Beauty Review: Jouer Cosmetics

A new beauty review today from Keshnie, one of my brilliant beauty babes…


JOUER (pronounced ‘zhew-ay’) means ‘to play’ in French.


The creator of the Jouer cosmetic line, Christina Zilber, created a playful take on beauty keeping makeup fun and simple.

I’ll be reviewing some of the Jouer lip products, specifically the long wear lip crèmes and lip toppers.



There are a wide range of chic, timeless colours in this range (both matte and metallic) that are complementary for various skin tones. The lip crèmes are truly addictive and I find myself purchasing a new colour in this range every month.

Whilst I have a few of the colours in the range, I am mentioning a few of my favourites:

• Brique: Matte warm brick red (which is a perfect for a bold red lip)
• Lychee: Matte cool dusty rose
• Crème Brulee: Matte warm nude (an ideal nude lip)
• Melon: Matte warm pink nude
• Papaye: Metallic warm peach
• Cranberry: Metallic fuchsia/deep pink

In terms of the lip toppers: tan lines is described as a metallic shimmering bronze and tan lines is described as a metallic shimmering golden nude. These toppers are quite beautiful and really add glitz to your lips! Here are the swatches (in natural light). The picture on the right was taken in full sunlight – just look at the shine and brilliance of those lip toppers!!

The packaging is creative, elegant, modern and edgy. It comes in a rectangular, laser cut, structured and arty clear tube. The product is 0.20 fl oz/6ml.

Perhaps the most delightful feature of the product is the amazing fragrance – it smells like sweet vanilla ice cream/cupcakes – which is so divine! However the smell is not overpowering and doesn’t linger on your lips for too long after application.

The lip crème in matte and metallic and lip toppers have a velvet/creamy feel to it but dry matte. The lipstick applies smooth on the lips and the applicator is sturdy which makes application simple and hassle free. The lip crèmes and toppers are quite pigmented and you will need to apply one coat to achieve the desired colour effect (2 coats max if you want a ‘darker effect’). The lip crèmes and toppers are not drying on the lips but if you do generally suffer from dry lips, you can always first exfoliate your lips and apply a clear lip balm before the lip crèmes/toppers. In terms of longevity, I ate and drank with the lip crèmes on and it’s fairly waterproof and smudge proof. Jouer advertises 6 hours of wear time and this expectation was definitely met. With the lip toppers, although it is claimed as long wearing I did have to re-apply after I ate/drank and the glitter does tend to transfer. The lip toppers are not heavy or ‘gooey’ and the coconut oil in the product really moisturises your lips whilst delivering the shine! The product can be worn on its own or on top of your favourite lipstick (I find it works well with matte lipsticks). I also suspect that due to the consistency of the lip toppers that it could be used as a liquid eyeshadow as well (although I haven’t tried this).

Jouer Cosmetics do not test on animals and the long-wear lip crème liquid lipsticks and long-wear lip toppers are paraben, gluten free and vegan.

These products retail from between R370 – R400 and is available at If you need more information on these products and other Jouer products visit:


Images & Text: Keshnie Rughoobeer

Keshni Rughoobeer

Keshni is passionate about helping women make informed beauty choices and likes to explore natural remedies for beauty and health. She has an obsession for makeup such as lipsticks, eyeliners and mascaras . Her other interests lie in hair and skin care.

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