Beauty Review: Cipria Milano Makeup Range

Today’s post is part of my Beauty Babes series and written by Keshni


I recently attended a conference in Sandton and being the notorious shopaholic that I am, I just had to visit the Sandton Shopping Mall.

By some luck, I happened to stumble across the Cipria Milano Cosmetics Store. First of all, let me comment on how ‘sleek and sexy’ the design of the store was – it’s one of those stores you just had to visit because of its attractive and tempting ambience.

First, a little about the brand, Cipria Milano is manufactured by Christian Ross; an Italian company who have been in the cosmetic manufacturing and production market for over 40 years.

Interestingly enough, the company places a strong emphasis on the design of their stores to ensure that context of their stores are focused on products and presentation – where the product becomes the star. Based on my visit to the store I can certainly vouch for this.

The Cipria range is quite holistic and comprises cosmetics for the face, eyes, lips, skin, and hands. One of the company’s main goal is to make good quality affordable make-up accessible to women (which I am all for!!)


I recently received three of their products to review, namely the:

  • Eyeshadow in Solo Satin
  • Lipstick in Rossetto
  • Longlash Mascara: High Performance


The Eyeshadow – Solo Satin


Weight and ValueThe product has a dry weight of 3.5grams/0.12oz – This compared to a standard sized eyeshadow in the MAC Cosmetics Range which is about 1.5gram/0.05oz of product. The MAC eyeshadows are also more expensive. Cipria is therefore a cost effective option.


The packaging is simple but elegant.

PriceThis product is reasonably priced. It retails for about R99.99
Shelf LifeThe product has a shelf life of 36 months so it’s quite long lasting.
Ingredients The product contains conventional ingredients used in eyeshadows from the pigments to talc and mica. There is nothing different or unique in its ingredient profile.
FragranceThe product has no fragrance.
Performance/ Longevity &


I always find it challenging to comment on pigmentation because an eyeshadow tends to look different on everyone depending on their undertones, skin colour etc. However based on my experience from the use of this product, it is not highly pigmented. You need to build on/layer the product – 2 to 3 applications to achieve a desired result.

It is a wet and dry shadow, so it will be more pigmented with the use of a fixing spray or water.

The staying power/longevity of the product is ‘so-so’ – I would say its average because it did seem to ‘disappear’ on my eyelids throughout the day. Perhaps the use of an eyeshadow primer will help the product last longer and create more pigmentation.

ApplicationSmooth application

Does not streak

Blends well

Adheres to the eyelid evenly

(If your eyelids do crease alot like mines – a little bit more blending is required or use an eyeshadow primer).

I feel that this product can be used as your base shadow or just as a normal everyday shadow since it isn’t bold. I like that it’s quite versatile in that sense.

Texture/ConsistencyThis is a satin eye shadow so there is an element of shimmer to the product. By no means, is it heavily shimmery – it has a whisp of shimmer that imparts a subtle warmish glow to the eyes.

It has a smooth feel on the skin particularly the sensitive eye area.

Skin sensitivityWhilst the product does not contain any harmful ingredients, it is important to mention that iron oxide in general (which is responsible for giving an eyeshadow its shimmer properties), has been known to cause allergies. So it may be advisable for those who are prone to allergic reactions to swatch test before use.

It is a paraben free product.

Compatibility with skin tonesThe eyeshadow can be used on all skin tones. I do however feel it would suit darker/warmer skin tones as it will show better on these skin tones.

Fab or drab? Overall the eyeshadow is a good product and is good value for money. I would be keen to try out some of their other shades and textures.  However, I don’t know how this product would perform against some of the other cosmetic ranges such as Wet ‘n Wild, Essence and Catrice. I suspect that other ranges may be more popular than Cipria since they are better known in the South African makeup market and are also good quality products with good prices.


Lipstick in Rossetto

I heard someone once say that happiness is new lipstick and that’s definitely true for me. There’s no such thing as having too many lipsticks so I was happy to add this lipstick to my collection. With summer approaching, I am inclined towards using lipsticks with a more satin and cream consistency, so I was happy to try out this cream lipstick:

This is what I thought:

Weight & ValueIt is a 4g/0.14 oz products as compared to 3 g / 0.1 US oz MAC Lipstick – so again it is value for money in that you’re getting more for a smaller price.

Again, the packaging is simple but stylish – the packaging is black.

PriceRetails for about R79.99
ColourIt is a nude lipstick – brown/pink tone

Quite honestly when I first swatched it on my hand it reminded me of MACs’ Cosmo (Amplified) except MAC is more on the pinkish side and more pigmented.

Shelf LifeThe product has a shelf life of 24 months so it’s quite long lasting.
Ingredients Again, there isn’t too different in terms of its ingredients as compared to other lipsticks.
FragranceIt has a slight pleasant sweet fragrance – the smell doesn’t bother you since it’s not overpowering.
Performance/ Longevity &


The lipstick isn’t very pigmented, but again it depends on your skin tone and the degree of pigmentation on your actual natural lips. I feel like the colour will show more on lighter or darker skin tones and less pigmented lips. The colour may not show too well on women with medium skin tones or those with pigmented lips.

Sadly this product needs constant re-application especially after you eat or drink. This was unfortunate since the product claimed to be long wear.

ApplicationThe lipstick applies smooth on the lips.

It did not accentuate the lines on my lips which was great.

Because it has Vitamin E, I find that it’s really moisturising on the lips which is great especially in the winter and summer seasons.

Skin tonesWhilst it can be used on all skin tones, I feel it would suit lighter skin tones and darker skin tones. Medium skin tones may require two to three applications before the colour is visible.

Fab or drab? Again, it is a good product but I do feel like there are better lipsticks out there that are more pigmented and cheaper/or have a similar price.


Longlash Mascara: High performance 2016-10-10-10-31-49-830

Definitely when it comes to make-up, mascara is my drug of choice. I am so infatuated with mascara and have probably tried most of the well-known brands out there so I was keen to try out the Longlash mascara.

For about R119 you get a 7ml /0.25 oz product. It is not a waterproof mascara nor does it contain any fibre lashes.

It’s labelled as a long lash mascara which gives you the initial impression that the product is lengthening rather than volumizing. The brush itself is indicative of a lengthening mascara. The product has a shelf life of 6 months which is typical for any mascara.

The formula is not liquid or runny and not too thick either (it’s just right!)

It did not add volume to my lashes as expected. Disappointingly, it wasn’t that lengthening either. It’s hailed as being ‘high performance’ but I wasn’t convinced off these claims. It took about 2-4 coats of the mascara to see some effect on my lashes, so I wasn’t so impressed with the performance of this mascara.  Thankfully the mascara isn’t clumpy so I didn’t end up looking like a troll.

I can say there are some positives to the product –

With mascara, I feel that the size and weight of an application brush really influences the way in which your mascara is applied. With the ‘heavier’ or larger brushes, you have less control and grip so the application isn’t always good. I also find with the larger or heavier brushes, your eyelids tend to get messed much easier (and if your eyes are hooded or small like mines, this messiness can lead to a ‘texas chainsaw mascara’). With this mascara the brush is light which gave me a lot of control during application. The ‘mess factor’ was also therefore minimal.

Brush design has a lot of influence in terms of mascara performance. The brush for this mascara doesn’t gather a lot of product and coats your lashes evenly. It is slightly curved to mimic the eye shape so that you can really get to those lashes.

Fab or Drab? Overall it’s an average mascara.



Whilst Cipria is a fairly new product on our shores, I would be keen to see how its popularity evolves over time. It’s important to mention that all products mentioned above are vegan and cruelty free which may impact on their popularity with those preferring to choose cruelty free beauty products.


Cipria is available at the following stores:

  • Sandton City – L15B
  • Cape Gate – U17
  • Mall of Africa – Shop 1165


Images: Keshnie Pillay

Keshni Rughoobeer

Keshni is passionate about helping women make informed beauty choices and likes to explore natural remedies for beauty and health. She has an obsession for makeup such as lipsticks, eyeliners and mascaras . Her other interests lie in hair and skin care.

  1. Purchased 3 of their products today, after many years of using Mac, also received a free make over for my birthday, Thank You Capria Mall of Africa.

  2. What an awesome line! Walked into the Cipria store in Cape Gate Mall yesterday and was welcomed like an old friend. The friendly sales lady, Robyn made me feel like we were two friends trying out new make up. The whole experience was amazing and she was so helpful. Knew her products very well and I could not help buying more than I actually came in for. It is now 16h30 and my make up still looks exactly as it looked this morning after I applied it. That hardly ever happens, because I’m in the construction industry and work most of my time outside. What surprised me even more was the quality you get for that price. I’ve always been a mac girl, but I can really say that this is an awesome product and there is something for everyone.

  3. Bad customer service at the Mall of Africa branch, I went in today 16/10/20017 to have my eyebrows done… And the guy that normal does them was not there so his replacement for today I guess didn’t like that I asked about the other one…

    From there things were really bad coz he refused to do my eyebrows..

    That guy really have bad attitude and doesn’t know how to deal with customers, it was as if he is doing us a favor or we won’t pay…

  4. Please tel me where you have moved to in Sandton city shopping centre. I need some product and was devestated when you were not there anymore .

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