Beauty Review: L’oreal Elvive Shampoo & Conditioners

This hair product review is part of the Beauty Babes series and is written by Moeneeba….


With summer almost upon us there is no doubt the amount of environmental stress not only our skin goes through, but also our hair.

Whether it’s from swimming in chlorinated pools to ocean adventures or constant exposure to heat styling (blowdrying and flat ironing for all the glam events we have to attend) our hair is under a constant assault during the warmer months.


L’oreal Paris Elvive has always been one of my firm favourites in the hair care department so there was no doubt in my mind that the Keratin and Extra Ordinary Oil range would prove to be any less effective.

I first tried the L’oreal Paris Elvive Keratin Smooth range and after only one wash I noticed a difference. My hair was more manageable, super smooth and shiny, which I loved. This meant that I had to spend less time on flat ironing for my desired hair result! I loved that it didn’t weigh down my hair and after a swim it helped maintain tangle free hair (girl problems no doubt) which led me to take a peak at the actual ingredients and to my surprise it contained black cumin oil! (also known as nigella sativa oil or black-seed oil recently made popular by the one and only Miss Kim Kardashian) This ingredient has been around for centuries and has been used by many for its countless benefits, I am glad to see it has received its well deserved recognition in this haircare range.

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I also tried the L’oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil range of shampoo and conditioner. I decided to use this range for a much longer period. Why?? It’s simple really… I needed it after my trusted hairstylist disappeared off the face of the earth!! Over heating damages long hair, especially the outer cuticle, causing dry hairs, fly aways, dulling and breaking that may give your hair a withered appearance and my long locks have been taking a beating during winter. This little bit of Extraordinary oil provided a burst of amazing infusions which have helped to nourish my hair and scalp simultaneously….. Did I mention it smells amazing!?


Head over to any of your local stores such as Pick n Pay, Dis-chem or Foschini and grab a bottle from only R61, 95



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Moeneeba Ismail

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  1. I have used loreal elvive shampoo the extraordinary oil first time and my hair fell alot in the tub

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