Beauty Review: Sorbet’s Apricot Body Scrub & Hydrating Body Wash

To help me keep delivery great beauty content every week, I recently enlisted the help of a few beauty fans to ease my load. It was probably my best blog decision for 2016!

I have assembled a beautiful group of beauty bloggers, professional makeup artists, beauty lecturers and extreme fans and these Beauty Babes (as I now refer to them) have kept delivery gorgeous content every week for which I am so grateful!

Today’s post is from the lovely Cara Fay and features two of her favourite Sorbet products….


You know what I absolutely love about Sorbet? The quality of their products from manicure tools to nail polish everything I have ever used from their ranges are top quality, get the job done and are affordable.

Today I am going to be review the two current Sorbet items in my shower…


Firstly the Apricot Scrub (+- R45). Scrub is something I always have in the shower for two reasons, firstly for my keratosis pilaris on my arms and the second reason is to scrub before fake tan application.

The granules of the Sorbet scrub are not too harsh and seem to disappear the more you scrub, I like to use this with a sponge and in circular movements this really helps get the blood flowing on my arms and then of course helps prep the skin before fake tan. The scent of the Sorbet scrub is super fresh and although apricot it is not too sweet.


The second Sorbet item in my shower is the Hydrating Body Wash (+- R45) This is jam packed with ultra moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and calendula oil. It again has a super fresh citrus scent and leaves the skin feeling clean and moisturized.

The tiniest amount is needed to cover the entire body as it has a nice amount of lather which is great for shaving, because of this I find I don’t need to add anything extra to my legs when shaving and on top of that my legs feel so moisturized afterwards.


I absolutely love Sorbet and think there is something for everyone, their products make the best gifts AND on top of all of that their products are so affordable!


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Images: Cara Fay



Cara Fay

Cara Fay is a lifestyle blogger who’s passion lies in beauty. Having grown up with a make-up and skin care loving mom, her life long obsession began at her mom’s dressing table! Her fave beauty products are lipsticks and highlighters.

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