Beauty Review: Mixa hand creams

I am excited to introduce a brand new Beauty Babe to you today, Bronwyn.

This was an exciting review to do, especially with winter just around the corner.

Keeping our hands beautiful and soft throughout winter can sometimes be tough, but not with these hand cream options from Mixa!

Mixa – The brand

Mixa was created by a French pharmacist, Dr Roger, who was from Boulogne. This area was known as the centre of Parisian laundrettes back in 1924 and because of all the hand washing done, women’s hands were stripped of all natural moisture and they landed up with dry cracking skin. It was because of this that women headed to Dr Roger who gave them an ointment which he had prepared using a special mixing technique, and so Mixa was born.

One of the really great things with Mixa’s line of products is that they have divided them by colour.

  • Blue = dry skin
  • Orange = very dry skin
  • Pink = dry and sensitive skin

I love this, if you are anything like me and always in a rush, this easy can be a lifesaver to prevent you from grabbing the wrong one.

Mixa is dermatologically tested and paraben free (parabens are believed to disrupt hormone function by mimicking oestrogen).

The Mixa hand cream products come in 100ml tubes with no excess packaging, so, if protecting the planet is high on your list, one less box and package insert to add to the pile is always a good thing. The branding is simple and effective, so all round a “no mess no fuss” looking product.


Mixa Anti-Dryness Hand Cream review

First up in our review is in the “blue line” for dry skin, Anti-Dryness Hand Cream. I love a good hand cream and this one ticked all my boxes. The main ingredient is Coriander oil which is a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of coriander. It is rich in oleic acid (a fatty acid found in sebum) and is great in helping to maintain hydration at the surface of the skin. So not only is it super hydrating, it also smells gorgeous! I was worried about it being too oily and not “soaking in” enough, but I was pleasantly surprised.





Mixa Restoring Hand Cream review

The next one up is in the “orange line” for very dry skin, Restoring Hand Cream. I handed this one over to my hubby to try out – he is a climber and always has super dry hands. This cream was definitely thicker and oilier than its blue line Anti-Dryness Cream but still not excessively oily which was great. The main active ingredient is Allantoin which is discovered in a variety of plants such as wheat germ, young sycamore leaves, comfrey roots and the bark of horse chestnut. It is super beneficial for regeneration and reparation. It was very nourishing and even though the smell wasn’t as amazing as the other, it was still really nice!


I love how both these products offer you exactly what they advertise too and I think they would be really great “winter hand creams” as personally for the summer months I think they would be slightly too heavy. Alternatively, if you suffer all year round with dry skin then this could be for you.

All in all, when you next see Mixa on the shelves, take a closer look; you may want to give it a try.


Retail Price: R59.99

Stockists: Dischem, Clicks and TakeAlot

Bronwyn du Plessis

Bronwyn is a Somatologist and has been working in skincare for 14 years. She started her own business as soon as she had finished her studies and has loved every minute of it! Bronwyn also has 2 boys, aged 8 and 5, who keep her on her toes when she is not working. Bronwyn says she was fortunate enough to build a salon at her home in Meadowridge 4 years ago and it was the best thing she could ever have done. Bronwyn is passionate about skincare and advanced skin treatments (like microneedling and peeling) and is so grateful to have found a job which she loves doing every day! She uses Environ and Dermafix in her salon and these 2 brands have taught her so much over the years. She does a range of treatments including mani’s, pedi’s, waxing, massage, tinting, advanced facial treatments and more! She loves working in an industry that changes so much so often as it allows her to keep learning every day!

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