Beauty Review: Ultimate Blends Nourishing Repair Range by Garnier

The lastest post in my Beauty Babes review series is from Rox….


I have always been a person to experiment with my hair.

From an out of school teenager right up until now, I have cut, coloured, permed (lol) bleached, dyed and chemically straightened my hair. Being a creative, I loved expressing myself this way (Before I found makeup that is☺) and I was up for anything… I decided that blonds do have more fun and bleached my hair from root to tip. Soooo… as amazing as I looked (I thought) and felt, my hair was not happy and decided to thank me by not growing for two years!!!!! Nightmare ☹

After that let’s just say I took a more natural appearance for the next few years aka my natural dark brown hair!

As time went on hair trends changed and my locks recovered, I decided the beautiful Ombre was to be my next hair adventure and let me just say I looooooove my Ombre but with an Ombre comes bleach and with bleach comes dry, brittle and frizzy hair.

Yes, there are great professional products out there to combat all of the above but not all of us can afford these products or trips to the salon every month for an Olaplex treatment. I really can’t, so to my delight Kathryn so generously gave me a full range of the new Garnier Ultimate Blends, the Nourishing Repair blend to be exact, and it could not have come at a better time.

This Ultimate Blends range offer various hair care solutions for every hair concern and the Nourishing Repair blend is specifically for dry/damaged hair, which I definitely need ☺

Nourishing Repair Shampoo

A thick, heavenly smelling shampoo that foams beautifully with such a small amount a product. I could feel my hair and scalp being cleansed from root to tip. If you suffer from a dry scalp, the great hydrating benefits from this shampoo itself will have your scalp singing, as well as feeling squeaky clean with no film residue left behind.


Nourishing Repair Conditioner

Rich and creamy, this conditioner coats every strand of hair effortlessly, taming my frizz and giving my hair the moisture it needs. The difference on my bleached ends was felt immediately and my hair felt stronger and smoother to the touch.

The shampoo and conditioner work hand in hand, but they do more than the average duo, they nourish, sooth, repair and heal your damaged hair and leave it feeling soft, easy to manager and bouncy.


Nourishing Repair Balm

This light weight leave in balm is decadent and luxurious, a real treat for your hair. It gave my ends the surge of moisture they desperately needed, as well as tamed the knots they often get into. My hair really was easier to manage, felt so silky and soft, even the bf noticed!


Garnier’s Ultimate Blends use ingredients sourced from nature, their blends are paraben-free, eco-friendly and the bottles and containers are 100% recyclable, This is AMAZING, we all know how important being environmentally friendly is and every bit helps.

The price tag is a winner too with the shampoo retailing at R39.95 for 200ml and R59.95 for 400ml. Conditioners selling for R39.95 for 200ml and R59.95 for 400ml and the Nourishing Balm retailing at R69.95. All are available at Clicks, Dis-chem and leading supermarkets.

These Garnier Ulitimate blends are definitely a love mark for me and I only have good things to say about them, next I am trying the Colour Illuminating blend and I can’t wait!!!! Go out, grab a blend, and let me know what you think ☺



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Roxanne Sayers

Rox is a professional makeup artist and loves beauty mostly because of how it makes a person feel – confident and empowered response from my clients.Her favourite beauty quote is: “Makeup is art, beauty is spirit”

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