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With so much on the go sometimes I don’t always get the chance to write individual posts about each new product that comes across my desk, so in order to catch up a bit I thought I’d start a new series called Beauty Buzz where I will feature some of the new beauty products you might want to know about.

Let’s get on with it….

Regen Ceutic from Dermaceutic Laboratoire


This is a Skin Recovery Moisturising Cream that promotes skin turnover and reduces the appearance of fine line and the signs of aging. It accelerates epidermal restoration which makes it perfect for use post aesthetic treatments such as peels or surgery as it contains 2-high performance repairing peptides that stimulate dermal synthsis: hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants hydrate and help the skin to restore and product itself. Performance-boosting ingredients also include stabilized vitamin C and E (to combat the signs of aging), and shea butter (to hydrate and nourish).

The light weight cream is quickly absorbed where it nourishes and firms the skin. The highly active formula targets redness and irritations while moisturizing, soothing and firming the skin. I experienced an immediate effect on my skin and it felt super hydrated and comfortable. It is recommended for sensitive, dehydrated and aging skin.

MD Lash Factor Eyelash Conditioner


This new physician-formulated eyelash and eyebrow conditioner improves the appearance of natural lash length, fullness, and thickness and is also being used to thicken thinning eyebrows. Through recent research in scalp hair regeneration, specific cytokines and powerful anti-oxidants were discovered to benefit the scalp and therefore eyelashes and eyebrows. The initial clinical study showed a 48%. increase in lash length appearance after four weeks – with some patients seeing results in as little as two weeks.

You apply a very small amount of the lash conditioner at night after cleansing, you will need to apply a thin line of MD Lash Factor to your upper lash line (or the gaps in your eyebrows) once a day, as though you were applying liquid eyeliner. Do not apply MD Lash Factor to your actual eyelashes and only use a small amount when applying the product. Once you have your desired look you can go ahead and use MD Lash Factor 2 to 3 times a week to maintain your current look. If you do decide to stop using MD Lash Factor, the lashes will go back to their original length.

As with any cosmetic preparation, there are some individuals that may be allergic to one or more components of the product. If you know or suspect that you might be allergic to any of the ingredients used in MD Lash Factor, do not use the product. Some users have reported a mild irritation at the base of their upper lashes while using the product. If this occurs, you can either temporarily withhold using the product for a few days and then continue use, or stop using the product if severe irritation occurs. Do not use MD Lash Factor if you are currently using eye medication, have had eye surgery in the last 6 months or have an eye infection.

L’oreal Super liner Brow Artist


Speaking of brows if you’re needing a quick fix to get the thick brow look you’re after (ala Cara Delevigne) you might like to try out this new product. The L’oreal Super liner Brow Artist comes in Blonde, Brunette and Dark Brunette.

The 3-in-1 brush allows you to…
1. Draw and intensify the colour of your brows with with quick, light strokes using the coloured pencil.
2. Shape with the soft brush tip to discipline your arch
3. Fix your brow look with the clear wax based formula.

The pencil is soft, but not smudgy like a kohl. The bonus of this eyebrow pencil when compared to other similar products is the wax tip which is applied over the pencil to keep your brows in place and looking perfect all day long!

Neovadiol Magistral by Vichy Laboratories


Obviously I’m no where near Menopause yet but as it is a natural process, which occurs in women around the age of 50 I’m guaranteed to get there (and I’m sure quite a few of my readers already are!)

The fluctuations of hormones during Menopause cause the skin to change. As oestrogen levels decrease, considerable changes occur in the appearance of the facial skin such as thinning skin texture, dryness and a loss of elasticity. As a result, the facial features become less distinct, the neck sags and the cheekbones become less defined.

Which is where Vichy Neovadiol densifying nourishing balm comes in. It contains potent tissue-reconstructing agents, such as Pro-Xylane, that are stored and distributed in the support tissues weakened by Menopause. This skincare range designed for Menopausal women that wish to fight against the effects of the post-menopause on their skin: aggravated loss of density and increasing dryness and the product is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skins. (R485.00)

Derm-Active Moisturising Cream by Buchulife


In the same way that we have a wardrobe change in winter, we also have a skin product change to protect our skin from the harsh winter weather that causes our skin to dry up and crack, which causes itching, scarring and even stretchmarks. The newly launched Buchulife Derm-Active Moisturising Cream with Buchu and Quercetin is natural and perfect for winter skin protection.

Buchulife Derm-Active Moisturising Cream contains naturally occurring anti-oxidants including Quercetin, which has been hailed by skincare specialists as the new “wonder ingredient” when it comes to anti-ageing properties and anti-inflammatory qualities. Buchu is a natural herbal extract and its oil contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is also known to help improve skin affected by scarring, stretchmarks and signs of ageing. This body moisturising cream is rich but non-greasy and helps to soften dry skin and lock in essential moisture. Available at selected retail outlets as well as on order from independent pharmacies nationwide(R59.95).

Wrinkle Remedy & Line Filler from the Age Defying Range by Revlon


This is a handy little product if you’re too scared to attempt the botox injection – it claims to be the non-injectable wrinkle filler! A lightweight, fragrance-free and colourless formula with hyaluronic acid that instantly fills deep lines and wrinkles, visibly smoothing skin and readying it for a flawless finish. A primer for your eyes that fills, smooths, and blurs the appearance of finer lines and crows feet around your eyes.

Revlon Age Defying Wrinkle Remedy Line Filler has a thick cream texture which you can apply under and around your eyes giving your skin a smoother appearance that allows concealer to apply more easily and not crease into the finer lines. Think of it as the primer before the paint!

Revlon 2-in-1 eyeliner

003 (1024x683)

An eyeliner and brightener in one product – perfect for intensify and hghlighting your eyes for a Smoldering Look. This dual ended creamy Kajal pencil has a dark end with rich colour that gives you an intense, bold look and a light end that brightens and opens up the eyes. It is available in 4 colours with complementary highlighting shades – black, blue, green and purple otherwise known as Carbon Cleopatra (pictured above), Blue Nile, Emerald Empire & Purple Reign.

The creamy formula of PhotoReady Kajal Intense Eyeliner + Brightener glides on smoothly and softly and stays put. Either end of the pencil can be applied to inner rim of the eye. The pencils are waterproof and last all day with little to no smudging.

Glow in the Night Nail Polish by Essence

fly firefly fly

This is a super fun new nail polish idea – glow in the dark!! This top coat from essence is called Fly Firefly Fly can be added over any of your favourite nail polish colours for a super cool nail polish effect for your next night out! For best results you will need two coats!

Hope you’ve found this little round up helpful. Would you like to see more of this sort of post? Which product are you most keen to try? Leave a comment below!

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