Beauty Review: Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

This post is part of my Beauty Babes series and written by Kirsten Murphy Rossiter


Why use dry shampoo?

You’re in a rush and you have no time to wash your hair and make it look presentable… *ta-da* hello dry shampoo. I had one of those days recently and this product was my absolute life saver!

It is the perfect product to freshen up your hair in between washes, for when your hair is not super clean but not super dirty either. I wouldn’t use this as a replacement for a hair wash though.

It pumps up the volume. If your hair is feeling flat and limp, a little spray of dry shampoo to the roots, followed by a little massage with your fingertips adds instant volume.

It is a wonderful texturiser too. If your hair is squeaky clean and too soft to put up into an upstyle, it works well to add a little bit of “grit” as I like to call it. A spray of dry shampoo throughout the hair adds the perfect texture to help make your hair more manageable.


Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo comes in two shades one for Dark Tones and one for Light tones.

It contains rice starch, which absorbs oils and removes buildup, as well as Argan oil which is UV- protecting and conditioning, ensuring that your hair is not left looking dull.

Why I love it

First of all, I am a sucker for the Moroccanoil fragrance, I absolutely love it.

I love that this dry shampoo comes in different tones for different hair colours, so you are not stuck with the typical white residue left behind. The residue is not dark brown so it’s not completely invisible but it’s not a stark white either and the particles are so fine and powdery you can hardly see it on your hair.

For best results, apply it to your roots then massage it into your scalp as you would with normal shampoo and then brush it out.


Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo is available for dark and light tone hair at R395 ea on RetailBox


Images: Kirsten Murphy Rossiter

Kirsten Murphy Rossiter

Kirsten is a Cape Town based Hair and Makeup Artist and Model. She also has a passion for performing on stage in musical theatre. She has an insatiable appetite for all things beauty and loves educating women with beauty advice, helping to make it attainable and unpretentious, yet still trendy and cool. She loves trying out Foundations, Highlighters (cream and powder) Mascaras, Matte Lipsticks and Cream Blush.

    1. Hi Natasha. Sorry for that oversight. I’ve added the info to the post now. They retail for R395ea and are available online at RetailBox or in store at Style Bar hair salons

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