Beauty Review: SOLAL Hydration Serum & SOLAL Even Tone Serum

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Today’s beauty review is of the SOLAL Hydration Serum and the SOLAL Even Tone Serum

SOLAL Serum Review

I just came off treatment for my hormonal acne that dehydrated and damaged my skin barrier; I was thrilled to try out the SOLAL Hydration Serum & Even Tone Serum for a few weeks. I must admit I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but after seeing the packaging and looking at the ingredient list, I was excited to try them out.

After some research, I found that SOLAL is a brand with a universal range of skincare and nutraceutical supplements that focus on healthy aging. SOLAL skincare claims to manufacture products using the highest quality of ingredients in their products which are sourced from trusted raw material suppliers, and use multiple actives per formulation at optimal concentrations with no harmful ingredients.

What do you think of the branding/ packaging?

I’m a visual person, and I wasn’t disappointed with the packaging; it’s super sleek and looks expensive. The rose gold finishes and matt white bottle give it a luxury feel. With skincare, I always prefer pump bottles as I feel the product will not come into contact with bacteria from fingers or face, so I was happy about the packaging.

What does this product promise to do?

The SOLAL Hydration Serum promises long-lasting moisture to the skin, firming and help repair the skin barrier. SOLAL Even Tone Serum promises to reduce hyperpigmentation and brighten the skin.

What are the main ingredients of this product?

The main ingredient for SOLAL Hydration Serum Jojoba seed oil which is a plant oil that can provide topical skin-soothing benefits making it a good ingredient for dry skin from a damaged skin barrier.  The SOLAL Even Tone Serum main ingredient is the widely loved Niacinamide which is a very effective skin-restoring ingredient that offers multiple benefits for aging and blemish-prone skin. Niacinamides other benefits are improving the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and dullness.

What do you think of the texture of this product?

Both serum textures are the same: white and light weight. On my skin they don’t feel oily or sticky.

What do you think of the fragrance of this product?

Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of fragrance in skincare, especially now that my skin barrier is damaged. Fragrant plant oils (or synthetically derived oils) are proven to being skin sensitizers and fragrance is a leading source of sensitivity in cosmetics. These two products don’t have fragrance high up in the ingredients list, so I didn’t mind too much.

How did you use this product?

I used the products in the morning and evenings. The SOLAL Even Tone Serum I used first after double cleansing my skin. Once my face was dry, I applied a generous amount to my face and neck, and once absorbed I used my face moisturizer followed up with patting in the SOLAL Hydration Serum.

What do you love most about this product?

I like the ingredient list of the SOLAL Even Tone Serum; it has some of my favourite ingredients like niacinamide and coco-caprylate (an emollient) which my skin loves! The product is lightweight and is easily absorbed to my skin. I love the SOLAL Hydration Serum it feels hydrating without feeling sticky.

What did you dislike about this product?

I didn’t like that the products have fragrance.


I really like the SOLAL Skincare’s approach of ageing healthily and I like the formulation of these two products. The products are for that woman who doesn’t have time to spend layering various creams and waiting for them to be absorbed, these products are easy to use and offer multi-functional benefits with great ingredients for long lasting moister and brightening for youthful skin.


Skin Type: Combination (oily T zone & dry cheeks) and dehydrated

Size: 30ml

Price: R439 each


Solal – Hydration Serum 30ml

Solal – Even Tone Serum 30ml 




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