Beauty Review: Eucerin HyperPigmentation Range

Living in South Africa with strong sun rays, dry wind and hot summers does affect your skin.

When I lived in Germany for a few years, my optometrist could see that I had “lived in the south” just by looking at my eyes. Scary! Imagine what living in the southern hemisphere does to our skin!

So, what can you do to keep your skin safe – besides just using sunscreen or an SPF face cream? And what can you do if you already have sun spots or age spots on your hands or face?

Well, Eucerin has developed special products to help with pigmentation!

I have freckles so I have to be especially cautious about protecting my face from the sun because my skin is – by birth – more sensitive. Thanks mom! I do sports outdoors and love being in the sun so I am currently testing Eucerin, mostly preventatively, to combat any darker spots that may appear in my 30s.

According to, pigmentation is caused by melanin. “Melanin is a natural pigment that gives colour to skin. Exposure to sunlight, hormonal influences and ageing can cause an increase in melanin production and trigger dark marks and dark spots that make skin look uneven.”

I tested the following products that Eucerin recommends for pigmentation: Even Pigment Perfector Double Dual Serum, Even Pigment Perfector Night Cream and Even Pigment Perfector Day Cream.

Here’s a break-down of each Eucerin product:

Even Pigment Perfector Day Cream

Eucerin recommends that the day cream is applied once a day only, in the morning before you leave the house (so you’re set for the day and protected from UVA and UVB rays). Also, make sure to clean your face before applying the Even Pigment Perfector Day Cream and don’t forget your neck!

  • My skin feels healthy and nourished
  • Contains UVA and UVB filters (SPF 30) in the moisturising day cream so I felt protected in the sun. Plus, it’s great not to have to apply two products in the morning.
  • No film or residue left, absorbed well

Even Pigment Perfector Dual Serum

Now this serum is amazing! Not only does the bottle release two serums simultaneously, it also made my skin feel amazing. Use this product in the same way as the others – on a cleansed face, in the mornings. You may need to push a few times before the serums appear.

  • The Eucerin serum contains Thiamidol and Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid
  • Thiamidol is effective and a proven ingredient in reducing dark spots or dark marks and preventing their re-appearance if you continue using this product
  • You can think of Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid as a super-super intense moisturising substance
  • My skin felt moisturized and glowing
  • The serum is light, and my skin absorbed it quickly

Even Pigment Perfector Night Cream

I love, love, love this product! My skin is dry and, in the evenings, after a long day in an air-conditioned office, it just sucks up all this wonderful moisture that the Eucerin night cream, provides. And my husband even likes this smell!

  • This Night Cream contains Dexpanthenol, which is an ingredient that supports skin regeneration.


Eucerin products are readily available online or at stores like Woolworths or Edgars. Price ranges from R400 to R600.



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  1. Hello there

    so I have been using the Even Pigment Perfector range for the last 3 weeks now and I don’t see a bit off difference, i feel so disappointed, I have spent a lot of money on this range
    Day cream
    Night cream
    SPF 50

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