Beauty Review: REN Flash Hydro Boost

As I get older I’ve noticed that my skin is really so much drier than before… the texture can often be rather rough, especially on my forehead.

The truth is that as we age our skin does too… and this means we lose the elastin and collagen that once meant our faces looked plumped up and hydrated.

Water is the skin’s youth elixir and the most essential anti-ageing ingredient for our skin. A lack of water in the skin is actually the biggest issue for those who feel like they have dry skin – it’s not dry, it’s dehydrated!

Dehydration ages your skin very quickly and can cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear deeper than they really are…

When skin is well hydrated it’s more resilient and appears more youthful which is why keeping your skin’s hydration levels up is so important if you want beautiful, healthy skin – something I think we all do!

I’ve recently added the REN Flash Hydro Boost instant plumping emulsion to my daily skincare routine and have been really enjoying the instant results!

This water-charging hydration booster is designed with powerful ingredients and the latest skin technology to work in harmony with the skin’s natural processes to help prevent the ageing effects of dehydration by enhancing the skin’s ability to transfer, lock in and retain moisture.

These key ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid (to boost water in the cells to optimal levels, plumping the skin up), Germ Peptide (to allow the circulation of water throughout the skin), Xylitol (to promote water capture from the environment) and Ceramides, fatty acids and phospholipids (to create a barrier against water loss).

To reap the rewards of hydrated skin I’ve added one extra step to my morning skincare routine. After cleansing my face and neck, I apply the REN Flash Hydro Boost to my skin, massaging it in with a small amount of water on my fingertips until it’s fully absorbed. That’s it! All I need to do afterwards is to apply my daily moisturiser and SPF as per normal! So simple to use, yet so dramatic in the results!

An emulsion is a texture type that traditionally is liquid with oils and actives added. The texture of this emulsion falls somewhere between the lightness of a serum and the richness of a cream. I love the breathability of this product as it feels really light on application and sinks into my skin super quick so it doesn’t feel like I’ve added an extra layer of product at all.

The good news is that this product can be used by people with all skin types as it delivers results across the board. You can insert this product into your daily skincare routine whether you want to extend the summer glow or help your skin recover after a wild night out.

I’ve noticed that my skin is far more plump and much less rough in texture. I’ve been using this for only a week or so but I can imagine with daily use that the extra hydration my skin is receiving will only benefit my appearance in the long run as the REN Flash Hydro boost captures, circulates and locks in water to protect the skin from the effects of dehydration and produce refreshed, radiant skin that glows!

REN Flash Hydro Boost retails for R740 for 40ml and is available for purchase at selected Woolworths stores and REN online shop.



Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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