Beauty Review: essie essentials – NEW shades to look out for!

This “essie like a pro” post is a collab between 3 of my fave Beauty Babes – Kirsten, Cara and Rayne!

They each tried out a selection of the newest shades from essie and shared their tips…

But first…

How to essie like a pro

I am a huge “nail girl”- meaning that I am a little obsessed with nailpolish, I very rarely go without wearing nail polish. These are some of my latest finds, resulting in a very successful, professional looking, long wearing nail polish application. – Kirsten

First Step : Base Coat

essie have brought out a beautiful range of nail strengtheners in their Treat, Love and Colour range, which brilliantly double up as base coats. So if you are a nail girl like me and struggle to wear absolutely nothing on your nails, these are perfect for when you’re giving your nails a break from a colour, but still want a little something on them. Infused with collagen and camellia extract, the Treat, Love and Colour strengtheners are perfect for normal to dry/brittle nails. They come in a range of slightly pastel tinted colours. (From left to right ) Treat Me Bright ( a pearlised white), Sheers to You (a soft pink) and Laven-dearly (a gentle lavender)

essie’s Treat, Love and Colour range

Second Step : Colour

These are three beautiful colours from the essie Fall for Japanese collection. Maki Me Happy is a rich berry red, Playing Koi is delicious burnt orange, while Kimono-over is a deep purple.

essie’s Fall for Japanese collection

With all essie shades, I love to do two coats and I always find that the polish lasts a lot longer on the nails when used in conjunction with a good base coat and top coat.

Maki Me Happy and Kimono-over
Playing Koi

Third Step : Sparkle

Those who know me, know that I love everything that sparkles. I am literally a magpie. Hence why I am so in love with the Luxe Effects topcoat range from essie. essie is such a wonderful brand that can totally be trusted, I am a huge fan of their nail colours and now I am so excited to add the sparkly bits to it as well.

essie’s Luxe Effects collection

I love that these can be used as a glitter top coat over a colour, over a nude base coat or simply on their own. The difficulty with some sparkly nail polishes is that the glitter is often pretty sparse when applying it to the nail. Not the case with these guys! The glitter spreads evenly with the first stroke of the brush and can be layered if you are wanting a sparkle overload.

The colours I tried from the collection are In the Mood Ring, a Black and gold glitter, Disco Doll, a dusty Pink glitter and Glow your own Way, a dull gold glitter which are all pictured below.

In the Mood Ring
Disco Doll
Glow your own Way


Fourth Step : Top coat 

For those who are not into the sparkly side of life, essie’s new 3D pop tints Gel-setter is life changing. I have always been a fan of the clear gel-setter, which literally looks like gel over your nail colour. essie’s Gel-setter dries quickly and helps your nail colour to last a good few days. Now they have 3-D Pop tints gel-setter which adds extra dimension and enhances your nail colour with a slightly tinted top coat. 3-D Pop tints Gel-setter is available in Pink, Blue and Purple.

Essie’s 3D pop tints Gel-setter in purple and pink

So I know we are now heading into summer but if you are anything like me a dark nail look is firm favourite of mine that I rock pretty much all year round! That being said the essie Winter Collection does not only consist of dark shades, but also some gorgeous frosty shades, muted shades and metallic’s in the mix. – Cara

The theme of this collection is inspired by the by nights out in London “in the land of mod” consisting of six shades said to reflect the swinging sixties the colours include: Ready to Boa (bronzey mahogany shade), Party on a Platform (deep red shade), Oh behave! (soft peach frost), Getting groovy (pure liquid gold shade), Satin sister (deep blue/green shade) and Go with the flowy (light grey with sparkle shade).

“When I think of London, I dream about what it was like in the swinging 1960s. It was such a scene – such a time of social revolution. Youth culture dominated in a way that shocked for the staid propriety of traditional English customs. It was a time of freedom, groovy tunes and shabby chic styles and soirees that only the hippest could attend.” – Rebecca Minkoff, essie’s Global Colour Director

From the names to the shades of this collection I could not have put it better myself, if I imagine being in a room of feather boa’s, tassels and long cigarette filters – these essie shades are the colours I can imagine being on trend back then.

The formula, as with all essie nail polish, is opaque from one coat, however two coats is a must to get that sleek shiny polished look especially with the lighter shades. The lasting power is amazing. I would say I get a solid 4 days without any chipping – this is without a top coat!

I tested Go with the Flowy which is a gorgeous light grey shade with the tiniest amount of sparkle in it and definitely an all year shade for both hands and toes! Another favourite that I tested was Party on a Platform which is a deep red shade which again is a perfect all year shade, I love me some red on my toes!

Party on a Platform and Go with the Flowy

So my stunning blogging bestie Cara pretty much covered all you need to know of the latest essie range! I really am so not a nail person. My nails are horridly weak and that leaves them susceptible to breaking easily, which them leaves them pretty scraggly. I can however say that this latest range from essie, I really WANT to be a nail person! – Rayne

The shades I tested were Ready to Boa, Oh Behave and Getting Groovy.

Getting Groovy, Oh Behave! & Ready to Boa

Right off the bat, Getting Groovy is a very Rayne shade. I LOVE gold nail polish! I have so many and this was a great option. It is quite a flat matte effect, which can be jazzed up with a sleek top coat. The lasting power is around three to five days, which is lengthened with the addition of a top coat. I do prefer a matte look so I have to settle with the three to five day longevity as I do not have an actual matte top coat.

Oh Behave! was not a great nail polish for me. It is SO light. So very light. And not in a simplistic and glamorous way. It just did not last more than two days without horribly chipping and you need about three coats to show the colour. Let alone an opaque look! You will need about five coats for that. I do however think it would make a lovely shimmery top coat on top of another deep opaque colour.

And lastly, Ready to Boa. This is probably my favourite nail polish at the moment! As much as the previous two did not have the most amazing lasting powder, this one was fab and lasted a good week or so with NO top or base coat at all. I really adore this colour and I wore it for maybe four weeks straight during Winter. It really was my ‘ME’ shade for ages. I generally pass nail polish on to friends and family just because I love other makeup products more, but this one is a real winner for me and I can definitely see myself repurchasing it!

You can purchase essie nail polish and nail care from Dis-Chem, Foschini and Clicks stores nationwide.

They are also available on and you will be looking at roughly R70 – R140 per bottle!


Have you tried any of these new essie shades? Or do you stick with your firm favourites from the brand??? I’d love to hear which are your faves so let me know in the comments below – Kathryn

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  1. I love TLC Treat Me Bright but neither the DISCHEM nor the Clicks shops in this area stock what I want.

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