Beauty Review: TriXera Range by Avène

Today Mareike shares more of her Avène love…

I’m in love with Avène products (you can read my last review here) so I was happy to review a new range!

For someone who has both dry and sensitive skin, Avène’s fragrance-free and gentle products are a perfect skincare staple.

I tested the TriXera range (sometimes I wish they used simpler names) from Avène that contains 3 products, which I review below.


This range is for everyday usage and is safe for the entire family. Both moisturizers in the Avène TriXera range – the balm and the lotion – are suitable for kids aged 2 and upwards (the balm is suitable for babies). They’re fragrance-free and again … the entire range has pump bottles. I’m lazy and I just love how easy it is to dispense the product.

The TriXera Nutri-Fluid Lotion – for body & face (200ml + 400ml)

If you’re a fan of Avène then you’ll know their famous Cold Cream! This is the replacement of that product and was launched in 2019. It’s a large bottle (400ml) and is suitable for face and body. I love how quickly the cream absorbs into my skin because I hate waiting for a body cream to absorb completely So, an A+ from me and very nourishing and perfect for winter!

While you can use it on your face, I didn’t feel this was enough moisture for my face in winter. But it’s a great body and first-layer face cream that I followed with a thicker evening cream.


The TriXera Nutri-Fluid Balm (200ml + 400ml)

This is a nourishing, protective cream for the entire family and is safe to use on babies! The bottle is big so it’s something moms would love because everyone in the household can use it.

The balm contains lipid trip, selectiose, Avène thermal spring water, ceramide-rich soybean, essential fatty acids evening primrose oil. All these ingredients fight skin dehydration and reduce hyper-sensitivity. It’s called a nutria-fluid because it is quite runny (watch out!) but also not greasy or sticky.

It is also formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction, non-comedogenic and free from silicone, phenoxyethanol, fragrance and parabens. Great for babies, kids and adults! 



The TriXera Nutri-Fluid Cleanser (400ml)

I love the smell of this cleanser! While the moisturizers are fragrance-free and smell almost “clinical”, the cleanser smells fresh and flowery. This biodegradable and gentle soap-free daily cleanser is for the face and body. It’s perfect for kids as young as 3 years because the formula has a high cutaneous and ocular tolerance that means it does not sting eyes or the mucosae layer.


Overall, the TriXera range by Avène is family-friendly and a good amount of product for what you’re paying. Definitely my new daily go-to favourite biodegradable, everyday cleanser & moisturizer!


Name of Product: TriXera Range: Nutri-fluid lotion, Nutri-fluid cleanser, Nutri-fluid balm

Price: Between R195 – R245

Stockists (include online links): Clicks, Dermastore, Dischem

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