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LOV Cosmetics is a fairly new makeup range that has recently taken stores by storm.

It’s fast becoming known not only for its affordability, but also because it is a quality makeup product.


When looking at LOV eyeshadows there is a big difference in comparison to the brand’s sister companies of essence & Catrice. LOV really delivers in terms of pigment pay off and application, it’s a lot more silky and buttery and very versatile.

I tested out the LOV iconyx eyeshadow and contour palette and can compare the payoff to my morphe palette which is very similar.

This eyeshadow delivers “a touch of cashmere” exactly as the palette suggests and all the colours do work wonderfully on the eyes.

My only gripe is that I only wished that the darker shade was matte as contouring on myself with a shimmery shade is not ideal.


I myself don’t  wear red lipstick but this one is nevertheless beautifully pigmented and super soft. I quite like the casing as it’s sturdy and magnitized to keep it closed in your handbag!


The lovely Forbidden Dramatic volume mascara has replaced my Rimmel volume mascara as my firm favourite. This mascara is definitely lengthening and does not clump up my lashes at all. A win!



Image: Moeneeba Ismail

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Moeneeba Ismail

Moeneeba is a lecturer in the health and wellness industry. For her, beauty and makeup is not just about looking pretty or feeling beautiful, it’s about having fun, being creative and staying up to date with current research in the industry. She is a huge makeup fan and her face is her No.1 canvas! She’s also quite partial to body care products.

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