Beauty Review: An Eylure Eyelash Extravaganza

This week’s beauty review is from Moeneeba as part of my Beauty Babes series.


Eylure is a popular and incredibly affordable brand that not only caters for your eyelashes but for your brows too!

From eyebrow kits to brow pencils and DIY tint kits, they have it all, and I have tried them all (what a game changer!)

If there is one feature that I love about myself I would say it is my eyes. I have always loved enhancing them. The trouble is that I don’t necessarily have the longest or fullest lashes out there.

Fortunately Eylure makes it seem that way… with there lengthening and voluminous lashes and even their regular everyday lashes to help provide an added boost to my natural lashes.

My personal favourite is the No.117 pack (which requires no glue as it is applied with a self adhesive strip)

The No.140 and No 101 (pictured below) come with a little tube of adhesive.


I have used the Eylure brand on photo shoots and for bridal make-up as they are easy to use, weightless and most importantly reusable! Who doesn’t love saving a penny or two? They are pretty awesome in meeting the needs of every individual, for every occasion.

I love the fact that you are able to see the actual lashes through a clear little window in the packaging as this makes it much easier to select the lashes I’m looking for (pictures don’t always do justice)

Below you will find me wearing some of the lashes as well as my brows that was done using the Eylure brow trio in dark brown.



If you’re lucky you will find them on special at Clicks stores or just pop on over to any Dis-chem for a wide variety of Eylure products.


Images: Moeneeba Ismail



Moeneeba Ismail

Moeneeba is a lecturer in the health and wellness industry. For her, beauty and makeup is not just about looking pretty or feeling beautiful, it’s about having fun, being creative and staying up to date with current research in the industry. She is a huge makeup fan and her face is her No.1 canvas! She’s also quite partial to body care products.

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