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A beauty review on the Babor range of skincare products from Rayne, one of my beautiful Beauty Babes

Wow, this post has been a long time coming. I have been so unbelievably impressed by every Babor product across the board! I knew I had to use all of these products for a few months before finally writing up this post.

Kathryn originally gave me 9 Babor products, ranging from body to face to hand products, to review and I have decided to showcase my five favourites. Overall all 9 were great products and all worked amazingly, but this would end up being a 10 000 word post!


Derma Cellular Ultimate A16 Booster Concentrate
First off, the packaging. If I was a box or a bottle of something, I would be this box or this bottle. It is so ridiculously shiny and silver, I die! I could not however get a great photo of it because there is no angle where you can not see yourself reflected. I assume this is so that you can constantly keep track of how awesome your skin is doing after each use. Since January I have been dealing with dull and tight looking skin and this product made the biggest difference of all once added into my routine.

The active ingredients in this formulation work similarly to retinol, in that it stimulates the skin’s renewal process and overall smoothens the skin out. It also claims to brighten the skin and give off a more youthful complexion. Now, at 23 I have skin that could pass me off as a 30 something year old, so I was ALL about these results. Coming in at a whopping R2,080 for this 30ml bottle, it had better deliver the advertised results.

And it did. It did indeed smoothen my skin’s texture and gave off a more youthful appearance. I was VERY impressed with the results, however I don’t think I could spend that much money on a face serum. Is that awful to admit in a blog review? I would gladly use this product for the rest of my life if it was handed to me everytime I finished a bottle. Heck, I would probably swear off other serums forever if these were just delivered to my front door. Does that make sense? It is worth the money, but not my money.

Cleansing CP Deep Pore Cleansing Mask with exfoliating effect
Now, this mask. Oh my word (I am goinng to start each review this way, I am just so obsessed with Babor!), it is incredible.

Everything about this mask; from the way it smells, to how such a little goes such a long way, to how deeply it exfoliates your skin. It is a true winner. I have found myself reaching for this more than my other masks, and trust me, there are a lot to choose from in my house.

It contains all the good things such as salicylic acid, kaolin and provitamin B5. These are going to open your pores up, regenerate the skin’s protective barrier and deeply cleanse your skin.

This is another product where I fully see the results. Now and again I get I get a flare up of closed pimples on my right cheek (how lovely) and this mask really does do the job with deeply cleansing and alleviating the redness and bumpiness of my flare up. My boyfriend also really loves this mask and we have very different skin types but we both feel the positive benefits. It really is a total winner! And, at R375, it is more pocket friendly than the previous amazing product. As a matter of fact, I went ahead and purchased the matching peeling effect mask from the Babor Deep Pore Cleansing Range…

Fluids FP Anti Age Collagen Booster Fluid
As I start typing this part of the review I want to butt in and call these little capsules my favourite of the bunch – have I said that already?

The packaging describes the formula to “reorganize the skin functions that are responsible for a youthful appearance”. I would put my improved skin tone down to the combo between this product and the Ultimate A16 Booster Concentrate (mentioned above). The fact alone that the fluid comes in these dinky 2ml glass capsules is so luxe in itself. I split one capsule between two uses instead of using a full one as recommended.

These fluids are meant to help with adding elasticity and collagen, and to alleviate the look of fine lines. The active ingredient stimulates the skin’s natural production of collagen (doesn’t that just sound dab) which then helps with firming the skin. Then tripeptides increase the formation of the collagen fibres and reorganizes them in a firm and regular formation. So, above when I chatted about that outbreak I get now and again on my cheek, this really goes a long way in helping to smoothen my skin. I didn’t notice too much of a difference with my fine lines but there was a noticeable difference in the bounciness of my skin

The price is R843 for 14ml which translates into 7 capsules. The only thing that confused me about the capsule products is that no where on the packing, on the leaflet or on the internet does it say how often you need to use the products. I have been using three a week which means that after two weeks I have finished the pack of 7.

Anti-Aging Sun Care Sun Spray Lotion
This has been my year of making a concerted effort towards wearing sunbock daily. I used to despise it for two reasons. I was under the impression that it would make my skin oily. And I hated that SPF scent on my face. This Babor suncreen however contains a light fresh scent, barely any trace of old school spf. It does not contain zinc which means there is no trace of white left behind on your skin. And, being superficial, if this left any white residue behind I would not wear it under my make-up.

There is a list as long as my arm of all the nasties that this sunscreen does not contain. However, I am keeping my review superficial and letting you know that it does the simple things I need from a face sunscreen. It applies tacky-ish but that disappears after only a few minutes. There is no feeling of tightness. The SPF 15 does not sting your eyes. And there is no residue or scent. All these things, as well as protecting my face from turning into a prune earlier than it needs to is why is this is my face sunscreen of all time. And a final positive, the sun block expels from the bottle in a fine mist, there is no tube of sunscreen that comes out and needs to be rubbed in at the same rate that could start a fire. This big bottle is a lot larger than the usual sunblock size and it comes in at R490.

Cleansing CP HY-ÖL Phytoactive Base
This Babor product was the first one that I fell in love with out of the entire range. Working in two parts, HY-ÖL is a hydrophilic cleansing oil. It is suitable for all skin types and contains pure, natural soybean, peanut and sesame oils. HY-ÖL is used in combination with the Phytoactive for the specific skin type to remove both oil- and water-soluble impurities without leaving any feeling of tightness. It also contains quillaja extract which enhances the cleansing effect.

I also found it worked great as a make up remover, the make-up glided off (but needed a little extra help removing mascara). It lets skin breathe freely and gives the complexion a rosy appearance. Above all, your face is left uber soft and fresh and the added essential oils are gentle and give you the remnant scents of having a massage. This product is also one of the more affordable ones. It is R488 and my bottles lasted my around two months which is not bad at all.


If you made it to the end of this post, then a huge well done! That was a gushing novel and a half, but this brand is worth every positive word. Babor really has become one of my favourite brands of all time.

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