Beauty Review: Nivea Sun Q10 Anti-Age & Anti-Pigments and the Nivea Sun Shine Control

It’s nice to see that Nivea Sun is coming out with some new and more modern looking facial sunscreens.

Today’s review by Beauty Babe, Bronwyn, will cover the Nivea Sun Q10 Anti-Age & Anti-Pigments and the Nivea Sun Shine Control.


Remember: applying sunscreen daily is the most important skincare step!

Nivea – The Brand

I’m sure most of us remember Nivea in our homes in some form or another throughout our childhoods and even up to now.

This brand has been on the scene for over 100 years with its headquarters in Hamburg and laboratories set up in Asia and Latin America too. The name Nivea comes from the Latin words “nix, nivis” and means “snow”. When translated, Nivea literally means “snow white”.

Nivea was also a pioneer in the industry with bringing in a men’s range in the 1980’s and was one of the first brands to include Co-enzyme Q10 (an ingredient found in the skin itself) in its creams.

Nivea Sun Q10 Anti-Age & Anti-pigments

The Nivea Sun Q10 Anti-Age & Anti-Pigments sunscreen contains power ingredient Q10. When you read about the positive effects of Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), you wonder why this ingredient isn’t in every product we use! It’s amazing!

Although your body does make the antioxidant CoQ10, as you age, you make less. This ageing business isn’t for sissies!

CoQ10 helps your body produce collagen and elastin which in turn helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to even skin tone, reduce sun damage and improve skin hydration.

This sunscreen is definitely aimed at the drier skin types as for me, it left a slightly tacky layer, but I do have an oilier skin.

It doesn’t leave any white residue on the skin which is great and is especially nice when applying to the face and neck that it doesn’t ruin your clothes. It does have quite a strong smell if that is something you are super sensitive too.

Nivea Sun Shine Control

This Nivea Sun Shine Control sunscreen is hydrating, long lasting and has a great mattifying effect.

An ingredient called Silica is responsible for absorbing the excess oil and it leaves no sticky residue on the skin. I loved the light, non greasy formulation of this SPF. Although it draws well into the skin, it does still feel like you have an ”extra layer” of product on the skin. I think that someone with a combination skin would probably love this product!

Make sure you allow adequate time for this sunscreen to absorb before applying any further products.

Both these products have an SPF 50, they are both broad spectrum SPF’s, are opthalmologically and dermatologically approved and both come in 50ml tubes. The tube is a great size for storing in your handbag or sticking into a day pack and is super easy to use.

I like the fresh and simple packaging- sometimes less is actually more.


Price: R129.99 each

Stockists: All Clicks and Dischem stores

Bronwyn du Plessis

Bronwyn is a Somatologist and has been working in skincare for 14 years. She started her own business as soon as she had finished her studies and has loved every minute of it! Bronwyn also has 2 boys, aged 8 and 5, who keep her on her toes when she is not working. Bronwyn says she was fortunate enough to build a salon at her home in Meadowridge 4 years ago and it was the best thing she could ever have done. Bronwyn is passionate about skincare and advanced skin treatments (like microneedling and peeling) and is so grateful to have found a job which she loves doing every day! She uses Environ and Dermafix in her salon and these 2 brands have taught her so much over the years. She does a range of treatments including mani’s, pedi’s, waxing, massage, tinting, advanced facial treatments and more! She loves working in an industry that changes so much so often as it allows her to keep learning every day!

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