Beauty Review: NYX Eyeshadow Palettes

A new beauty review from Beauty Babe, Moeneeba. Today she shares her thoughts on the NYX eyeshadow palettes she tried.

Over years I have tried and tested many makeup brands from drug store to high end and, to be honest, I can’t say I love one particular brand or that I am loyal to one in its entirety.

I have found that with makeup it’s a hit and miss kinda situation. You will find a few products that works exceptionally well and then you’ll find products from the same brand that are quite average.

I guess that’s the thing about makeup and skincare in general, what works for one may not particularly work well for another!


With that being said I had the opportunity to test out some of the NYX eyeshadows. This is the very first time I have ever used any NYX product because I’ve never been able to find stock of the products which I wanted to try.


My first impression on the NYX eyeshadow palettes was that in terms of pigment pay off and longevity they work pretty well. They quite pigmented and come in a range of tones and colours for creating a subtle day-time look or a sultry night-time look.

I particularly liked the nude tones. Most of the colours have a shimmer finish with many of the shades, if not all, containing tiny specs of glitter. I feel it’s a bit too much shine and that it should contain a few matte shades for balance.

NYX is very reasonably priced and these products in particular are well-priced considering the variety of eyeshadows you find in this mini palette.

I do definitely want to try there Lip Lingerie as so many women have raved about…. let’s hope I find stock and the shade I’m after on my next makeup venture.

The good news is I have recently seen an update that the NYX counters are being revamped and re-stocked with many of the ranges and shades that was never available in South Africa. Yay!




Images: Moeneeba Ismail

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Moeneeba Ismail

Moeneeba is a lecturer in the health and wellness industry. For her, beauty and makeup is not just about looking pretty or feeling beautiful, it’s about having fun, being creative and staying up to date with current research in the industry. She is a huge makeup fan and her face is her No.1 canvas! She’s also quite partial to body care products.

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