Beauty Review: Optiphi Body Curve

Optiphi (pronounced op-tea-fi) is best known for their in-salon peels. They are used by many exclusive salons and are definitely salon-quality!

Here, Becoming you beauty babe, Mareike, talks you through some of the Optiphi products that she’s been using in the last few weeks.

Optiphi’s sun protection products

  • Sun Delta (Protection SPF 30)
  • Solar Shield (SPF 50)

Sunscreen always smells like summer to me – and even on a sunny Autumn day, it puts me in a good mood.

The Optiphi sunscreens don’t just smell just like normal sunscreen – they also have a beautiful scent that’s reminiscent of a scented moisturizer.

The Sun Delta SPF 30 sunscreen comes in a beautiful bottle …. My husband described it as a tube in a transparent rectangular cube. I’d describe it more as an elegant sculptural bottle! The one downside is that the spray comes out as a blob and not as a spray, and I personally prefer a light spray to make the application process easier.

The Solar Shield SPF 50 is the perfect size for my handbag. As I have fair skin and freckles, I always have a sunscreen in my car, handbag and at work. And this one – with its mint green appearance – feels perfect for my bag.

Both sunscreens, once applied, offer a good protection. Even now in autumn it’s a good idea to wear a UVA product on your skin; and Optiphi offers an additional protection to high-energy visible light, infrared radiation, and pollution.


Body Curve Sculpting Repair

I’d never heard about a Sculpting Repair lotion was meant for I didn’t know what it was. According to their website, the Body Curve Sculpting Repair targets the causes of cellulite by releasing trapped fluid and smoothing out the fat nodules, which are responsible for the appearance of cellulite.

It doesn’t promise to take all your cellulite away, but it offers to reduce the appearance of the dimply skin (which is adipose tissue). The lotion’s ingredients include Plasma Rich Rockbreaker Plant Cell Factor and Soya Isoflavone, which tightens and firms the tissue. The addition of Retinol aids in the improvement of visible signs of aging.

The directions for use are important! You need to apply the lotion to affected areas daily using circular, upward motions. Then you need to allow the cream to penetrate completely. And you need to use this twice a day.


Body Curve Body Foliant (Double-Action Skin Revealing Exfoliant)

This overnight exfoliant is perfect for removing dead skin cells and calming sensitivity. Pop it on after your shower and wash it off in the morning – or just wash it off in the shower if you don’t feel like sleeping with it on your skin!

This dual-action complex contains chemical and enzymatic components that will exfoliate your skin and leave your skin feeling soft and radiant. Who doesn’t love that?

The science behind this product is the main ingredient glycolic acid – this element enhances collagen production and plumps up the skin. This chemical exfoliator assists in restoring photo-damaged skin and calming sensitized skin areas.


Optiphi Sculpting Repair is R750, the Body Foliant is R880 and the Optiphi sunscreen lotions are around R480 each. You can order the products on the official Optiphi website or at selected stockists (listed here).

Mareike Long

Combining her love for writing and travel, Mareike has now settled down in the Mother City after living abroad in Germany, Ireland and South Korea. She's found her niche in marketing and enjoys art, photography, and writing in her free time.

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