Beauty Review: Mixa Body Lotions

My kids have the most sensitive, dry, eczema prone skin and it’s a constant source of stress and frustration to get them to care for their skin… essential if you want to prevent breakouts from occuring!

We’ve visited countless doctors and dermatologists and tried so many creams, lotions and potions that I can’t possibly list them all here….

Ultimately what helped was a visit to a paediatrician dermatologist that specialises in allergies, asthma and eczema. The key product was a special cream she created to heal the broken skin BUT the key message was the one she passed on to my son…. how essential it is to protect the skin barrier by applying a body lotion twice a day, every day!

Shew! Finally it sunk in! (in more ways than one!)

After using our dermatologists special cream to clear up the outbreak we finally were able to switch back to a regular body lotion for every day maintenance and after trying too many to count we have ended up becoming big fans of Mixa.

And what is the difference, well dermatologists will tell you that a BIG part of getting this side of the treatment producing the results you want is consistency, and the biggest part of consistency is actually that the kids actually don’t mind, and even enjoy, using the product – mostly this comes down to the way it makes their hands and body feel after application! If it’s too sticky they are going to stop!

Fortunately Mixa has been amazing for this… their range of lotions are really quite light and soak into the skin super quickly without leaving any sticky residue behind.

This new range of body lotions recently arrived on SA shores from France where they were created by Dr Roger, a French apothecary, in 1924. He used his unique expertise of mixing active ingredients in pleasurable formulations to create this range of dermo-cosmetic solutions for sensitive skin.

The history of Mixa

At the beginning of the 1920s, in Boulogne on the outskirts of Paris, a young, innovative French pharmacist by the name Dr Roger opened his very own pharmacy. A traditional apothecary, his expertise and passion was mixing active ingredients to create ointments that would help soothe a number of skin irritations.

His first product was a soothing salve he created for the washer women in his area that were suffering from super dry hands.

He used a special mixing technique in his laboratory to blend cream with traditional apothecary ingredients and prepared a caring ointment for severely dry, rough hands. This special mixing technique then gave the brand its name: Mixa.

Since then, Mixa has kept providing specialist solutions for sensitive skin with effective, skin-respecting products, in textures that are pleasurable to use and as I mentioned this has been one of the main reasons why Mixa has become a firm favourite in our home! Everyone enjoys using these lotions and our evening ritual has become a line up of little bodies waiting for their backs to be slathered in Mixa cream!


Amazingly Mixa is the number 1 body care brand in France!

Devoted to improve the comfort of sensitive skin and the belief that even sensitive skin can be cared for they have created high performing body care solutions with a commitment to strict formulation principals…

  • All formulas are tested under medical control
  • Proven efficacy on Sensitive African Skin
  • Clinically Tested Tolerance
  • Strict Selection of Active Ingredients
  • 100% Paraben-Free

They also don’t contain any perfume, but they do smell fresh and clean.


Inspired by traditional apothecary ingredients Mixa contains the following…

CORIANDER OIL – Helps to maintain hydration.

UREA – Maintain and regulate epidermis hydration.

ALLANTOIN – Repairing, regenerating, moisturising and soothing properties. Perfectly suitable for sensitive skin

VITAMIN E – Due to its’ chemical structure, Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.

PANTHENOL – Known for its’ soothing and repairing properties.

OATMILK – Helps to improve the hydration level of the skin and will participate in soothing discomforts linked to dry skin.

COLD CREAM – Used in numerous dermatological preparations for it’s hydrating, emollient and protective properties.



The Mixa range has products for the following skincare conditions:

Dry Skin – Anti-Dryness (The Blue bottle)

Very Dry Skin – Restoring (The Orange bottle)

Dry & Sensitive Skin – Soothing (The Pink bottle)


All of the formulations have been dermatologically tested, come in a convenient pump dispenser that helps to apply the right amount of lotion and are affordably priced at R45.95 for 250ml and R59.95 for 400ml.



Another Mixa product which we have found is worth keeping on hand is the Circa Repair Balm which is enriched with Panthenol.

This balm moisturises, soothes & protects dry skin that is feeling damaged and irritated. A multi-purpose soothing balm for rough patches, shedding skin, microcracks on hands and feet and very dry skin on face, body & hands.

It helps to reinforce the skin barrier function and relieves skin discomfort in both adults and children. The formulation has Optimum Tolerance and it has been dermatologically tested skincare for dry and sensitive skin. As it’s a balm you can expect the feel of this formula to be a bit more oily, but it also absorbs after a few minutes so you’re not left with slippery fingers. R79.95 for 50ml

Find Mixa on the shelves of Pick n Pay and Clicks stores across South Africa as well as online at Takealot.


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Images: Kathryn Rossiter



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  1. Good day, our ladies 10km race takes place in May! We are looking for new or old products samples to make up for each lady! +-5000 runners takes part in this race! Could you please assist me in finding sample products!

  2. Good day friends please I have started using the restoring body lotion but I am experiencing rashes all over my body I don’t know whether I am allergic to it or there’s something more to it please can you advise me what to do

  3. I have started using the Mixa lotion for dry & sensitive skin.
    Believe me when I tell you I have very dry skin. If my skin do not get enogh nourishment it is difficult for me just to lie down, that’s how bad it hurts.
    I could not find my normal brand of body lotion, so I decided to use Mixa and it works.

    Thank for the great product.

  4. Hi just want to know why is Mixa cream the round pot not available in stores anymore
    It is really n good cream

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