Beauty Review: Sorbet’s NEW skincare range

A few months back I received 4 products from the new affordable skincare range from Sorbet – the beauty salon’s and spa’s dotted around the country. They sat patiently waiting for me to test and review for a few weeks until I realised I just wasn’t going to get around to it and decided to ask my sister-in-law Kirsten to sample them and give me her thoughts, which she was quite happy to do.

Here are her thoughts on Sorbet’s new skincare range of products now available in SA…

Day Skin Polish Powder (pictured in small pic above)
Love this product! It is a powder that you mix with a little water to form a paste. A very fine and gentle exfoliator that can be used every day. Once I’ve used this powder my skin feels well polished and literally glows. It contains Essential oils (Lavender, Grapefruit and Pelargonium) and Salicylic Acid which boosts skin renewal and removes oil buildup.

IMG_5530 (1024x683)

IMG_5540 (1024x683)

Hydro Skin SPF 15 Day Cream

First of all I love the fragrance. It’s light and fresh and it reminds of summer and a product I used to use growing up. I love that It’s not greasy on the skin, the SPF 15 is just enough for running out of the house to car. Obviously if you were spending more time out in the sun I would suggest adding a higher factor SPF once you’ve applied your moisturizer.

It is suitable for most skin types, I have a combination to oily skin and it works great on mine and my husband has a more sensitive to dry skin and he has claimed my Sorbet skincare. He has not complained about the redness on his skin flaring up or his skin feeling tight and dry, so it definitely works for men too!

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Hydro Skin Night Cream
I love the fact that there is a separate moisturizer for night time, so you don’t have to worry about the SPF irritating your skin over night. Once again, the cream is very hydrating but still feels light on your skin and not greasy.

IMG_5533 (1024x683)

IMG_5534 (683x1024)

Age Affect Lip and Eye Serum
The Sorbet Anti-ageing range is aimed at more mature skins. The eye and lip serum that I tried has a really creamy texture and glides easily on the skin. It hydrates the sensitive eye area well.

I often find that I need a bit more moisture around the eye as eye makeup removers tend to occasionally dry out the eye area. The bonus is that this is a two in one product and also fights signs of ageing around the eye as well as around the lip line with key ingredients such as Vitamins A, C, E and Matrizyl Synthe6.






Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Text: Kirsten Murphy Rossiter

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Kirsten Murphy Rossiter

Kirsten is a Cape Town based Hair and Makeup Artist and Model. She also has a passion for performing on stage in musical theatre. She has an insatiable appetite for all things beauty and loves educating women with beauty advice, helping to make it attainable and unpretentious, yet still trendy and cool. She loves trying out Foundations, Highlighters (cream and powder) Mascaras, Matte Lipsticks and Cream Blush.

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