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Today’s post is from Beauty Babe, Keshni. It’s a review of a beauty brand she recently discovered called Niod.

I personally hadn’t heard of it before but I’m always keen to learn about new, innovating products on the market so found this article quite interesting. I hope you do too!


With the strong focus on skin care, the estimated global skin care market in 2016 is said to be about 121 US billion dollars – the push for new and innovative products to meet skin care demands is therefore always high.

Innovation is engrained in the Deciem philosophy. If you didn’t already hear about the Deciem Company, you should definitely read up since many of their leading brands are now cult favourites in the international beauty and skin care industry.

Having tried 2 of their products, I can say that the brand has become a favourite in my skin care and make up regime.
Deciem describe themselves as ‘the abnormal beauty company’. By no means does this have a negative connotation – the company prides itself in doing things differently when it comes to beauty; their approach is unique and unconventional (in a good way). Vogue Magazine has dubbed Deciem as being ‘skintellectual’. Their principles are based on bringing science into beauty and skin care and they do this just brilliantly. The company has about 10 brands to its name and started trading in 2013. Their products are just the prodigy of skin care!

Having studied in the science field these products caught my attention and I just had to try them. I tried two products from their NIOD brand. NIOD has a number of products to improve the integrity and health of skin and these products are said to complements dermatological and surgical options.

NIOD Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%

This is a serum-textured fluid that has an impressive mix of light refracting prisms, tone and hue correctors as well as other technologies to bring radiance to your skin. It acts mainly to prime and brighten the skin.

The technologies in the fluid include light refraction that creates an even skin tone as well as nano-prismatic blurring and camera hue correction technologies that black out red tones and minimise yellow tones so that you look better on camera (and in person too – off course!).

It also has a patented dragon fruit chromatic refractor that brings glow to your skin and a technology to hydrate your skin for hours.

NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12 Percent

There are a few more technologies which I haven’t mentioned that add to the effectiveness of the product – but don’t get lost or intimidated by the science; all these technologies work marvellously to deliver beautiful results.

The fluid comes in a 30ml brown glass bottle (the packaging is elegant). The product is dispensed by a pipette for application. The fluid itself is white, has a runny consistency and no fragrance.

I tested the product on my hand before use to check for any allergic reactions (this is the norm with me for any skin care product). I use 1 to 2 drops mixed with my foundation (which is the Estee Lauder Double Wear). You can also first apply the product to your skin to prime before your foundation (this just depends on your preference).

The product can also be used on its own (with no foundation) to brighten and bring radiance to your skin. I really dislike silicon based primers so it was liberating to find this effective non-silicon based primer that works well. I found that I didn’t need to use as much foundation when I used the fluid. After using this product, I found that it had brightened my skin (it added a subtle glow/dewiness to my skin making it look healthy and hydrated). It blurred out my pores. I looked like I had 8 hours of great sleep and drank my 8 glasses of water (which I hardly do btw – I know that’s the ultimate sin). I have very oily skin particularly my T-zone and I found that with this product my skin was less oily.

The product helped my foundation last much longer and there was no caking (everything looked fresh throughout the day). The product did not cause any rashes or pimples. I was quite impressed. Being the lover of selfies and photographs, I realised that my skin looked so much more radiant in photographs; almost flawless (no filter needed!). I will definitely repurchase this once I am done, although I imagine that my current bottle will last a very long time.


Flavanone Mud (FM)

The next product I tried was the FM. The mask is based on a three phase decongestion system for your skin. Current masks that contain muds and clays mostly absorb surface impurities and may offer limited deeper cleaning of the skin. The FM aims to achieve deeper cleaning of your skin. The first decongestion phase is the purifying phase, which removes product build up, sebum’s, effects of pollution, and protects your skin even after you have used the mask (neat huh?).

NIOD Flavanone Mud Pic


There are three clays in the product which do this:

• A black amazonian clay which reduces pores
• White clay which removes sebum
• A brazilian clay that protects the surface of the skin during this cleaning

The next phase is a protective phase which simply protects your skin from product build up. It does this through ingredients like resveratrol as well as a derivative of bitter orange peel which reduces inflammation and bisabolol that also reduces the look inflammation. Bisabolol is a primary constituent of the essential oil from German chamomile and has skin healing and anti-microbial properties.

The last phase is the responsive phase which acts against environmental congestion factors and does this through flavanone. Flavanone is found in the inner white parts of an orange peel and helps to detoxify the skin. It also can help inflamed skin, prevent breakouts, and protect the skin from oxidative damage. That’s because flavanones contain potent anti-inflammatory, astringent, and anti-microbial properties. Now that’s the kind of ‘orange peel effect’ I want!

The product comes in a 150ml brown glass bottle (again, elegant and sleek packaging). The mud itself has a rust/orange-brown colour and smells ‘medicine like’ – it reminds me a bit of calamine lotion (it isn’t off putting at all; in fact you feel like you are doing something to heal your skin because of the smell). Again, remember to test on a patch of your skin. There is no applicator so you need a mini spatula or a small spoon to scoop out the product from the bottle. Your skin should be cleaned and washed with a mild cleanser before you apply the product. You really need a little product since it spreads well onto the skin.

I used it once a week usually mid-week when my skin starts to feel tired and congested! It does sting slightly once you apply it but it is not uncomfortable – The directions indicate that it should be left for 10 minutes but I left it for about 15-20 minutes (this depends on your skin sensitivity). I rinsed it off and washed my skin with a cleanser again. And the results: my skin felt so clean and clear. My pores were reduced in size! My complexion was bright and my skin felt tight. You can follow up with a moisturiser if you find it dries out your skin too much. The amazing thing about this product is that the effect is sustained over time – my skin still looked so refreshed and bright even days after using the product.

If you really want quick results, the directions indicate that you can use the mask for 5 consecutive days and then maintain with application once per week.

I am very sceptical of products with high claims but these products exceeded all my expectations. I am definitely going to try out more products in the NIOD brand as well as other Deciem brands.

So where can you find these amazing products locally? NIOD is available from the local online Samika Store.

The NIOD Photography Fluid retails for about R600 and the FM for R790. These products are a bit on the pricey side but worth the investment. The stocks sells out fast because of the demand but you can enquire on the website regarding restock if there isn’t any!

Till next time – Keep calm and love your skin! Keshni XO

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Keshni Rughoobeer

Keshni is passionate about helping women make informed beauty choices and likes to explore natural remedies for beauty and health. She has an obsession for makeup such as lipsticks, eyeliners and mascaras . Her other interests lie in hair and skin care.

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