes after cleansing applying XeraCalm Lipid Replenishing Balm to their entire body – especially torso, legs and arms which all seem to take a hammering when it comes to sensitivity.

The biggest hurdle has been actually getting the kids to apply the cream themselves daily… there’s only so much a mom can do. I’ve been trying to use this process as a lesson in learning to take care of your own body and showing them that by following a routine they will only benefit as their sensitive skin will become much more manageable with frequent, regular application of the products!

Fortunately when I sat down to chat through the results of the last month with them it seems that they may have actually realised what I’ve been trying to tell them…


What was your skin like before we started using these products?

Itchy and dry – Ben (12)

Dry and itchy – Abi (9)


What does it feel like now after using the products?

Softer – Ben (12)

Soft and smooth – Abi (9)


What did you like about using these products?

The fact that they didn’t sting when I put them on and they felt smooth – Ben (12)

That it helped my skin – Abi (9)


Which product was your favourite?

The bath oil and the cream – Ben (12)


What didn’t you enjoy about these products?

That I had to put them on every single day – Ben (12)

Nothing – Abi (9)


Will you continue to use the products after this month?

Yes, they have made my skin feel better – Abi (9)


Not the most chatty when I was trying to get some answers out of them, but as you can tell ⁣the feedback has been positive: “It makes my skin smooth” was the feedback I got on the initial application and then after a few weeks of use “In the night I don’t really scratch as much as I used to. I don’t get as much eczema anymore. I like that my tummy feels nice and smooth”⁣

Our XeraCalm routine


XeraCalm A.D Cleansing Oil OR Ultra Rich Bar

We have been using the cleansing oil and it is a gentle daily cleanser that nourishes and soothes and adds additional moisture during the cleansing step which is often where water and other product can dry out sensitive skin even further. Fragrance-free. RSP R249.95


XeraCalm A.D Lipid Replenishing Balm

This is a patented 100% sterile nourishing balm scientifically formulated to focus on efficacy while using formulas that are gentle enough to soothe very dry, itchy, sensitive skin. The balm replenishes the skin’s protective barrier and relieves itching. We all enjoyed the super sized bottle that I kept next to each child’s bed and the small size was great to take with when we went away for the weekend. The pump action nozzle on the larger bottle made it much easier for the kids to apply their own cream which I appreciated! RSP R299.95, New 400 ml Value Size RSP R399.95.

Soothe & Repair

Cicalfate Repair Cream

A restorative cream for use on dry lesions and scratches. This product contains Sucralfate to help repair and protect damaged skin as well as a combination of Copper Sulfate and Zinc Sulfate that reduces the risk of bacterial proliferation. This product also helps prevent scarring. RSP 199.95


It’s also advisable to keep a bottle of the iconic Avene Thermale Spring Water to hand at all times… this wonder water is pure, safe, natural and contains incredible ingredients that soothe and calm skin in just one spray! RSP R159.95

This active thermal spring water has soothing, anti-irritating and softening properties. The product has proven efficacy and tolerance under dermatological control and is made according to rigorous pharmaceutical standards.

This trusted water is included in all Avene products as it has been proven effective in more than 150 clinical studies.

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Our XeraCalm results

So how did their skin respond to the products?

Here are some “Before” and “After” photos showing the progress achieved by (mostly) consistent, daily use of the XeraCalm products from Avene.

Before & After (side by side comparison after 1 month of daily use)

Conclusions from this series of Before and After photos? (aside from the bad lighting!)

My daughter definitely had less eczema to start with (mostly her inner elbows) but these were particularly flared at the start of this exercise…. and they have had the most improvement. She has been more diligent in her application and I suppose inner elbows are an easier area to access and an area you see daily so are reminded to apply cream to.

My son’s skin is far more sensitive and eczema prone with rough, dry, itchy skin all over his body – torso and upper thighs being particular rough. He has seen a good improvement in the skin texture on his torse however his upper thighs are still quite dry and rough. He hasn’t been as diligent in application and doesn’t want me to help him (unless it’s on his back and he gets a massage) He is quite embarrassed about his upper thigh area so doesn’t want mom near it! He experienced some improvement in the texture of his skin and his torso was much smoother than before, however I have noticed that some patches have got better but other areas have flared up. He was particularly pleased that this cream didn’t sting his skin as that has always been an issue with getting him to use any product in the past – so I’m hopeful this one will remain in his skincare regime and he will appreciate the benefits. I’m definitely going to be showing him these pics as proof that the time and effort is worth it for a better quality of life in the long run!


What type of skin concern do you have?

People who think they have allergic skin often have sensitive skin, even intolerant skin, which overreacts to certain products, topical medications, dermo-cosmetic cleansers and moisturisers. So how do you know what type of skin you have?

Intolerant skin: May react excessively to the slightest aggression; and become itchy, tight, get red and become scaly. In this case, it is time to choose products containing very few ingredients.

Eczema-prone skin: Dry and appears dull and rough. During flare-ups, crisis areas appear displaying symptoms of extreme irritation with red flaky patches that first ooze and then thicken and dry up. This causes severe itching and discomfort and can have a devastating impact on daily life.

Sensitive skin: Skin is thin, light, often a little dry; its top layer might get scaly, it flushes easily.

Reactional sensitive skin: Cold, sun, wind, ill-suited cleansers or moisturisers “hurt” your skin. Skin might react strongly to a peeling or a laser procedure.

Occasional skin sensitivity: Skin disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea
acne can increase skin sensitivity.

Environmentally sensitive skin: Immediate reaction to the slightest upset.

Allergic skin: Breakout caused by an immunological response (to an allergen). The symptoms may be severe such as red patches with small eczema bumps, strong itching, swelling and oozing along with more or less intense pruritus.


Sensitive Skin FAQ’s

In cases of sensitive skin as well as intolerant skin which may or may not be sensitised as a result of an immune reaction, it is key to use products that are highly tolerant and very gentle. XeraCalm A.D products from Eau Thermale Avene are suitable for the entire family (infants, children and adults), including those with any type of sensitivity.


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