Beauty Review: ELANCYL Paris Cellu Slim Nuit review

Moeneeba reviews the ELANCYL Paris Cellu Slim Nuit today…


This was a brand I was not familiar with at all but I was super excited to try something with an unbiased approach .

Before testing it out I did some reading up on the brand and company and discovered that ELANCYL Paris has been around for about 40 years being the first pioneer in slimming massage techniques in 1971.

The core aim of ELANCYL is to combine science and nature creating safe and effective product formulations that makes use of active plant based ingredients, which I love as I am definitely all for using natural products and reaping the vast benefits botanical or natural extracts have on the skin.

I have tried and tested this lovely product for more than 2 weeks, applying it every night as the instructions suggest.

This intensive night slimming product is a thick creamy formulation so a little goes a long way, its quick absorbing and features an array of ingredients from Safflower, Evening Primrose oil, Cecropia extract, caffeine, apple tree branch extract and GP4G booster which are active ingredients that help with the slimming and firming action reducing the appearance of cellulite

I combined the application with upward massage strokes which help with circulation and drainage and after a couple of weeks I slowly noticed improvement in the texture and colour of my thigh and buttock area. They were a lot smoother and refined. Perhaps combined with a consistent exercise regime it may prove a more faster and more favorable outcome!

The only downside is that this product cannot be used by pregnant ladies due to the active ingredients present.

This product is available at most Dis-chem Pharmacies as well as their online store at a cost of R460.



Image: Moeneeba Ismail

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