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Guest post by Becoming you’s NEW Family Editor, Emma!

Skincare has never been something that I have never had much success with. Honestly, my skin type is dry and although many ‘solutions’ have been offered, I have not always been impressed with products that claim to help keep skin nourished and moist. As a busy mom I am certainly always happy to try something that will provide a solution. This week I had the opportunity to try out Celltone. First impressions last they say , well my first impressions were… beautiful fragrance, non-oily formula and made from what?!?!

Snail gel extract – you are kidding me?! I had to think a little how I felt about lathering my desperately dry skin on my hands and arms with snail gel extract!

Apparently this innovative element was first discovered by snail farm workers who discovered that while harvesting snails the skin on their hands became softer and younger looking. ‘Younger looking’… well, I am all ears as dry skin is known to age faster than oily skin.

On second thought snail gel extract isn’t harming the little creatures and I am all for natural products and ingredients. Let’s give it a whirl…

I lathered my forearms with the tissue oil body butter and it felt so good that soon my entire arms, hands and neck were covered too!

The tissue gel has 7 essential oils and snail gel and the hydration factor is 5 times greater than other moisturisers. Celltone promotes hydration as being the key factor for great skin and this tissue oil is perfect to help with many different skin issues – not just for dryness.

• Prevents stretch marks due to improved elasticity – ideal for teenagers and pregnant moms
• Skin repair and healing.
• Great for anyone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors or in air-conditioned environments as both are incredibly aging to skin.

I was very impressed with how my skin felt all through the day after application, a whole lot smoother and moist – quite unusual for me!

Celltone also supply sun care products and sun protection is something that I am very passionate about. My family love the outdoors and so we spend a lot of time in the sun. Did you know this sunscreen is the official sunscreen supplier to the South African cricket team? A school boy cricket match provided the perfect opportunity to trial their factor 50+ sunscreen and we were very impressed. It spread on easily and didn’t leave any whiteness on the skin. A sunscreen that protects skin whilst actually being good for it means this really is a winning combination. And no evidence of any sunburn by the end of the match meant that this CANSA society endorsed sunscreen is worth adding to our sports kit bags.

The suncare range offers the following: SPF50 UVA and UVB Protection, it contains anti-oxidant to clear away free radicals, it has stable UVA and UVB filters, and a non-whitening formula which provides invisible protection. It can also be used as a make-up primer and can be used effectively on acne prone skin. The range also contains both adult and child friendly versions.

Celltone also offers an awesome tissue gel which is perfect for many skin ailments. Their unique formula is clinically proven to deliver 5 times more hydration and includes 7 active ingredients.

Hydration is a key building block to great skin and this oil is the perfect way to treat certain areas with intensive moisture to assist in the skin’s repair. This oil has been proven to help with the following.

• Helps to prevent stretch marks due to improved elasticity.
• Locks in moisture which can assist with skin repair and healing.

Another useful tool from Celltone is their online skin analysis app. A super quick sign up form and you are on your way to great skincare advice!


Check out this handy tool as well as the rest of their comprehensive skin and hair care products at

Emma Reid

Emma is a mom of three. She is an educationalist and holds a Bachelor Degree in English, Media & Writing and Film. She is also a qualified Primary School Teacher. She has a keen interest in curriculum and content development especially for child related fields. With many years of teaching children, and advising parents, she is passionate about childhood development and education - of kids and parents. Her hobbies include photography, reading, travel and spending time in the outdoors with her family and relaxing either in or near the surf!

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