Spa Review: My organic facial at The Little Green Box

Like many women I love beauty products, treatments and spoils. Who doesn’t! But what I REALLY love is discovering and then using organic or “green” products… the unfortunate thing is that when it comes to beauty treatments there aren’t too many options available should you choose to take the “green” approach to beauty…

So you imagine my delight in discovering a little boutique beauty salon that specialises in just that – The Little Green Box Eco Skincare is a bespoke eco-friendly skincare clinic that offers professional treatments using organic products. Fortunately for me they are located mere minutes from my house in a quiet pocket of Constantia in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs.

I popped in recently to meet the owner, Peta and to experience a treatment using the Esse range of products.

green box beauty esse facial

Upon arriving I knew I was in for a spoil as the calm, relaxing home environment felt warm and comfortable and Peta herself was friendly and welcoming.

I love the ethos behind The Little Green Box – Peta believes that every skin is unique and thus goes about creating tailor-made skincare routines using the best eco-friendly skincare products available. She believes that taking care of your skin means understanding what you put onto it and encourages her clients to ask this important question. She is passionate about educating her clients about how having a proper skincare routine and avoiding the sun can slow down the aging process and delay or eliminate the need for cosmetic surgery.

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Treatments and Products on offer include:

•  Esse Organic Skincare (certified organic by ECOCERT)
•  Bt-micro and Bt-analyze
•  Kalahari Ancient Desert Secrets
•  Hello Nature Organic wax (certified organic by ECOCERT)
•  Manual Lymphatic Drainage
•  Threading
•  SpaRitual Vegan Nail Laquers

I was fortunate to enjoy one of the Esse facials – a certified organic ethical skincare range that combine’s science and nature to deliver superior results without compromising the environment. They offer a range of facials for all skin types and concerns including the most sensitive – of which my skin is one! Esse is also accredited by both Beauty Without Cruelty and the Vegan Society which is an important consideration for many people these days.

Peta firsted used her Bt-Analyze technology to calculate the moisture content levels of the skin to gauge a reading of what my skin’s current condition is. I was under the impression that my skin was rather deydrated but was pleased to discover that my readings weren’t as bad as I expected. The optimum level is about 60 and on my cheeks my reading was around 39 or 40. My forehead was a bit lower.

I then relaxed into the most luxurious, heavenly facial experience I’ve had in a long time. No squeezing, stinging or prodding here – just pure relaxation. The products Peta used felt amazing on my skin and I could feel my face absorb the intense moisture immediately.

The Esse Anti-aging facial consisted of a Triple cleanse with Eye make up remover, a Cream cleanser followed by a Gel cleanser. Then it was time for exfoliation with an enzyme exfoliation to dissolve dead skin cells and brighten the skin. A facial massage followed and then it was time for the most amazing mask. The Omega mask is rich in omegas and vitamins and anti-aging actives which reduces lines and nourishes skin while helping to repair impaired barrier function. A repair oil was applied which has nourishing omega oils like rose hip and marula oil followed by a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid, prebiotics and antioxidants and then an Omega rich moisturizer to once more increases hydration to leave the skin looking radiant. I can totally vouch for that.

At the end of the treatment Peta once again tested the moisture levels of my skin and much to her delight discovered that my skin had lapped up the moisture from the Esse products and my moisture levels were ABOVE the optimal moisture levels in certain areas of my face. I can vouch for the fact that for the next week my skin looked incredible.

green box salon

Halfway through my facial Peta offered to do some threading to sort out my unruly brows that were threatening to take over my face… no, not really, she was very polite about it but I was ever so grateful. Plucking my eyebrows has fallen far to the bottom of my “to do” list!

The one and only other time I’ve even tried threading was ingrained in my memory as a miserable experience never to be tried again… but I was brave and said YES!

Threading is an ancient Eastern method of hair removal which uses a twisted cotton thread to remove unwanted hairs. Threading is traditionally done on the face, including brows, lip, chin and sides of face.

And it was not half as bad as the last time. Maybe that’s because the last time I had no idea as to what to expect and went for the whole lip, chin, face package (not recommended) plus I was on display in the middle of Cavendish Square with tears rolling down my cheeks. Not so this time! I wisely stuck to the eyebrows and with Peta’s expert hand found the whole process was far more bareable that I remember and the results were totally worth the small amount of discomfort. My eyebrows have never looked this well defined and neat. The bonus is that it was all done quite discreetly without an audience. I don’t know about you but I far rather have my personal grooming habits done where no one else has to know!! I’ll definitely be back.

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Contact Details

41 Meadow Way, Constantia Meadows
Tel: 074 816 7794

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 17:00
Saturday: 008:00 – 14:00
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

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