Beauty Review: Bourjois makeup faves

Thanks to Rayne for this guest post as part of my Beauty Babes collab

Today’s post is all about showcasing my current top picks from Bourjois. This French brand is known for it’s cute packaging and huge selection of eyeshadows and lip products and, of course, this post includes both of those.

Read on to find out more about my fave Bourjois makeup items…


Volume Reveal Mascara: The first thing I noticed about this product is the mirror on the side. Originally I thought this was a very cutesy idea – and only after carrying it in my handbag did I realize how useful it is to have on you. The mirror is a x3 magnifying and is large enough for you to actually apply your mascara from scratch, not just touch ups.

The packaging is quite heavy and luxe compared to other Bourjois mascaras. I like that it is thick and chunky and quite hardy.

The triangular shaped lid makes application of the mascara really easy because you grip the wand differently to the usual round lid mascaras. The triangular shape gives you more room to manoeuvre the brush too. I feel like I am seriously raving about this mascara now BUT… It is pretty much my go to mascara at the moment! I didn’t expect such an amazing result but wow, this is a winning product. It adds major volume and length to your lashes – not just either or!



Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in Rose: Overall I am a sucker for the Bourjois lipsticks. The small nifty tubes are really great quality and these Aqua Laque lippies have darling metallic lids. This one, Rosé on the rocks , is WAY more of a lipgloss than a lipstick. This was slightly disappointing at first as I was looking forward to a gorgeous rosewood brown shade of creamy lipstick. However, that was down to me being over ambitious. These are advertised as “water-light sensation & hydrating”. It really is watery and glossy on your lips BUT – I was happy to note – they are not watery or feathery or sticky. Like, not at all. I would even go as far as to say this is the least sticky lipgloss/lipstick I have ever used.

I feel like this time last year I would have not loved this product (I was alllll about that matte life), but I am really loving it right now. The glossy lips life is coming back! Just don’t choose this shade if you are going for the opaque nude/rose lip that it appears to be in the tube. I have seen online that the six deeper shades are significantly more opaque than the lightest two shades.


And, lastly, the Bourjois Little Round Pot Nude Edition Eyeshadows – This range of eight nudes is a playoff from the original Little Round Pot Eyeshadows range. LOVE. Everyone needs some good nudes in their life. I reviewed Generose, Brune De Folie & Insaisis – Sable (there are no English translations) and they are all so stunning in their pots. I wouldn’t call Brun De Folie a nude as it is a glittery grey, but hey, it is still stunning.

They are cream to powder shadows and using a spritz of setting spray on your brush before going into the pan will assure that your shade is enhanced. I really really love Generose and Insaisis. Generose has a subtle hint of metallic rose gold and they are both lovely subtle shades. There is slight fallout which makes me hesitant to use Brune De Folie because I am not the greatest make-up artist (yet).


Overall, all three of the shadows are really blendable and long lasting. Because they are nudes, I struggled to capture them perfectly on camera. Hopefully these pictures do them justice, because they are really so pretty!


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Images: Rayne Alexander

Rayne Alexander

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